How to Ride a Motorcycle in India & SURVIVE


  1. Now I see how good Western and Central European roads really are… No potholes, and very good drivers compared to this…

  2. Karl, I am from down south, I drive here. I don't honk unless myself or someone is in danger. That means I don't honk when I am passing, usually when I approach a curve. I always give the right of way to pedestrians and other vehicles as per law. I don't claim people around me do that. I feel safe driving that way. If I were you I would not have driven on the shoulder of that road, not even a proper shoulder, you could get a flat tire and being a normal foriegner means further hassles and possibility of getting scammed to fix it. But I am with you on avoiding obstacles and watching the rule breakers on the roads. I am of the opinion that the arrogance of bus and truck drivers should be dealt by the law and this being a democracy, we the people need to respond to them.

  3. If you are a foreigner, do follow the rules. Foreigners don’t have idea like Indians have on when to follow and when not to follow the rules. 😀
    Post monsoon there are issues of potholes esp on the mountains. They are less likely on national highways.

  4. Disliking just because in every frame you showed potholes . I just can't find so many potholes . SORRY BUT YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR VIEWS.

  5. I wonder why you're here in India and leaving your beautiful New Zealand .I'm planning my studies to get there and you

  6. At the start of the video I thought he was in New-Zealand because of the surroundings but later when he told he was in India, I was surprised . Kashmir is really beautiful

  7. If you put any valuables on your bike, it'll be gone lmao. It's so fun to see a foreigner try our shitty roads😂, but here in new mumbai roads are beautiful.

  8. That scenery!!! Just amazing. Thumb Up – I love it – much prefer it to certain famous American brands 🙂

  9. One way to tell if someone is from Sweden, if they look similar too pewdiepie, Sam works with new Zeland

  10. M from jk and love u r there next time please update when u there. Do visit leh ladakh and even indo pak border also

  11. Its Indian occupied Kashmir, not India, so have better knowledge of the place where you are gouiding so many people, havnt you seen security forces everywhere?

  12. conditions are same like Pakistan.Though Pakistan has somehow good roads then these. Rest of the conditions are same.insane drivers are found in all over the world.

  13. Bhaiya you are so right! Riding like an Indian is the only way to survive Indian roads. The crazy thing is it works. You never know what India is going to throw at you🤔😂. She got me a couple of times, but All is well😊

  14. Good one. Even i create travel videos .Do checkout my channel for the video. Subscribe if you like the content i create.

  15. Brother have you read Shantaram???? Gregory Roberts ???? It's about a foreigner in India please check it out or even try to meet Gregory Roberts

  16. there are a few motor rules that differ in Jammu and Kashmir, Its advised not to use high beams at Night if you are travelling to a places which has Indian Army posts in between, to the rest of the Indian states as per law you are allowed to use high beams only in national highways but neither the police enforces it nor the people follow it, but in J&K its different, So if you are driving at night keep that in mind, because in case of Indian Army they go as per the book and you cant bribe them out.

  17. i am from kashmir and i really like the way you blog. And please do tell the people that it is completely safe to visit kashmir

  18. You should go for a ride in the outskirt of Aizawl. You will love it. It was a pleasure for me seeing you visit Mizoram. You should have gone for a ride. 😊

  19. I have got hit by a bus while I was on a bike I was lucky I didn't die although my elbow fractured right leg was injured driving in India is hard but hey if you learn it here you could ride anyplace in the world

  20. I am citizen of India. And when you say "I use horn for 4 purposes. 1st….2nd…3rd…4th…" I realized I never noticed those things. I just knew this. But still it's amzing to see from your perspective. Your vlogs put smile on my face.
    Do you or anyone who's reading this comment know about similar channel for UK and US? I'm writing a novel. So I'll need basic things of those countries, just like What can a "blow horn" do in India.
    Please reply if you know.

    And Subscribed.

  21. Jammo and kashmir isn't a part or state of india.. Its a disputed territory.. India has occupied it with force i.e army and as a result the kashimiri people are fighting for their freedom

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