How To Make Your First Ride Epic With Sam Reynolds

– Welcome back you beautiful people. So you want to make you’re
first mountain bike ride epic. Well, grab yourself a pen and paper, sit back, and take note. Here’s a few tips on how to make your first mountain bike ride epic. How many times can you say epic? – That was pretty good. – I was proper leaning (laughs). – [Man] Oh my God! (air whooshing) – Right, I’ve planned
this route, epic route, there’s something missing,
something missing. I know it, I know it, I need a good friend to come on this ride with me. A very, very good one. I know a perfect person Sam Reynolds. Ooh, hopefully he picks up, Sam, pickup. – A-ha, Blake Samson, what’s up my bud? – How’s it ma’ bud ma’ china Reynolds? How are you, dude? – Not too bad mate, I’m
not bad, just in ma’ barn. You know, on my hay, like usual Sunday. – Nice, nice, hey I’ve got
a quick question for you. I’ve just planned the most
epic just epicness route ever in the whole entire universe. I want you to come on it with me. – Oh, man, I’m there! When do we go, and I’m
always up for an epic ride. – Aw nice, well in two days time, in a place called Peaslake. Someone’s just recommended it to me. – I’ve never heard of it,
but yeah, sounds cool. – Wicked, I’ll send you a
pin-drop of the location where I’m going to meet
you, that car-park. 10 o’clock sound good? – Yeah, that sounds
good, 10 o’clock Tuesday? See you there, Blakey. – Right, dude, yo-ho! – Oh, cheers mate, bye.
– Bye. – Cool, epic ride with Blake. I am up for that, can’t wait. (soft upbeat music) – Right, let me double
check I’ve got everything. ‘Cause I’m going out
for a long time, right. Knee pads, check, bag, check. Water, check, tools, pump, check. Riding shorts, check, bib shorts, check. Don’t want to hurt my bits. Riding jersey, helmet, shoes. I forgot, forgetting something, oh yeah, bike and computer, check. Whew, think I’m set, think I’m set. (horn honking) (laughs) – I saved you a spot. Hello mate, oh no! (laughs) – Welcome to Peaslake, I’ve
never been here before. – Never been here, are you ready for the most epic ride ever, your first one? – I’m so ready, my first ride. Right, you know I’ve
never been here before? – Nor have I.
– Where are we going? – Why luckily I spent a bit of time and I planned a route for us. – Wicked let’s have a look.
– Look at this, 19 miles! – [Sam] Okay, okay. – [Blake] Right, now I’ve
never been in these woods. – Never me neither,
don’t know where we are. – [Blake] And there’s a lot of climbing. And there’s a lot of descending. – Ooh I don’t know about
that, but I like that. – But there’s a lot of beautiful views. It’s going to be epic man, look at it. – Nice, what level of difficulty are we going for today? – Well, it’s a bit expert.
– Expert? – [Blake] You going to
be all right with that? – I don’t know if we’d try it
but we’ll give it our best. – Well, I’m going to stick
it on this, my Garmin. I’m going to stick it on the bike and we just follow this
and have an epic time. Hey Sam, you got any snacks to ride? – No, Blake, who do you
think I am? (laughs) – Oh don’t worry, I’ll carry you. It is an epic ride so– – You bring some for me as well? – Yeah I did.
– That’s so kind. – [Blake] I’ve got some homemade cake, I’ve got some nuts, ’cause you need ’em, and I’ve got chocolate bar
and my camelbak is full of water, do you got water bottle? – No.
– Luckily, that is a big one. – Yeah for sure.
– So that’s a lot of water. – Well, I didn’t know
we were riding 19 miles or I would have brought some water. – Well it’s an epic ride, Sam. – You can carry that then, eh? – Have you got tools? – No.
– Don’t you worry! I have everything. – That’s good ’cause I did build my bike this morning as well. – Hey Sam, you got everything, well, I’ve got everything. – You’ve got everything for me. – We forgot one thing. – Yes, it is an epic ride. – It is an epic ride, can
