How to Take a Cheap Summer Road Trip


  1. On 3:05, the tape is playing backwards. The car at the beginning is driving in reverse. Did not believe it the first time I saw it.

  2. o cmon ppl u think the ppl of woodstock had a check list like this???? well ya….pot n acid. but other than that….just a few campin supplies is all i want. try the roadtrip like that guy did in "into the wild" but dont experiment with any damn berries.

  3. I just wouldn't go on a trip if I didn't have the money and the emergency kit is way to expensive look at all you need!

  4. Pause at 0:47 It says 2003 but according to Howcast, it's supposed to be up to date, yet this video was made in 2008…hmm

  5. i want to go on a roadtrip with my dad sigh cant fit a mattress in my car *stuffs mattress in trunk* yes gets to parking lot at midnight *opens trunk mattress pops out*

  6. HIGWAY routes with odd numbers run north-south while routes with even numbers run east-west. Dear howcast. What is a higway?

  7. national forests are free to camp at. only way to go, screw a designated pay camp site. who are you paying? for what?

  8. why on earth do I want to bring a dvd player when the point to do a road trip is to lessen the use of technology from home ?

  9. If ya get stuck in the mud pulling into a camp ground you can get yourself out by scoopin up gravelfrom the roadside and packing it under the wheels for traction

  10. This was a useful article back then NOW here's the real Things People Really Only Need to take a Road trip!!  1 Google maps on APPLE or PC!! it comes with standard GPS Navigation!! Directions!! 2 Gas Money you need to know how much fuel One Will Need!! 3 My favorite A Honda or an Nissan Altima will take you there like as far as reliability Goes but any Reliable Transportation will Cut it remember key word Reliable!! 4 COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE Red Bull Monster Energy Lipton tea!!

  11. check the car tires check the engine oil stop every 3 to 4 hours at a time but if its not that far you might wanna get there  faster just don't stop period!!

  12. Thank you for sharing, I have gathered some tips and apps to make a great roadtrip taking advantage of technology I hope it interests you, otherwise I apologize

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