Is It Dangerous To Talk To A Camera While Driving?

I am in the National Advanced Driving Simulator
at the University of Iowa. It’s used to test drivers’ reactions
in a controlled, repeatable environment and also to test things that would
be unsafe in the real world. – Tom’s currently in the
simulator, undergoing a study to look at driver response
to unintended acceleration. The vehicle is going
to accelerate quickly without any input from Tom,
as if it were malfunctioning. Tom’s going to have to identify that this event is going on and press the brake very quickly
to bring the car under control. GPS: Turn left at the next intersection. Whoa… Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That was terrifying! But there’s a question
I want to answer here. Recently, I did a video while driving. And it was on a dead straight road
with very little traffic, and I always felt in control of the vehicle.
But was I? Is it actually dangerous to talk
into a camera while driving? So, I’m going to spend 15 minutes
in this simulator, distracted, trying to give this monologue
to that camera. And I’m also going to spend
15 minutes in here, not distracted just driving, and putting my
full attention on the road, and the team here
are going to analyse my results and tell me how I’ve done. And given I was just doing 35 in a 25,
probably not that great. – The National Advanced Driving Simulator
was built to recreate the most realistic
driving experience possible anywhere. It has a real vehicle cab in it. We can swap different
vehicle cabs, in and out. The motion base can travel 64 feet
in the X and Y directions and these are basically steel
belts that are connected to large drives on either end and then, the hexapod portion of the
simulator is hydraulic, that allows us to experience
roll, pitch and yaw. We also have a turntable that can
turn 330 degrees in either direction. Overall, it has 13 independent
degrees of freedom. We have absolute control
of what time of day it is. We have control over
the weather and traffic. – And yes, the graphics might not be up to
modern video game standards, but after a few minutes in here,
with all the motion, your brain just accepts that you’re driving. – Very broadly, we are
interested in studying the relation between the driver and the vehicle
to improve safety, so that encompasses things like
driver impairment, driver drowsiness, distraction or intoxication.
So we bring drivers in, actually give them a
large dose of alcohol, get them in the simulator and
we can see how they perform. We’ve also compared that
to things like cannabis, so some of the first studies
with cannabis and driving have been done in
the simulator here as well. As Tom is driving in the simulator,
talking to the video camera, I would expect to see him missing
certain information in the driving scene. Generally, we find that
interactions that take the driver’s eyes off the road
tend to be the worst but, even in situations where the
driver’s looking straight ahead, if their attention is pulled to another task,
like talking to a video camera, that can also increase distraction and cause
the driver to miss certain things. If the driver crashes, they
essentially move through the vehicle or the pedestrian
that they collided with, so, we don’t simulate the
dynamics of the crash, but we are recording that they crashed. We know the velocity of that crash. We know how severe that
crash would have been. – So, how did I do? – About as well as we would have predicted. Let me pull up an example, here. A vehicle is going to drive
through an intersection. You actually have the red stop sign. – Yeah, I didn’t see the stop sign, did I? – Completely missed it. – Whoa, just did not see that. The thing is, I’m actually
looking at the road, there. I’m actually… but I’m not
thinking about the road, because I’m too busy thinking
about what my next line is. – Exactly, we would call this
inattentional blindness. This is when your
attention is off the road, even though your eyes are there. You’re missing information
that’s out in the environment. – Wow. – So, we saw quite a bit of
swerving at the beginning of your drive, you had some trouble
controlling your speed. You were going about 35
through a 25 school zone. Textbook case of distracted driving. – So, I basically, shouldn’t
film while driving. – Generally speaking, yes. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. – Thank you so much to everyone at the National Advanced Driving Simulator
at the University of Iowa. Pull down the description or click
the link on screen for more about them. All the pedestrians here are just suicidal.
All of them. This is not a stop sign.
I can just take this. Whoa, no I can’t.
You’re coming in from the right. Probably shouldn’t check
my phone while I’m driving.


  1. I wonder if it's basically the same whether you're talking to a camera or to a passenger. Because I've seen a few drivers who love talking to passengers, and that suddenly seems vaguely concerning.

