I ALMOST KILLED SLOGOMAN! (Jelly’s Driving School)

Sorry, if it’s just can I take a selfie, it’s like so go man, all right, sorry All right here. We go okay. Oh my God himself. I’m so happy I’m so happy Tony hey, they don’t usually kiss me, but we’ll go is that all right Josh listen listen to me I heard you talking the other day you told me that you’re so good at this game, right? Yeah, I am they told me if you’re slowly gonna tell you that yeah, right, but something you’re not good at it It is driving cars in real life. What ya Gonna do Tm driving but not in real life. You only need to be good at Eda driving telling no no no No, you want to go shopping you gotta use a car you want to go to the airport you gotta use a car? You’re right. Tell you so what do I do about it? I think I think I should give you a driver one. Jelly gives me a driving lesson Welcome to jelly driving lessons With jelly yes Mitch, I’m Josh. Yeah All right, Josh. I’m about to teach you some of the basics of a cop you ever realize most of like the park oh Oh, okay, all right, so this right here is my door, okay? It’s not the driver store the passenger door. Okay. This is the handle Then how you drive it you can open the door. It’s going to get bullet or back foot I’m not exactly sure try to open it. Oh by the way sideways. That’s right All right, all right so Josh here are the keys just get in the car all right? Okay, cool. Oh, you got gang in the car All right perfect Josh’s I like this jelly. It’s just not how you get inside of a car It’s just the driver’s seat. I know I know things okay. There’s certain things I know you know what I didn’t like him anyway screw you Josh What an idiot? Yuck, this is this is not. How you drive a car I really saw it out gotta call the doctor all right listen to me the driver’s seat has up front All right get out not the front this is to back oh What a weirdo, so that went that way, we’re not in England. We’re not in England. Okay that way all right right? That’s right We let the car go oh That’s really all right is the driver’s seat come on now. Oh very strong here. We go. All right, all right Finally finally deep inside Josh what what are you doing? Wasn’t working just this is the steering wheel on this side Doc you don’t go over your book Josh. This is not How you get in the car get out the car what yes the car? How are you Jordan? Just about done. You need to sit the other way around or he’s just right What’s he doing? Ah? Okay, I know I know don’t touch the horn. Okay, okay, Josh Finally, we’re in the car it took a friggin while but I’m about to teach you some of the basics all right? I’ve always wanted to learn Jay I know I know this is every time for how it’s going to be a good time. Josh, but don’t be too excited, okay? It’s difficult okay. I’m really not looking for – all right, so we’re starting off easy first of all wait wait Where’s the hand where’s the wheel hand thing the wheel with your hand in you’re holding it? Oh, that’s this safe. Is this syrian, so this is the thing that beep. No yes it also beeps There’s a lot of buttons on these day this beeps answer is the car Exactly that just seems to competition. So you rotate this wheel and the wheels up front start moving No, don’t don’t touch it. It’s locked. I’m trying to rotate it. It’s locked. Oh No, not that way. It goes like oh I walked right now because the cars turned off, okay, all right, so I’d say let’s turn on the car How do you turn on a car job? That’s the horn? Oh? No, the car you sweet You grab the key no no don’t don’t touch anything just no touching. He? Put your right foot on the brake on the key Oh on the brake press the brake the brake is the left the breaker right no, Josh. Don’t don’t touch those buttons leslie That’s the brake just listen to me. This is this is my car. Don’t break it. Okay, jelly I’m sorry, okay, put the right foot on the brake That’s the gas oh my God that one. Yes Hold in the brake turn the key and then the car will turn on turn it oh my God Alright, so now it’s sounding right? No no don’t there’s a wall There’s a don’t accelerate okay. Don’t accelerate alright. You’ve got the car on all right now. Oh my This is forwards and backwards no no it’s it’s the steering wheel I can steer with it No, right on it. Lan words. They left La right foot backwards all right enough Chitchat Let’s change seats here because I want to show you how this works alright that make an so each other, right? Turn off the car welcome don’t turn the horn my neighbors are Gonna kill me alright Let’s switch seat, okay, alright. So I’m driving now No, you’re you’re in the only Manhattan just have to do passing this view all