How to Judge a Safe Gap When Turning Right & Left


  1. Thank you once more! This was a very good video can't wait to try this… When you had to go on that 75mph road it scared me very much that's thinking about it

  2. I had a situation once where i had to cross one road and turn onto the next and there was no stop light and i miss judged a small truck, thank goodness it was small, lol, it was coming in the same lane i was turning onto all i heard was the guy beeping is horn and by that time i was starting to brace for impact but the guy was able to swing into the adjacent lane to aviod hitting me. Since then ive always been extra careful at that intersection.

  3. if you are turning left and have a green yield circle and there are several oncoming cars turning right, in the lane where you will end your left turn , do you have to yield to those turning right or do you have the right away

  4. I've had my license for a few years, and I absolutely love driving and learning new ways to be a better and safer driver. Your channel has been very helpful for me to learn how to do this (e.g. I am now more conscientious of incoming vehicles when stopped on a highway), so I want to thank you for all of your advice.

    However, I have a question unrelated to this video: I often find in heavy-and-slow traffic, or even stop-and-go traffic, that if I leave a safe following distance to the car in front of me, someone always pulls in front of me (perhaps they interpret my open gap to mean that traffic is flowing faster in my lane). This forces me to have to slow down even more to re-achieve a safe gap, which allows yet ANOTHER vehicle to pull in front of me, ad nauseam.

    Is there a way to maintain this safe following distance without people taking advantage of it, or do I just keep balancing the risk of a slightly less-safe distance to prevent people from constantly cutting me off?

  5. Great video. You are very generous to post these videos. I am anxiously waiting for "how to drive a manual car #4". I had my first lesson yesterday. My instructor was very impressed. My clutch control is not perfect,, but your videos helped me A LOT. I saved 3-4 lessons according to him (at 60 euros per 1.5 hours, that's great news). However, I am finding it incredibly difficult to change down gears. I am on 4th gear approaching a turn…. He tells me to brake to a 2nd gear speed, then clutch down and change to 2nd gear. By the time I am turning, I am supposed to be done with the foot work (just gas of course). I can't do it… So frustrating. I am turning and still trying to change the gear to 2nd 🙁

  6. yes I have, it took a while to get it right but I did. If your depth perception is not good you will struggle with this. Give yourself extra time if you have problems with this, better to hold up traffic and be safe than get t-boned and have your neck broke! Stay safe folks!

  7. What I don't like, that sometimes there is some dumbass behind you, who is just impatient AF. When he sees small gap, he thinks that you have to move into this gap and free space for him and he starts beeping. Of course he does not give a damn, if I don't have enough skills or if I just have a different judgement. It's my car will crash, not his, just cause he is so god damn impatient.

  8. I'm from the United States and This was honestly so helpful. I've been driving for over two years, and I feel like I'm decent, but turning left into multiple lanes of traffic from a side road has always been a major fear of mine. You've helped me out tremendously. My highway going thru my town is Farley packed there's really no other way to get anywhere, but the speed limit is about 70 km/h. People in my town are very impatient, and will just pull out in front of multiple lanes of traffic, and I just wait. I'll never risk it. Thank you!

  9. this is difficult in California where most cars go 10 above the limit (even in smaller towns/rural areas)

  10. Rather than try to wait for a gap, I just sit there and wait for it to 100 percent clear. I won't go when something is coming, I wait for everything to pass. It is just safer that way.

  11. On a four highway with a minimum speed of 30 and a maximum of 55, you need enough time to reach the minimum speed or faster. You don't need to match the traffic immediately , because most drivers will use the left lane to pass you, then you can pick up your speed. On a two lane highway, you do need to match the flow of traffic or 10 miles below the limit or higher, because there are less opportunities to pass.

  12. Rick can you please make a video encouraging new drivers after we have failed our road test please?
    Also how to control our self at the beginning of the test when we get so nervios about it.
    You are an awesome instructor, I wish you were in my city so I could take one on one lessons from you. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

  13. I went driving today but when I was going to make a right turn on a red light I couldn’t see the cars coming because there was a bus parked and almost got hit. How can I know when it’s safe to turn

  14. I misjudged the gap on a left hand turn, only reason was because I was not patient and because of the pressure of all of the traffic behind me waiting. I took a turn at the wrong moment and was almost hit by a really big car.

  15. you are the coach i wished i had much earlier. these videos and training are utterly essential. thank you for helping us. its special 🙂

  16. hi Rick, amazing! it would be amazing to see a video on declines and inclines on the open highway. my nemesis. all the very best 🙂

  17. Absolutely correct, calculation, quick responds and determination in a safe manner of the driver in Safe-Gap situation. This one of the best tutorial video in learning how to turn left & right in merging to a highway and freeway in a safe manner. Thanks in million times.

  18. Rick i am still not clear on the counting….if 8 sec gap is all i need…anything more will result in my being marked on road test as a delay turn…if i am waiting to turn left do i turn anytime within that 8 sec before oncoming vehicle reaches interesection?

  19. I would love to watch all the safety techniques when we drive on the roads. I wish I could see all technical skills of safety in one video. Thanks.

  20. I wish I had you in my car for like a week so I can ask all my questions and then I'll feel like more comfortable on the road lol

  21. I took a Safe Driving refresher course at my local senior center and learned that as people age the eye structure actually changes … it's harder to recognize the speed of oncoming traffic! That explains why I was being honked at more after turning!
    So now I'm more cautious, consciously remember I need to leave more room than I "think", and speed up more quickly; I also realized I had not been blending into traffic, as I tend to drive more slowly these days, so again I consciously try to blend more quickly.
    There's a very slight hill to my right (I'm in U.S., right-hand driving) that's JUST high enough so oncoming traffic can barely realize there's an intersection ahead and when I'm stopped on my rural road waiting for a clearing in the highway traffic I can't see oncoming traffic at any distance. Many times I've pulled out, no one in sight, and suddenly someone's "in my trunk". I've learned to be especially wary there, speeding up to highway speeds and anxiously watching my rear view mirror. Cars often come over the hill much faster than the posted speed limit and I have to floor it to stay ahead of them safely.

  22. I consider myself a pretty good driver, and I drive a big truck as well. The only problem I have is judging distance due to my astigmatism in both eyes. This really helped me, but I think I'll make people wait a little longer so I can be safer. 🙂

  23. I'm super upset I failed my road test for the first time. I passed my maneuverability test easily though. I failed my road test all because of one stupid critical error. The entirety takes place in a neighborhood with lots of cars parallel-parked along the road. I was TWO turns away from passing and had to turn left. I thought it was clear and even inched forward a little (not far enough i guess). But the cars parked on the right road were blocking my vision of seeing a car pulling out and driving my way. The car was going ultra fast too! Even though I stopped, it was considered critical ;(

  24. What I like to do is look at the traffic, and look for a sufficient amount of space. I usually be like "OK after this car I can go" if I have doubt I won't go it's better to be safe than sorry

  25. Thanks to you my brother and my father I just got my license recently. It takes a village to raise a driver! Thanks Rick!!

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