How to Read the Heads-Up Display (HUD) in Free-Ride Mode— Official Instructions | Zwift

– Hi I’m Crystal. Today I’m gonna show you how to read the heads up display on Zwift. The Menu is where you can find
features like user profile. Avatar customization, settings, a summary of your stats for
the current ride and more. The leader boards
correspond to the segments for the course you’re on. You’ll see how you can
compare to other Zwifters on the same course. You’ll also see your recent
stats from previous rides. Your current effort, this is where you’ll see your current output. The large number is your watts or power. Your cadence and heart rate
will also show up here, if you have the sensors paired. Power ups make zwifting more fun, they increase your
performance when activated. You get a new one each time
you pass through an arch if you don’t already have one. Check out our video on Zwift racing to learn more about power ups. When you’re zwifting,
you accumulate drops. These are virtual currency
that you can’t buy, you can only earn. Use them to upgrade your
bike in the Drop Shop. The further you go, the higher you climb and the more calories you
burn, the more drops you earn. This shows your current speed in Zwift and takes into account factors like, drafting, the grade and your weight. This is your total distance
traveled in Zwift for this ride. This is your total elevation
climbed in Zwift for this ride. You can change the display to imperial or metric units through settings. This is your total moving
time for your current session. Any time you stop, this
counter will stop as well. It’s important to note
that the segments track your total elapsed time spent inside that portion of the course. If you’re setting a lap time, the leader board timer doesn’t stop ever. Even if you really need to
grab another water bottle. You earn experience points by zwifting. You earn even more during
difficult workouts. You get more XP for hard
efforts, long efforts. There’s also an XP power up
that doesn’t require activation. Experience points effect how you level up. The more you ride the
more points you accumulate and the higher your level. The current max level is 50. The rider XP bar is a
progress bar that shows how far along you are to
your next rider level. You unlock new gear
each time you level up. The mini map gives you a better idea of your location on course. You can change the view
of the map by clicking or tapping on it. One tap zooms out a little bit. While they second tap zooms
way out for an overhead view. At the bottom of the mini map, is the zoomed out view
of the course profile. So you can see what’s coming
up for the route your on. The big pin is you and the arrow indicates the direction that you’re riding. All the smaller pins are
other Zwifters around you. The upside down pins indicate the segments on the course in relation
to your current position. The percentage shows the
current grade of the course as the grade increases the numbers will increase in size and turn red. The riders nearby list is a list of all the other riders online. Sorted by how close they
are in proximity to you. You can see their watts per kilogram, approximately how far ahead
or behind you they are, the length of their current ride and which country they’re from. If someone has a jersey for a segment, it will show up here too. The action bar is normally hidden. So you can bring this up by pressing the Up Arrow key on a Mac or PC. Tapping the screen of your
iOS or Android device. Or swiping up on the
Apple remote’s touch pad if you’re using Apple TV. You can also access these tiles from Zwift Companion App End Game. Now it’s time to get out there and Zwift. Have fun! I’ll see you in Watopia.


  1. Is it possible to resize the hud elements? This might look ok on a small screen but I plan to use Zwift on a 85" screen, relatively near, and all those applets look obnoxiously large when I view them here in the video on full screen.

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