How To Road Trip California, Be Cheap, And Still Have A Good Time

Ever since I moved to LA, I’ve always
wanted to take a California road trip. It’s one of those bucket lists kind of
things. This state has arguably some of the greatest scenery in the country,
and I wanted to see it. Unfortunately when you work in television like me
there isn’t really vacation time. You just have to wait until your show ends. So when my
previous show wrapped up earlier this summer I had one week to see as much of
California as I could. The plan. Any good road trip starts with a plan.
Know what you want to see and research what you need to but always leave room
for change. With a limited time line of just one week I wouldn’t be able to see
everything and had to choose my top locations. Also, I wouldn’t be doing this trip alone. My friends from Michigan, Charles and Jinelle agreed to join me on
this adventure. Budget. We’re all poor. So we planned on
only eating out once a day, buying the rest of our food at grocery stores and
gas stations, and going to places that were primarily free. Gas, well, we’d take what we could get. Transportation. Any good road trip also has to have a
reliable car. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road
in the middle of nowhere because something on your car broke. If you don’t
have a dependable car, borrow one. Here is our road tripping vehicle: 2015 Kia Forte.
Great car to take us through the mountains and along the coast. Not the
best for sleeping three. We’d use hotels instead. If you’re trying to save money
sleeping in your car is probably your best bet. But if that’s not going to cut it,
find the cheapest Motel you can. Even in expensive cities you can usually find
a room with two beds for under $100 without booking in advance. Just remember,
these are harder to find when you’re out of cell range or traveling during peak
season. All we can find is a $400 hotel room? We’re not going there.
Here are some other tips. Bring a camera. Any camera will do. It doesn’t matter
what kind or how expensive. Document the experience in your style. What I’ve come
to learn is that if you tell a good story through your video or photos, no
one really cares if you’re shot on Canon 5d or an iPhone 5. Bring a hippie.
Or at least someone who turns into one on road trips. Not only will things be a
little more spontaneous but you’ll also get some pretty sweet shots when they go off and do their hippie thing. Don’t plan too much. It’s actually better
to under plan than over plan. When you’re on a road trip, things come up. Sometimes new adventures. Always say yes to them. As cheesy as it sounds, sometimes these are
the moments you’ll remember most. And other times the things we plan just
don’t work out. Bring the right clothes for the occasion.
What are you wearing Charles? The blanket poncho- for the traveling man. Great
socks too! Skip the guided tours and go trip yourself. You can find all the cool
stuff you want with a little research on the Internet.
Don’t pay expensive entrance fees either. you can see plenty of awesome things for
free except Yosemite. Always pay for Yosemite. Finally and most importantly,
enjoy the moment. Watch a sunset, run through the trees,
drive down the steepest street in San Francisco. Dance on the ledge of a dam.
Actually, don’t do that last one. Native Californians think they live in the
greatest place on Earth. I won’t concede to that bold statement,
but I will admit it’s pretty great. And I can’t wait to explore more.


  1. I loved the video Randy. Great storytelling – I'm always lacking this element in my videos. Do you think a road mic is necessary to record a good story? Thanks! Please check out my US Road Trip on my channel. I didn't hit CA, but hope to do it on my 3rd tour of this county!

  2. …SUPERB! I like the story telling, the music, the shots, the group, and just ALL OF IT!!! THANKS for sharing your VIDEO….I was searching about California and happen to see ur vlog. . .i'm coming to Cali this February!!!! can't wait to see… NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE..

  3. That's my friend cherry ? I work with her in the restaurant Manhattan steak and sea food in the city of orange😊😊😊

  4. thumbs up for the video**** if someone is interested in traveling want to buy a leather backpack then checkout

  5. Great video! Just moved to California. Although, I've done a Cali road trip 3 times I'd really like to see more of the state.

  6. California is beautiful, but there are too many people. Like Yosemite gets 4 million annual visitors, I'd never go to Yosemite unless to backpack, so I could stay way from the crowds.

  7. Dude ditch the crappy American & Korean cars. Get a Honda or Toyota, they won't leave you in the middle of Death Valley. Oh, and a rule of thumb get a fresh oil change before any long haul trip.

  8. About to go to Cali.we were going to road trip but are flying. So we just need to make an itenary and figure out place to stay and transportation. This helped lol. Figured out the cost and spending money.

  9. Worst trip I ever took was to California.  the traffic is a nightmare alone.  I had countless people claiming to be homeless asking me for money outside my hotel  outside the mall.  Even outside the dinner I visted.  Where are all these homeless people coming from and are they actually homeless or are they just saying they are.  the cities we vistited smelled like I don't even know what but it wasn't pleasant.  If you want to book a vacation I would never recommend California.

  10. , yes find the cheapest hotel is one option or you can contact me I know management and I'm a travel reporter I can get you great deals on nice hotels what you would pay on cheap motels

  11. Yes totally contact me your wallet will love me but your arteries will hate me from all the butter cheese and yumminess I subscribed to your channel if you can subscribe to mine love what you're doing

  12. I really wish I could do what you do! This was a great and interesting video to watch. I just don’t live in California. I live in Rhode Island. But I hope in the future things will work out for travel.

  13. So doing this sooooon, even if alooone, sounds so much fuuun, ex tv business too, now freelance, nobody is my boss but I am still poor :), but free, yay can't wait…and yes, you have the most beautiful place in the world…planning to move there, can't wait ! THank u guys…ur hippie tag is kind of cheesy…being in the moment is hippie, such a funny world. Thank u, it was fun ! 🙂

  14. Again, great video. The only thing that I would suggest is that you lower your background music because it makes it very hard to hear what you are saying. Most of us are here because we want to learn how to do things from other people's perspective. Thanks for posting so many great videos.

