Life’s about enjoying the ride for Kacy in her 1972 Chevy C-10 | Why I Drive #31

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Everyone has some sort of truck touchpoint in their life. Whether it’s something that your dad drove or a truck that you saw
that you really enjoyed or an experience that you had in a truck, everybody has a truck story. You know, they’re totally relatable. My truck is a 1972 Chevy C10 pickup. It’s a half-ton truck,
so nothing crazy special as far as heavy duty. It has a 350 small block engine in it, which is great to find parts for. And it has the 350 turbo
automatic transmission. So it is a 1972, so bombing down the road
at 70 is a little much. It feels like it’s
screaming at that point. Right around 45, 50 is its sweet spot. It could do that all day long. You know, it’s great to be able to, you know, after a hard day at the office, turn the key and just go
even drive for half an hour. It’s great when you open the garage door and there sits something kind of special. It’s always a good day when you
get to drive something cool. When I bought the truck,
it was in, I’d say, pretty poor to fair condition. I mean, it was a driver, something you would probably see maybe an old man taking to
go fishing kind of a truck. It appeared to have original paint on it but it was very oxidized. It was originally green with the white top which is pretty normal
for that era of truck. But completely all kinds of disrepair. So oxidized paint, extremely rusty. The rocker panels,
which is below the door, were completely gone. But the engine fired up every single time so we’ve never had any
issues with the engine, same with the transmission. So all of the mechanicals
for the most part worked extremely well. A lot of people stop me in it. You know, it’s not a
show-winning truck by any means but people just enjoy it
and I think that’s great. Enjoying the ride in any sort of vehicle, I think, is fantastic. Whether it’s something
brand new or something old, I think it’s just all about
the overall appreciation. I think we’re all in the same boat. We can all relate. Old cars, I think they
have a right to be driven. I’m not a big proponent
for people who buy them as kind of investments. I think that’s kind of a waste. You know, they were meant to be driven so why not give them the opportunity to? Driving for me is kind of your own space. You can make it what you want. You can either go straight home or you can go pick your
kind of own adventure. It’s a chance to clear your head; it’s a chance to engage with other people. You know, car clubs are great or even meeting up with some friends and just going for a cruise. Even if you’re in the car by yourself, you’re still connecting with other people, which is kind of odd but
cool at the same time. I think it’s great to be able to choose what you wanna do with it. My name is Kacy Smith
and this is why I drive.


  1. We need more videos like this in our life right now. Gorgeous truck, I love seeing these as daily drivers.

  2. Nice truck, I would put a Gear Vendors under/overdrive in the truck. Depending on how much you drive it will pay for itself.

  3. My corvette is my decompression chamber when I get inside that car and fire up the engine looking through the windshield at those 2 x 4bbl carburetors sticking up through the hood, heading out on the open road all the stress and troubles of the world seem to melt away I always feel like a kid again especially after a hard run the cold air will sometimes suck back through the sidepipes and you hear that "cackling" when you get outta the throttle…. you can't buy that kinda therapy it's priceless to me…. and that's why I drive 😁👍

  4. I notice the McPherson College plate on the front. Are you or were you a student there for vehicle restoration? Was this a project for you there? Only hear great things about that program.

  5. Respect for the excellent preservation of the classics of the American automobile industry 👍👍👍

  6. Beautiful truck. I had a 72 gmc 4×4 when I was 19. I'm now 60 and looking for another one. Like you said everyone has a truck story. Thank you for sharing.

  7. She was spot on with everything she said. People who bought for an investment almost ruined the hobby…

  8. The 1972 C-10 is a damn fine truck, and your's is a stellar example. Love the two tone paint scheme and love the story. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I was working as a delivery driver for an auto parts store back in the mid-70s. I drove my 1964 Pontiac GTO convertible to work nearly every day. We had several early 70s Chevy pickups. Mine was a green 1970 (radio call sign seven-zero), but nowhere near as nice as Kacy's. I was taking a couple years off of college, and I learned a ton hanging around the machine shops and body shops. Those were sweet, sweet times working with some real characters. We were young, healthy, with no worries. Happy days!

    That WAS why I drove!

  10. For some of us restoration is a night mare like mine was now this 1973 Ford 250 FE 390 is like Brand New 😁🙌

  11. That was the truck my stepdad had when I met him. I was 12, it was 1976 and I learned to drive in that truck. To this day, its my favorite year of the chevy truck.

  12. Kacy is a perfect example of why people should support McPherson College. It's all kids who are the ones we older people pray will keep car culture alive.

