How to Use a Pressure Washer : Cleaning a Driveway With a Pressure Washer

In this clip I’m going to give you the how
to, to how to pressure wash a driveway. Generally I want to start by wetting an area a little
bit, getting it a little moist for a little bit. Right here it looks like there used to
be a car parked here or something. Where we’re going to see if we need to add any cleansers
to it, what we’re basically going to do is wet a spot, it looks like it’s going to come
up okay without any chemicals. I’m going to start in the corner, this way I’m just peeling
away that stuff. It’s coming up pretty easy, a lot of times when you have a bush that’s
grown so close to a house it creates a lot excessive moisture and moisture breeds moisture.
We’ve got to get under here, get right to the edge and try to just blast out all of
that sand. There’s a lot in there, and then go back over what you already did and push
the water away. Anybody can do this, all you have to do is get it started and start peeling

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