  15. We plan to visit CA in november ( long trip from Cyprus island in Europe) how is the weather during this month. I just hope it wouldn't be too rainy or cold because we would like to do a motorcycle road trip

  16. Hippie? More of a psuedo-hippie. Any real hippies today will be in their 60s or 70s. Hippies are gone, and unless one was part of the awesome time in the late 60s, one cannot capture what being a hippie was. You younger generations can try, but it always be just that, someone trying to be what they cannot. We were the greatest state, until the Democrats ruined it.

  17. Please make a video on how to edit as good as you do! Your editing is great. As far as the California being the best place on 🌏You bet it is.

  18. Just the thought of driving for long periods of time makes my butt hurt lol specially when you only stream music 😂 get it? Cuz no service 😉

  19. Beautiful video! Could you provide an itinerary of your roadtrip? I’d be interested to see what your time management was!

  20. Good video, short, but pretty accurate. Summertime on the Pacific coast is a variable climate, much cooler on the coast, 65-75° about 10 degrees more for every 10 miles inland, to about 95-110° a native, you're right, we are pretty proud of our state, except the piss poor shape the politicians have left our paradise with horrendous decision making. There is no balance here ( 70-30%) democrat controlled, cities of homeless, sanctuary status, and a draining economy. The natural beauty makes up for the other nonsense..

  21. my wife and kids did not enjoy watching full grown men taking a shit on the sidewalk or people shooting up drugs. I tried to explain to them how the liberals in charge tax people until they are homeless                               what a shit hole cali is now

  22. I’m visiting Cali in a few weeks plz tell me where I should get an airbnb at and things to do and such 🙏🏻

  23. Beautiful video , you made my home state look like the California dream everybody's dreams about 🌅

  24. I'm leaving for Cali on this Friday from Wrightsville Beach , North Carolina and I can't wait. Its such a beautiful place I just want to cruise on the Pacific Ocean highway and make it to see some gigantic trees 😍😍😍

  25. J'ai passé des vacances en Californie c'est une belle ville venir Beach mais il a vu que je préfère s'échange Lego et Hollywood

  26. It's a state with a lot of natural variety, the accents are a bit grating. I would definitely not bring a hippie – they should be dumped in Laurel Canyon.

  27. This video inspired me to roadtrip California. I spent two weeks traveling up and down the California coast. Check out my recent upload for the epic adventure!

  28. Thank you for the video, I enjoyed. Was in Beatty, NV this past September but did not venture into Death Valley. Now that I’ve seen your video, will have visit for sure! Fun to see the pic’s of the ghost town outside Beatty, having been there.

  29. This video reminds me of fantastic journey in California vividly. I rent a car, traveling alone. From San Fransisco down to LA along the California Highway 1, then turned to Las Vegas and Hoover dam, after that drove to Yosemite from the east entrance and back to SFO. That is the most amazing 9 days in my life. Next time, I will come, and follow the same roads and steps again to travel in California, but with more finance support and more days. God bless United States. God bless California.

  30. I just moved to California from Michigan, I did the same you did!
    Plus I had no idea and was bummed when I found out the water is so bone Chilling and freezing. lol NEW sub!

  31. I took pretty much the same roadtrip last summer and loved it so much that I’m flying to California again this summer! I’m flying from Europe for 300€ round trip 🙂
    We slept in Airbnb only which was MUCH cheaper than a hotel – especially if you are more people! Also on the first day in San Francisco we couldn’t see the bridge neither 😁

  32. Hey, thanks for this info I am about to travel from Dallas Texas to Redding California for the first time. I have been researching for free things to do I am very frugal as a student. Right now I just book a room using Air BnB for my first time booking it was very overwhelming process trying to cut cost. The room booking with Air BnB when using a gift card there still a small fee with it even with you have the full balance of it on the card balance. I was like really mad why there a gift card with Air Bnb and still require to charged other amount with my debit card is not right so I been on the call with them for a few days now finally they credit me 125 dollars promo but still not what I want so I called back to get it to fix so they waive the 14 dollars I was like wow. I will be going in May of 2019 after the semester is over so I can relax. I have social anxiety a lot I am trying to push my limited and hope I am able to enjoy the trip long distance doing free and cheap things. The first thing when I get there is to rest and check out the famous church called Bethel Church than from there I do not know yet.

  33. I my experience, the vehicle chosen for the road trip has a much bigger impact on the trip than shown here. Any 4WD SUV will greatly open your experience to camping vs. hotel or "sleeping in a KIA".

  34. ONE week to see California??? I could spend a Lifetime on a Road Trip in this State and never see the same thing twice. 100 Million acres of diversified land and water that has the most amazing National parks, State parks, Wilderness areas, theme parks, attractions, beaches, cities, towns, villages, industries, people, wildlife, flowers, weather and whatever else one can think of to see and do here. Don't rush it, take your time and see it all a little bit at a time.

  35. This video pisses me off. "Take the right clothes for the trip. Take a camera." This is some of the most patronizing advice I've ever heard. Most people know how to dress, and own a smartphone. We're here for useful information on traveling to SoCal.

  36. Looking at doing this same type of road trip. Where did you end your trip? Do you have a list of spots you stopped at?

  37. Been watching road trip video's in a while now (we are also planning our roadtrip) and I really like your video, good vibes, nice shots!

  38. The state of California is beautiful, but it's challenging to live here. If you want to live on the CA coast, bring your A game. Most of you will have to go back home.

  39. Thank you for tips.Nice video! Which car do you recommend for rent for one week and which month is good to visit west coast(including LA and Yellowstone) ?

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