Learner Driver Mock Test | 2019 UK Driving Test

Taking a mock driving test is a great way to get ready for a real Driving Test. The learner driver can get a feel of what the driving test will be like, and the instructor can see how the learner handles challenging situations when driving independently. Even if the learner makes enough faults to fail the mock test, it will identify which skills are up to standard and which need to be improved. In this video we have filmed a full mock test with Annabel, who is doing well with her lessons and wants to find out how close to test standard she is. As always, please consider subscribing to our channel so you are notified when we upload a new video – and if you have any questions about mock tests then comment below. We try and conduct a mock test in a similar way to a real driving test, to make it realistic. On a real test the examiner would check the candidates driving licence, test their eyesight, explain the format of the test, and then ask a ‘tell me’ question. To save time we’ll just get straight to the start of the actual driving. Let’s start our engine, and we’ll have a drive. Annabel makes excellent use of her mirrors and signals on this roundabout. Annabel should have kept to the right lane on this roundabout. Well done for not blocking the pedestrian crossing here. If the pedestrian crossing isn’t clear, we must stop and wait – even if the traffic light is green. To keep the mock test realistic, we don’t chat as much as on a normal driving lesson. On a real test the examiner may keep fairly quiet, they’re probably trying not to distract you from concentrating on your driving. This roundabout is large and has a national speed limit, so we must be careful when entering it. The national speed limit still applies on this narrow road, but Annabel has wisely reduced her speed to well below the limit. We might need to be patient when pulling away on a busy road, but we must remember to check our blind spots before moving off. After driving on faster roads it can be easy to accidentally speed once back in a 30mph zone – but Annabel controls her speed nicely here. If the sat-nav is misleading or confusing the examiner will normally give verbal instructions. If you’re not sure at any point, it’s OK to ask them where you need to go. Notice the solid line of the left of the road – it’s easy to miss faded lines like this and drive on the wrong part of the road. No faults for Annabel here. We should always check our side mirrors before changing lanes, even if we are going around a parked car. If we spot danger close behind us, such as an overtaking motorbike we could brake or stop our car to prevent a collision. This is called an angled start, and every driving test should include one, as it tests the drivers car control and observation skills. Todays mock test is going well so far. This is usually the first time that a learner has driven on their own for this long – and even completing the route is a big milestone, and shows the progress they have made. The parallel park manoeuvre went very well, but Annabel drove onto the pavement just beforehand. On a real test we would probably get away with rubbing the kerb, but mounting the pavement will always be marked as a serious fault. It might seem pointless to keep stopping and starting, but the examiner needs to see that you can pull away safely with good car control and observation. Double-parked streets like this can be a challenge, as there is often oncoming traffic to deal with. Mat stopped the car with his dual controls there, as our car was too close to the parked car. We should try to give a metre gap, and only go a little closer if we really have to. If the examiner steps in to prevent a situation getting too dangerous, it will be recorded as a dangerous fault. That bump was just a sunken drain cover, so there is no fault recorded but it is a good reminder to stay away from the edge of the road. Annabel knows that she will need the right lane to go ahead at the next roundabout, so is getting into lane in good time. We’re almost back to the test car park now, and it’s best to be patient if we’re not sure of crossing in front of oncoming traffic. Annabel didn’t pass her mock driving test today, but it has still been a useful experience. It allows her to see what skills are up to standard, and also those we will need to work on before attempting a real driving test. Thanks very much to Annabel for allowing us to film her driving today, and if you have your own mock test soon – good luck! If you found this video interesting, then please visit our channel as there are over 100 more tutorial videos to help you improve your driving. If you would like to help us make new videos, then please consider becoming a member or patron of our channel. Thanks for watching!


  1. Thanks for watching – if you found this video interesting then please subscribe to our channel and click the bell to be notified of our next video! This video includes;
    1:25  TEST START
    9:45  PULLING OVER
    16:15  ANGLED START
    20:40  HILL START
    26:30  SUMMARY

  2. Can you make a video on tips and things to do before the driving test, I have one week left. Watching so many video plus taking lessons in my own car as I'm taking it to the test

  3. Hi, thanks for this great video. When the satnav says take the second or third exit withought saying left or right how would I signal and which lane to go?

  4. Great camera angles and 10/10 editing. Here's a tip. If you move your car left or right check the centre mirror and left or right mirror depending on where you're going but always check. If you slow down or speed up check centre mirror. I know there's a lot more but that's how i like to do it. Goodluck to everyone taking their test in the future (:

  5. The man had already stopped for your car in the pedestrian crossing. To brake at the point could have caused her to be rear ended as she was just exiting the roundabout. Personally, I think that is not a serious fault, just a driving fault.

  6. The serious fault of the man crossing when the light was green is a bit harsh… can’t expect the driver to stop at a round about… i

  7. Don’t learn to drive until you know you can get a car. Now I’ve passed my test and I’m now going to forget everything since I haven’t been driving for weeks and can’t. Feels like an awful situation since I enjoyed it so much and not doing anything at all right now don’t get into it 😫

  8. Surely it's not safe to do a show me question when driving at 70mph? I'd have wanted to keep full concentration on the road ahead / prevent swerving.

  9. Hi sir how are you.. I’ve passed my driving theory test last year now i v moved house if I give my practical test ll that be ok if I show them my old provisional license

  10. 23:20 years ago when I was learning to drive I did this exact thing. I accidentally redlined the engine because as my instructor used his brake to stop the car sharply my foot went deep into the accelerator due to the forward physical force created and because the clutch was down the engine was free spinning. As a result I ended up breaking it and unfortunately the car had to sent to a maintenance garage to be fixed. So from that experience I have learnt my lesson. Try not to redline the engine in any situation

  11. I was going to say that the serious was harsh, but after looking at that footage again I saw that he was actually crossing still when the lights changed and cars would have to stop. It could be dangerous though because the car behind could not expect that sudden stop after leaving the roundabout. It doesn't help that there are traffic lights just as you exit!! A bit silly in my opinion, just like having zebra crossings immediately before or after roundabouts.

  12. Love watching mock tests. You have an idea of what mistakes you might make yourself. And knowing how to correct it. Would it be possible if you could do MORE driving mock tests please? And apart from the little mistakes, I personally think Annabel did a very good job 🙂

  13. Wasn't that a bit short? Normally about 40 minutes and obviously it can depend on traffic as to how quickly the independent driving is got through but the rest could be extended…was it because she had already failed or would that have been adequate for a test?

  14. Great mock test thankyou really learned a lot and really enjoyed it -you did really well Annabelle ,well done and good luck on your test XXX

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