  13. Beautiful truck! I believe ‘72 was the last year for the trailing arm and coil spring rear suspension that many NASCAR cars were based off of. 👍🏻

  14. It's a lot about the experience of these old vehicles my 68 Fairlane has no power steering or power brakes you muscle it through the curves on the back roads always leaving extra distance for stopping it's actually a little bit of a workout but so much fun⚙🔩🔧⛽🇺🇸

  15. I feel the same way you feel Dam the investment if you got C10 just sitting in the garage there's no point in you having it

  16. I had just gotten out of the army after 3 years and two deployments. I went to work for a Chevy dealershop in south Texas. I was given to the truck sales department. I sold 23 of these my first month…WOW this thing was hotter than pancakes to sell! I didn't stay with the dealership because of how they split the money but that was fun! The sold itself…

  17. Nice.
    I have the same truck.
    Had it restored.
    It took the shop 300 man hours to restore at $125/hour.
    Materials were just under $3000.
    A daily driver!

  18. The cost to restore an old rusty truck is astronomical.
    All the shops care about is insurance income.
    $125/hour is cheap if you can find it.
    Tack on another $4000 for a proper paint job. Wet sandings, buffing, wax.

  19. Great truck Kacy, many of the V8 auto trucks came with 3.08 gears in '71 and '72.keep your eye out for an budget friendly swap if your truck has the lower 3.73's
    Many people would swap their 3.08's for their LS overdrive builds if you have the 3.73's

  20. That's the kind of truck owner… You buy vehicles from… They put all kinds of money in to them.. then at some point they have to… Sale it .. .. people that think… They try to get rid of them. Cheap!!!!

  21. Kacy Smith, I Love your pick-up! 1964 thru 1972 best year for the ole c10……that's my opinion……

  22. Awesome truck! A real truck, not a luxury vehicle that 'looks' like a truck, like most modern ones. Beautiful paint and all stock. Perfect!

  23. Back to basics good video thanks for sharing we need some more whats up an ANY day of the week just a great thing during this hard time that every body is facing thanks again

  24. Awesome truck. I have the same truck but mine is a Cheyenne. I agree with her on every level. I enjoy going on for a causal drive. I’ve owned always owned a truck and will always own a truck. They are indispensable.

  25. For everyday riding and to make it tamer at 70, I'd put a vacuum operated 4 speed auto in it and put the original in a spot for safe keeping.

  26. I love to putt-putt around in the summer with my '79's rusty and original,but it handles like a dream.nothing feels better than that thin hard plastic steering wheel or smells better than the vinyl on a warm day!

  27. If 45 to 50 feels like the comfortable speed for this truck the differential may be geared too low. Not a difficult fix. This should feel comfortable at seventy.

  28. Now there's a girl who speaks a lot of sense, I agree with everything she said, plus she has great taste in trucks!

  29. While I can relate to the story, I also can't ignore the fact that the day is coming when anything older than a few years will be forbidden to be driven because of air quality. We are reaching the point where there is no good excuse to pollute the air.

  30. Hell yeah this is awesome. There is so much more character in a classic. I like NOT having the comforts of my living room in my vehicle so I can feel the car and the drive.

  31. Keep on driving! What a lovely truck. I had a 72 C20, which I spent a lot of time and money on, making it mechanically near-perfect. By far the best vehicle I ever owned. Foolishly I sold it (way too cheap) because it developed another, relatively minor mechanical problem. A big mistake on my part … keep yours running, it's a great vehicle indeed.

  32. Old Truck Tip told to me by an old mechanic; They say the life of the engine depends on your oil changes, and the worst thing for a vehicle is not to driving it. Read up from the Seafoam Website about adding the seafoam injector cleaner to your gasoline tank and to your oil crankcase (one ounce per quart capacity of the crankcase prior to an oil change), then drive the truck for 35 to 50 miles before changing your oil. After the oil change again add one ounce of seafoam per quart of oil. your older vehicle will run smoother and much more quiet. I have 173,000 miles on my 02 Ford Truck, and I follow this method as per Seafoam Website. My 4.0L OHC Engine performs like the day I bought it new. I do the periodic engine tune up according to checklist frequency along with the coolant change and etc. I use this stuff too in all my lawn tractors, mowers, and snow blowers. I use it in the gasoline tanks and in with the crankcase oil. When a mower idles rough, I add a splash to the fuel tank and a tad to the oil, and it begins to run smooth before the lawn cut is finished.

  33. We in Iraq love old US cars, their repair is easy, and the iron is rustless. A while ago a truck found this model but the engine was replaced by the Kia Bingo 2700

  34. Nice truck! My first outfit was a 1972 Chevy Suburban 4×4 standard transmission that was forest green and seated 9. It had the 350 V8 and nonslip differential. Fond memories.

  35. My truck story is; I bought a K2500 (GMT400) new in 1989.. I still have it… and still drive it. Still looks new. It's kinda ridiculous… but I feel GM stopped making trucks after the GMT400, so I never had any interest in anything newer sitting in my Big Red. God what an awesome truck.

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