How to Remove Yamaha Jet Pump – Jet Ski Restoration Part 5

This is part five of the restoration of
my buddy Mike’s Yamaha wave Raider. The original problem had something to do
with the starter. It wouldn’t start. I don’t remember – It’s been so long. I
thought you’d hit it and sometimes it would turn, sometimes it wouldn’t. Mostly it
wouldn’t. I took the starter out, took it down to the auto shop and had it tested.
Now they have a bench down there that all you have to do is put the make and
model of the car and then they’ll hook some power to it and run it for you. That’s
great but they don’t have anything for jetski. So I told them it was a 62
Volkswagen Beetle. It turn turns just fine so we’ve got a good starter – a known
good starter. I painted it up, cleaned it up a little. It’s been a couple years. Of course
it’s more complicated than that. Because, well, isn’t it always? the starter mounts
to the motor right here. It has bolt here and here and both of these bolts sheared
off when I took them out. Now since then I’ve taken a drill drilled out these two
holes, tapped them out. Now we’re ready to reinstall the starter. Piece of cake, just
two bolts and you’re off to the races. But then as I said, things aren’t always
that easy, are they? Check this out: Output shaft from the motor turns fine. Input
shaft to the jet pump turns not at all, thank you very much. Let’s take a look
underneath this baby and see what’s causing that shaft not to turn. All right, tell me about this highly
modified car. See we got a rocket. Yeah, what do you suppose is gonna happen here
when you push that button mister? I have a feeling that rocket’s goin to go straigh down that line into the Browns’ house. Are you sure that do the Browns
know about this? Now why did that thing stop? All right, let me see. Very good let
me see. The rocket is sticking out the end of the car now. Tha, my friends, is a true story. I
remember the string disappearing I don’t remember it being a big deal at the time
but now that it’s shown back up on this ski it all comes back to me. I had to go
dig up that video. I think it’s hilarious. Anyway, I don’t think that’s causing the
problem. You can see we cut the string off of the shaft and then you saw
me put the wrench on there and try to wiggle it. It looks like the impeller’s
probably jammed on the wear ring kind of like the problem we had on the SeaDoo a while back. So what I’d like to do next is let’s go ahead and pop that jet
pump off and see where it’s binding. Well there you go. That’s two for two. Four
bolts hold that thing on. I pulled two of them so far and two of them are broken off. Gotta love a saltwater ski. Honestly I want to be grumpy right now. I really
want to be grumpy. If I might state the obvious, get parts off a fresh water ski
anytime you can. There’s two that didn’t break off. I tried prying those pump sections
apart. There’s some tabs on the side. You Jam a screwdriver in there and flick it and they come apart. The steering jet came off the other sections ,they’re not
coming apart. We need to move on to, you know, plan’ve seen this before. This is fun. Max, you think you can pull this jet pump off? All right, let’s see if Max
can pull it off. He’s gonna need a little help. That’s right. You have seen this before.
We did this at nighttime last time in the driveway in the old house. I’m not
gonna lie, every time that happens I am just amazed that is the right procedure.
But it comes right off. Amazing. And you guys know how much I love
getting packages. This one I paid for but it’s still fun to get it. What the heck? Utah Crankshaft and Short Block. Cool,got a sticker for my toolbox. One Yamaha wear ring. Let’s see if we can get this bad boy on. Yeah, that wear ring fits pretty good. Here’s here’s the problem right here. You see
the surface? See how it’s flat nice and flat like
that? It’s not supposed to be nice and flat. It’s supposed to be pointy kind of like that. Pointier than that. It’s
supposed to be a really small small tapered surface here that fits flush up
against the edge. See that space in there? Okay? What’s going on it’s this: Let me
show you. This is the stock wearing and as you can see it’s made out of metal.
Yeah, it is not a Delrin wearing so I guess it’s technically not a wearing.
It’s just a ring. That ring has swollen. There’s some bulges in the surface of
that metal there. That’s what’s causing the problems. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see
that coming. I expected the Delrin wearing. I didn’t
expect a metal wear ring. Who knew, huh? Who would put a metal wear ring in there?
That thing absolutely chewed up the impeller. So I’ve got another impeller on
order already. We’ve got the Delrin 144 millimeter wear ring all ready to go. We
should be able to just put this thing back together as soon as I figure out
how to get that metal wear ring out. Like you saw in episode one and two and three
and four and five, if you don’t mind working on this stuff and you get some
enjoyment out of it, hey, stay with these old skis. Evbentually we’re gonna get this
bad boy running. If it drives you crazy, just give up and buy a new one. Thanks
for sticking with me. I hope you enjoy these. Like or subscribe if you feel it.
I’ll be back at you soon as we get the new impeller. Thanks for watching.


