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Today in this video we got another great
neighborhood here in Sacramento California. Part of our hidden gem series
and this neighborhood is called Parkway Estates. Welcome back to our hidden gem
series, where we talk about the best neighborhoods for first-time homebuyers
or young professionals here in the Sacramento area. Again it’s our hidden
gem series and today in this video we will be going over the Parkway Estates
neighborhood. Actually it’s a neighborhood that Roy grew up in, so Roy
why don’t you tell everyone what’s what it’s about.
So this neighborhood here like a Andrew mentioned I grew up in my family still
lives out there and a lot of my great friends actually still live in this area
only because it still provides throughout the years an amazing place
for first-time homebuyers to really grow establish themselves in a community that
is diverse and the other day also affordable. So the great thing about
Parkway Estates is also the location, location is approximately a 10-minute
less than 15 minute drive from downtown Midtown Sacramento and also if you’re
looking for a home that’s a little bit larger in the sense or average in
Sacramento for approximately 1,100 square feet as high as approximately
2,300 square feet right and in this price range is also around $300,000. You could also get homes here as low as sometimes $250,000 that’s
more for like a fixer or something that needs a little bit of updating. So
the the homes we were looking at today will give you a range of the two but
with the square footage that you’re getting now that you’re getting a little
bit bigger homestead of an apartment you’re like I say 1,100 to about 2,000
or 2,300 square feet they’re also getting an amazing yard. So that average
lot here is about .17 to .18. So if you get lucky you might be
sitting on about a fifth or maybe even a quarter of an acre if you’re in the
right neighborhood and then in the community great if you got dogs.
Especially big dogs they can run around in the backyard so good size lots.
Something too about the neighborhood is they do have security in Parkway States
which is pretty nice so it’s a super safe neighborhood out in South
Sacramento. One of the favorite things that I loved growing up in his
neighborhood is that the park close by so if you’re into Little League,
Parkway Little League, soccer, Parkway Soccer league, all of that is located in
close proximity. And also they have all kinds of denominations far as a religion
and spirituality from all the different churches all around the community and
amazing cuisine coming out of the community as well. So it’s a real
cultural real diverse and this is an amazing place for communities and you
know in Sacramento. Awesome, so let’s go ahead and check out this neighborhood we
actually have two homes that we’re gonna show you guys today we’ll break it down
for you so yeah let’s go check it out. All right we’re back. We’re here at Parkway States here at the
first property that we’re gonna check out it’s a 3-bedroom 1-bath 1120 square
feet priced at 275 also sitting on 0.18 acre a lot so decent lot size so let’s
go ahead and check this one out inside. So alright so we’re here inside this
property were actually on circle Parkway in Park restates the square footage of
his home 1120. So this is running on the smaller side of a house in the
neighborhood. The price on this one is $275K and there’s $275k reflected
based off of the condition of the property. The condition of the
home is fairly average so even though they did update the flooring with
laminate mostly everything still needs cosmetic updates and repairs such as the
kitchen needs updating and the bathrooms but the plus is you’re
getting a home in a good neighborhood and the price is way under $300,000.
So with the right type of upgrades and updates definitely you can take
advantage of that equity thinking about in a resale component of it when you are
looking to sell it in our future and also yeah taking advantage of all the
other amenities in the neighborhood. And if you were to update this one it
would probably be able to go on the market for like $310k, right around
there yes then that’s currently right now November 2019 yeah just so you know. We’ll show you some of the features of
the house again it does need some updating but what’s great too is that it
has a big backyard also has RV access and the living area you can see right
here is a pretty decent size so we’ll go ahead and show you the bathroom kitchen
to some of the bedrooms in the backyard right now. so there go pretty decent house. Let’s go
check back at the next house and this one is just right down the street from
the last house. What’s different about this one is that they’ve updated a lot
of things in the home and it’s practically the same exact house a
little bit more square footage with an extra bathroom. Roy what are the stats on
this one so it’s a three-bedroom two-bath home 1,400 square foot the
other home we saw was 1120 square feet but like I said only had one bathroom
this one has two bathrooms and the lot size is practically the same 0.17 acre
lot which is a huge space. In the backyard in this home they pretty much
just came in and updated it cosmetically what kind of shows you exactly what you
can do to our house the price on this home is $309,900 so the other home $275,000 that needed some updating. With some updates $310,000. All right so lets walk through it with so what they
do here we got updated flooring yeah they put the looks like laminate which
is great they probably kept the original tile on
this home and then you know it has granite counters and you didn’t probably
can do too much to their actual finishes in this kitchen looks like the way the
finishes are setup they’re still nicely done but you
older but it works. And one thing to go with the bigger baseboards it makes a
big difference I think these ones are four inches yeah makes a huge difference
and this room right here that we’re standing in right now in the other house
was like an outdoor patio. So what they did was cover this one to give you a
little bit of extra space. So a lot of folks use this more for like a
breakfast bar and another space to entertain so you’re not on top of each
other you have a dining area or kitchen nook and actually an even separate area
for breakfast bar which is great. What’s amazing about the what they are
doing with these homes in Parkway Estates, you can use this entire wall for
windows and this is very common style that doing in this neighborhood. A lot of
natural lighting here. So let’s go check out the bedrooms really quick and then
also the bathrooms. You can see some of the updates that they did in there. Looks
like in the one of the bathrooms they redid the shower
I think they kept the same tub vanity still the same and the master is a
little bit smaller but it works got a shower right there same flooring pretty
simple easy. Nice thing about having smaller bathrooms it costs a lot less to
redo them and we’ll take you into the last bedroom over here. So it’s a pretty
good size the bedrooms here in this house. So there it is, there you go
Parkway States pretty nice neighborhood right large lot amazing floor plans good
neighborhood two-car garages and with a little bit of love and some investment
you know you’re moving ready home. There you go so thanks so much for joining us
today with our hidden gem series of Parkway Estates here
Sacramento California. Please like this video also subscribe to the channel
share it with friends and we’ll see you guys on the next video


  1. Making a move to or in Sacramento, CA? Here's a great neighborhood for first time home buyers. What else would you like to know about the area???? Leave a comment below!

  2. Hey Andrew thanks for highlighting Parkway Estates. You always do such a great job covering the Sactown neighborhoods.

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