you put them in my pack? – Yeah. – We’re going to be out there for a while, we might get lost, I hope not. – I did just have a big
old coffee just now so. – Ooh that’s a recipe for. Let’s go, let’s go.
– Let’s go! – Epic ride.
– Coming Blake. Wait for me, wait for me bud. (inspiring music) – I think we’re going to
start off nice and easy. – What do you got for us then? – Super chill fire road climb. – Okay, any jumps later? – Yeah!
– Please. – [Blake] Loads, loads. Hi.
– Hey, Epic. – Gosh, I hope the top is soon, Blake. – Me too Sam, we’re only a mile in. – [Sam] Are we, we’ve got 19. – We’re 18 to go.
– 18 to go? Good, ’cause I am enjoying it. – [Blake] Oy’ it’s saying viewpoint. – [Sam] Is it, so we’re at the top? – Oh dude, ah, look at it. – Beautiful, that calls for a wheelie! (laughing) – [Blake] Celebrate, come on. Oh look at the bench, snack time. – Is it snack time?
– I think so. Look at that, that’s top gear track. – [Blake] Should we hold hands
and sit here and eat snacks? – I think so, look at this man. How epic can you get? – I heard as well you
have to do an Instagram with your bike at the
top of a hill as well. So I’ll just do that quick. – Aw Sam, that deserves a story, hang on. – A story?
– Yeah. – Is that a boomerang? – It’s not, but it could be now. (laughs) Climb, bit of climbing,
bit of single track. – Now a bit of fun.
– Now a bit of fun. – Ready.
– Steady. – Go.
– Let’s go. – [Sam] Hey doggy, ready? – Yup
– Let’s go common. (action music) – [Blake] Stop it. (laughing) ♪ I been away, I, I, I been away ♪ ♪ I been away, I, I, I been away ♪ ♪ I been away, I, I, I been away ♪ ♪ I been away, I, I, I been away ♪ ♪ I, I, I been away, I, I, I been away ♪ – [Blake] I’m pretty warm now. – [Sam] Yeah, I’m warmed up I’m ready– – Five miles in, yes. – To hit the more difficult. Maybe some reds or something. – Yes!
– What’s next? – [Blake] I think, let me
look, ooh we could be in luck It’s a red, whoo. Here it is, give it here, down here, I think we’re turning here. You want to drop them saddles, do you? – [Sam] Aw jeez Louise! (upbeat music) (laughing) – So far epic, eh? – Sick, that is epic. How many times can we say epic? – Don’t know how many times are
on that count in the corner. – [Both] Are we at 20? (both laughing) – That thing’s really going off. – I reckon. – Can I borrow your tool
please as well actually? – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah sure, what you need? – Showing the importance,
my grip twisted there. – Oh, wow. – Must have not done it up tight enough. – Here you go.
– Thank you. – You’re welcome, we’ve
got, oh we’re quite far. Yeah I think there’s another view point, snack time I recon. – Yeah certainly snack time. – And then–
– Thanks, that’s better. – I think there’s a few more climbs and there’s a descent, then I think we should stop off at the shop. – For a last cup of tea. – Before going back to the car park. – Certainly that sounds like a plan, Stan. – Oh man this is epic, ding. All right, this trail, it says, it’s flowy with loads of cool turns. – Looks it.
– Ready? – Yeah.
– Let’s go. (chill riding music) ♪ Why you be all on ♪ ♪ Why won’t you but get
you a dolla or something ♪ ♪ A dolla or something ♪ ♪ Get you a dolla or something ♪ ♪ Why you be all up ♪ ♪ Why won’t you but get
you a dolla or something ♪ ♪ A dolla or something ♪ – [Sam] No. – [Blake] What you got, like some sort of stick stuck to your bike? – Got a bit of a buddy. – Hey, Sam, it’s this way. – Oh (laughs), I had
to get rid of my buddy. – Epic viewpoint number two. – [Sam] This is our cake spot. – [Blake] The final, ooh,
yeah, the cakey spot. – [Sam] Look at that man. – [Blake] It’s a different
view to earlier, isn’t it? – It is very different isn’t it. We’ve just come from over there somewhere, and we have to go back that way, but it’s saying we need to go that way, and it’s saying it’s jumpy. – Is it, is that next? So definitely going to need
some cake then aren’t we? – So what do you think
of this epic ride so far? – Mate, totally epic. Epic cake
