Indians On Roads | The Timeliners

Brother! Way to the Sky Apartment? Bro you go straight from here Then take a right Okay Then take a left Then left Then again right A right again! Then take a left? Right. Thank you sir! It is right here! We can expect an amazing innings from them today. The bowler, all set. Woah! Watch this They are teasing the bowler on purpose. An incredible scene of sledging! Bowler moving forward fiercely. And an amazing good length ball! Batsman changing the face of bat cleverly. And the ball is in the air.. Will the fielder be able to catch it? Uh oh! The ball just went away touching the fielder’s hands The luck is favouring the batsmen The ball in the air Going to touch the boundary line And he it goes.. a sky-rocketing.. six.. Uh oh! And caught at the boundary line. What an amazing catch by the fielder. Unbelievable! Fielder Rameshwar Singh being awarded the Player of the Day title. Along with Rs. 10,000 cash prize. On Diwali the opposition team burning a hole in their pockets. Oh man it’s 9:30 already. Now even the bus won’t arrive U turn .. Even that’s pretty far Let me just cross from here only Yeah, right. Hey! You gust of wind, just stop, stop! Hi protector of my city! How may I help you? Such a junkie! How drunk are you? Sir I don’t drink, sir. Let’s sow religious seed, drinking is a bad deed! You monkey! You’re stinking of alcohol. Moreover you’re acting smart. You are drinking and driving And posing a threat on others life too. Huh? Hey! Satyendra! Get him! Hey protector, wait! Are you out of your mind? I’m not an alcoholic! Give me some respect, man. And do you know? Who am I? Get back! Let me also watch this show. Wait! Hello Chintu! Who Chintu? I don’t know any Chint.. Chintu! Papa! Mumma.. Pooja.. Pooja aunty! Wow dear, come let me take a family photo of yours. Oh what the f.. Now tell me I just got it serviced. You’ve made it all rubbish. Uncle what did I do? You applied breaks in the middle of the roads while it’s a green light! What is my fault in this? None of your fault? Wow! It’s not your fault? It’s our old men’s fault then? I saw you myself. Uncle you weren’t even here. Why are you intervening? Son, my eyes are like one’s of The Big Boss. I was watching everything. What are you looking at? Call the police station. Call the cops. Uncle just listen to me. No, no, call the cops! I’m like your son. What ‘like your son’? You bumped my car! Let’s get done with this. What get done? What are you giving? Sorry sir! Uncle I’m like your kid, let it go no? Sorry! Sorry. Let’s go. This is yours. Okay. Cool? Count it. Now let’s get to Munirka’s red light and get it crashed. Let’s go! What happened? Man! I’m so sorry. Call the ambulance. I’m so sorry. He’s pretty hurt. Why don’t they stop giving the cars to the ladies. The government is banning so many things. Excuse me? Don’t discriminate! I am apologizing to you, right? See guys! First she commits the mistake and then talks like that. Shut up you son of a [email protected]#$%^ You want to know whose mistake is it? Who was coming from the wrong cut? You or me? Okay I understand that you have used all your brains in creating Tik Tok videos And understanding the traffic rules is not your cup of tea. But you can hear right? I’m blaring the horns from too long. You didn’t get that someone is approaching? And you should atleast stop for a minute. You tell me where are you getting late for? Tell me! Could the global warming have stopped if you reached early? If not, why couldn’t you stop for a minute? What were you telling me? Whether women should get cars or not. I have a legit license. Do you have one? Uhm.. Barely 18 and wants a vehicle. I mean how easy is it to judge a lady driver and move on? Because Hail Patriarchy! Women are bad drivers? Danica Patrick Erica Stevens The internet is pretty cheap nowadays. Get it and Google these names then. Y.. you.. Are you a feminist? I’m a realist, idiot! She’s running with her car. What do you want from your life, Bunny? Naina! I want to fly like an Eagle. I want to run like an Ostrich, Naina! Also, I want to fall just as low as my self respect. But.. I don’t wanna stop, Naina. Just.. And finally Bunny stopped. For forever. So calm the Bunny inside of you And keep your eyes on the road while driving a vehicle. And yes.. Don’t forget to wear a helmet. Head is very important. Thank you!


  1. Timeliners is actually loosing their essence…. Their content Writing is weak nowadays….the Timeliners which i had followed was much different…. Pls work more

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  3. It's an very good video regarding road incidents and road safety.
    But I have one issue in this video plz change "The Tridev" to something else it's my request plz don't take our sanskriti and religion in the funny kind of videos, it's my warm request to you.

  4. I lost my brother in a road accident. He was hit by a drunken overspeeding lane barging asshole. Had my brother been wearing a helmet he might have survived. He died due to a head injury. Please take your safety in your hands and minds. Road is full of assholes, don't neglect that.

  5. We really wait for your vedios… please bring some good content. Don't bring any content for formality only. Again waiting for some timeliner's vedios

  6. There is one world. And then there are timeliners writer and makers who live somewhere else. Kuch to relevent banao

  7. bas yeh comment kerne aaya hu ki, kya jo thumbnail pe sardar dikha rakha hai, wo aur kisi ko bhi RNait jaisa laga tha kya

  8. One type of people on road you missed:
    The one who puncture the tyre of a scooty – pretending to be a helping hand – and last throws the rider in the truck and burns alive πŸ™‚

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  10. 🀣🀣🀣I don't have any problem with lady drivers n I support female empowerment…but still girls do drive little mmmm you know.. good

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