  2. And that's why I ignore my phone while driving. I turn on the radio when I set off and that's it.

    I try to pay as much attention to the road as I can. Because even if I were the greatest driver in the world (which I'm most deffinitely not) I have no idea what OTHER drivers are doing. Are they distracted by something? Impaired? Simply not paying attention? There is no way for me to know…… but I can mitigate anything they might do to me (as much as possible) by paying attention myself.

  3. Which is also why Fire engine, ambulance, police and taxi drivers have such a bad reputation as they are dispatched and have to interact with things other than driving while driving. Also remember, only one of those four does not have whirly-lights on top to let you know their driving while distracted.

  4. Your channel really is one of the more interesting educational ones out there, Compared to seeker or something like it, you actually go to these places and show what they all do.

  5. Tom I hope you'll learn to be more aware of the road now. If you're behind the wheel, your only focus should be driving and staying focused. Don't drive if you're tired or need to piss.

  6. How used to to driving on the right side of the road are you? Seems like that might require more cognitive effort for someone from a country that drives on the left, which might complicate these results.

  7. I don’t get it with these simulators
    All this tech and yet they don’t do anything or little to improve the graphics for the simulations

  8. I know any cell phone use is bad, but for me I am more alert with the hand held over bluetooth. I seemed to tune everything out with the bluetooth. Maybe because I have used a hand held in non driviing for so long, is more natural tome. That being said I usually wait until I stop.

  9. They can fund a multi/million dollar project but can't afford to pay some programmer to make a photo realistic simulation. Which with today's technology is rather easy.

  10. Attention blindness.

    Attentional blindness sounds a bit like you're doing it on purpose and that's going to put people off.

    I can nick-pick.

  11. I know that graphics aren't the point but – they can afford a device which moves a vehicle around and they can't afford something to the equivalent of ETS 2?

  12. The test that was conducted in this video is not only wrong but it's also getting from anyone who uses it falsified information, you said Tom that the graphics don't matter, and well they actually do, if our minds can't believe that it is real not to mention the lack of a physical response to crashes from the simulation to the driver means your brain doesn't recognize any danger so you automatically become more reckless meaning of course you are gonna look like you are distracted, and that's because your brain just psychologically doesn't care, not to mention Top Gear disproves this as they have been talking to a camera for years and they have had little to no incidents

  13. an irl streamer almost sacrificed themselves to a semi streaming and chatting to a small number of viewers.

  14. This test is flawed and inaccurate. By you testing it's accuracy by normal driving, you are fully aware of the fact that you want it to do well, so you will concentrate more. See my point? We all noticed at how many times you looked at the camera, which would mean it is dangerous. Fact is, you don't see ALL people that film while driving take their eyes off the road as much as you did

  15. I need to practice my driving in this…instead of in a real car since…driving freaks me out…

  16. It seems like it slowly moves forward if the car is moving forward. If that's so, what happens when it runs out of space to go? And if it doesn't move forward with the car, why even have an X Y plan to move on?

  17. This is basically the same as using a mobile phone (or "cell phone") while driving, and that's literally illegal here in England.

  18. I wonder what the test would be like if you brought in someone who often streams racing games to youtube or twitch. They usually say that they don't preform as well as their talking but I'm wondering if the results would still be better than from someone like Tom.

  19. I'd love to have someone yelling my most hated political vitriol at me while I try to navigate around in that simulator

  20. "Is It Dangerous To Talk To A Camera While Driving?" …. too me it as logical question as "Is it safe to run with scissors in your mouth"… everything that distracts you is dangerous in traffic…

  21. Wonder how many people have been killed on the road due to youtubers making a video while driving. Of course they will never admit doing it…

  22. I don't use the phone while driving, never have. I got a car with a bluetooth hands free kit in it so tried it out. To be honest I find concentrating on a conversation to be far more dangerous than only having one hand to use even with a manual gear change. To me the whole hands free thing is missing the point and I don't use it at all.

  23. Filming while driving us very irresponsible and I’m glad you made this. People always think they are better drivers than they are

  24. Flat earth Youtubers need to watch this to avoid Darwin Awards for their YouTube idiocy. Driving while ranting seems to be a thing for them.

  25. Idk why but these simulations are good with how they operate and the engineering that goes into them is amazing, but wtf are those graphics inside of the thing

  26. This is the most obvious thing ever but I guess given the sheer number of idiots on our roads I'm happy you took the time to make this.

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