– Epic cake homemade epicness. – [Sam] Oh, what’s that gear on top? – That gear?
– Yeah. – Smells like lemon.
– It’s like lemony gear. – Like lemon curd. – Yeah, it’s for sure lemon curd. – Aw that’s epic. (ominous music) Ow wow, let’s have that there (laughs) (both laughing) Finally got– – Last trail.
– What’s it say? – [Blake] It says it’s
a descent to Yellow. – [Sam] Is it flowy trail, or what? – [Blake] It’s a bit flowy, yeah, steep. There’s jumps though.
– Yes. – We should see the jumps
and set a challenge. – Okay.
– You ready, it’s that way? – And, just put our rubbish
in your bag as well. – Yeah, do you want to do that. What you bring in, take out. Isn’t that right Sam? – Absolutely. – Ready, steady. – Okay.
– Go. (fun inspiring music) (mumbles) (yelling) – Oh my god yeah! Ugh, so the route I’ve planned has brought us to this
trail which is a jump trail. And we love jumping,
– Yeah we do. – We love stunting, let’s
challenge ourselves. I’m going to Suicide that jump there. – Oh.
– Yeah? What are you going to– – Well, I set this bike up
so I could do a Barspin. – [Sam] You’ve kind of got
to try it out, haven’t you? – I might try a Barspin
on that one down there, but we’ll see, I might be too scared. – Oh, oh well, there’s a
few jumps you could beat. – No, I’d have to do that one. The rest are too high speed I think. – I’m going to try this, watch this Sam. – I’ve seen Blake do Suicide No Hands I think for the last 16 years or something so I think he should have this
one under control, let’s see. Here he comes. Oh yeah! (whistles) Nice, nice mate. – Ah, cheers.
– Very good. – Thanks. – Yes unfortunately it’s my turn. – Now it’s your turn to
Barspin that thing to flat. (both cheering) – Just about!
– Yeah! That was actually pretty good. – I was proper leaning as well. – [Sam] Yeah, you were like, to hips. – It’s like turning and there’s
no landing either really. – All right, should we leave? – That’s me, pushed myself for the day. – And that’s me pushed myself for the day. (fun inspiring music) – Wow, you know what?
– Uh huh. – [Blake] Sessioning
that, we added a mile. – [Sam] Really? – [Blake] So we got 20 miles now. – [Sam] That was a good sesh’, 20 miles. There does it tell you
how much air time you had? – [Blake] It will do when I say stop. – [Sam] Oh, we’ll check
it out over a cup of tea. (upbeat music) – [Sam] Whoa. No wonder you got 2nd at Sierra. Oh my god, dude! Woo! – [Sam] Oh a slash! (both cheering) No, oh, yes! – The village shop. – There it is, world famous. – Nice, let’s get a cup of tea a’right. – Please.
– Or a coke. – Oh, GCM, that was GCM that. – Was it?
– Yeah, GCM right there, yeah. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Oh, totally.
– Cake time. – Looks like it’s tea time as well. – This is the last stop before
heading back to the car. – Aw, my chocky! – End of our epic ride. – That was.
– Didn’t it? – Epic?
– Epic. Thanks for watching and I hope this has helped you out. Let me know in the comments down below on how you like to plan an epic ride. Don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe ’cause you’re missing
out on some rad stuff. If you want to carry on watching GMBN, then click over there for an epic ride that Niel and I did. And if you’re feeling
epic, don’t forget to hit that thumbs up like, and I’ll see you at the next one, see ya! – What’s up my dude?
– Hey dude.


  1. Any advice on getting back into ridding not rid for 2 years went for a short ride and could not get back into it

  2. My way to have a perfect first ride
    GO TO WHISTLER before you go broke after all the bike stuff your going to get

  3. i have decent bike handling and jump skills, but i cant manual. like i literally just cant, i suck at wheelies too. does this mean im predisposed to never getting really really good at biking? is it possible that there are pros that cant manual?

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