  1. 1:30, NOOOO, that’s extremely painful to watch. If you’ve ever seen the inside of a 99 Seadoo SPX, it is much less open then Yours.

  2. Hey Steve, I just got a 1994 Kawasaki 750 SS. It runs great besides some minor issues but I’m looking to restore it. I’m looking to recover the seat, repaint it, install new floor mats, and maybe add custom graphics or minimal Kawasaki graphics. Do you have any tips or suggestions for this?

  3. Hey Steve you should cut out the wear ring with a dremel small cutting disk, might be extra if you do not have one, I just replaced mine on Kawasaki 900 STX stainless steel wear ring , same exact problem swells up due to salt water corrosion, I have a video I made but I have never uploaded it, if you need to see how i cut it out I can more gladly share, Thanks and good luck

  4. Hey steve it's me again the one who did the project with my dad and anyway thx so much for uploading it was a great video keep up the work

  5. Hey man! I have a issue with my kawasaki 1200stx. ITS taking in water… and er cant fix IT with glue because er cant get to the point. I hope you have some tips !

  6. hey steve i have a old seadart 1987 jetski whit an 500cc honda lcr my problem is dat my bearings in my jetpump are stuck i have no clue how i can remove the back end of the pump it is realy stuck on there can you give me some instructions how i can remove it to replace my bearings thanks a lot!

  7. I have a early 2000's Yamaha 1100 triple with no engine or title. I want to put a small engine from a lawn mower or something you think that would be enough to go on the water with?

  8. Love the 61-63 Thunderbird rocket!

    On the starter, you should seal the front edge with rtv. Always a good idea on a Yamaha 701/760 motor. Especially with the salt water around here! NOT on the o-rings, but on the front mating surface where the starter mates with the case.

  9. Hi sir I've been following you for a few days now great job on all your blogs…. I have a question for you see if you can help me out I have a 2000 bombardier gtx millennium edition and I can't get it to go past 25mph it keeps bogging down and now it won't start I really dont know much about sea'doo's and I've taken it to a shop but they tell me that theres nothing they can do cause it's a older model if it was 03 and up they could look at it what can I do I would love to take my kids out on the water and enjoy the sea'doo but can't get it to start. What do you recommended to get it up and running thanks

  10. if u put the plastic wear ring in the freezer it shrinks and i believe to obtain the same results to remove the metal ring should be heat! metal shrinks with heat

  11. Are you really doing all this drive train and engine work after restoring the exterior?? You look too old to be making such a rookie mistake.

  12. Hey Steve as always great videos. Can't wait to see the next video. I agree keep the old skis running as you know I have a 1993 Seadoo XP and a 1993 Seadoo SP and they run like a champ. My only issue is I have 2 single trailers and I'm on the look out for a double. Who know maybe one of these days I will come out to visit. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  13. Hey Steve, i own a 2005 stand up super jet and wish to paint the bottom black, what paint or spray should i use to get the best finish and match the look of the black on the main body of the ski, many thanks, keep up the jet ski videos👍🏽

  14. Are we going to get a pump install video? I just pulled the pump out of my wave venture and I’m wanting to see you install yours before I do mine so I can learn something. Thanks!!

  15. Hey Steve you have inspired me to so much so I went out and bought a 94 seadoo xp for 400 bucks and i am now in the process of restoring it/ making it less 90s looking and i was wanting to know if there is anyway you could sell me one of those carbon fiber dash panel thing from your previous video thx! Plz plz post some more jet ski videos!

  16. This is great, just found your channel.I really enjoyed when you used the tree to get the pump out of that thing. 👍

  17. Finally i found a channel that does proper diy for pwc!! Much love. I have a project and i was wondering if you could provide some easy info. I have a deal on a kawasaki zxi 1100 2001 hull with no engine, and i have a spare engine (crank to flywheel 850mm, cam cover to sump 550mm intake manifold to exhaust 560mm). I was wondering if its possible for you to help me get approximate measurements( simply height width and length where the engine sits). Sorry if i am asking for too much but the pwc is far away. It would be awesome. Thank you in advance. Your channel is amazing!!

  18. Hey steve i love your videos im going to buy an old cheap jet ski as a project and wondered when will the next part going to come out ??

  19. Question. you carried to parts store had them bench test it? Your bench broken? connect cable to it lay it onto top of head grounded and hit start button????? or jumper cables hot to cable lug tap ground to case???

  20. Next time buddy for little over 100 bucks you could get a housing with poly wear ring already installed.. live and learn live and learn

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