right just like before turn the key Safety first what a smart guy you are wow that actually should be step number one. Oh, yeah, sorry Sorry about every time a car on without it safety first safety first kids anyway anyway, we’re going to put the car in reverse We’re gonna go backwards because we don’t want to go forwards. There’s a wall there alright We’re going to back up and we’re going to dry. I mean you probably can make it free that wall, so there’s mine You will damage the car as the wall. We can’t make it through the wall more importantly That’s not more important. I use more no no no okay. We’re going to slowly reverse hold two hands on the steering wheel oh We’re moving watch out. Don’t do that, Edna. You went through fog did I go to catch for you? I’m sorry. I got one horsepower there. We go. We’re moving we’re rolling alright before we do the next things I want you to teach some of these buttons over here all these beautiful buttons those are All right, so which one’s your push, you don’t push. No, okay, all right We got a little monitor over here that can show us beautifully what’s going on with Netflix? You cannot watch Netflix that very dangerous Josh Do not watch movie, okay mom, so you do not press this button, okay? That’s the emergency button you do not press the emergency button Johnny if it’s an emergency Yes, because the car will blow up if the piscopo offensive oh my God All right, Josh. It is time for step number three that is that is going to me drives the car? Oh, I thought we were gonna be sitting on the car. Why would you want to sit on a car? I don’t know. I already think about that all right. I take it inside and let’s give him a good drive. Wrong wrong door All right, I’m like valet parking here. See all right. Here’s the key you know. What screw it. Good luck John. Good luck Hahaha look at him Guys um he lost the door gosh Are you kidding me gosh? go start sciatica Alter tear area or impose the steering wheel there we go. How do I do this all right? Oh, it’s because you’ve got an in parking mode. Oh, all right what I want you to do. Josh what I want you to Put your right foot on the brake all right there you go put it in drive, okay? Then we’ll rehearse it rehearse. Oh my God the cars driving back stop you know to my camera. Oh my God Don’t you put in your rock just mix it chloe all right there. We go there. We go. It’s not the doors open this guy is ruining my Mother’s get it all right. You don’t touch the brake oh watch out. There’s a test on the right get your picture And you forgot to close the bar before you started right the gang that bid all right? So what I want you to do just don’t drive around to turn around All right, oh This is going to be epic guys watch them go Yeah, you got got doing it your ball take the ball Peter stop. Oh my goodness. I don’t know how to third There’s a steering wheel right in front of you We burn our wheel to the right, and you’re dodging don’t to the right to the right to this lake Stop stop the car This guy, I’m turning it right I get a whole party up in a house all right here four times No, I know oh get out the car. Yeah, it’s gone Well, that’s all right. How’s it selling? It’s time For me to show my time We just go no no no no no again coming close coming close guys But an oreo no no wait a for space, but it’s going slow mo yeah, don’t go don’t go I just can’t campos come close looking for the Loco Loco. No, I don’t wanna postpone Postpones yeah whip it whip it I just want to get it going on it I don’t want stop with it with it flip it. I just want to get it. They Don’t stop when they don’t I don’t want to hear about your front a lot of bad stories coming out of one joint I met a true book in the state of my mind now. No ladder rule just uh manoa for the title I Am so sorry are you okay? Understand Lord like I’m okay. I am so sorry. I thought I knew how to drive a car Alright, don’t don’t give up with those sticky bombs of yours. I can’t run exile under them all right it It looks fine alright, just you know You know what else at the car. I’ll pass up the law go back. You know that carly, okay? Maybe not can you hold my hands you can drag you out? We got it. Call my gun. Oh That’s why whoa? Oh pleading pleading. Hi. It’s okay. Give me CPR I’m not I’m not doing the hug uh Guys guys don’t worry about he’s fine. He’s he’s he’s fine. Are you okay? He’s fuck. Don’t worry, okay? He’s got a lot more lessons to do before we can we can get him before we can give him his license one more lessons Whoo what an idiot for my talk, so? Come on Come on But that’s what that what the hell, stiva


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