Marten Machining: An Employer’s Perspective

[Background Music] We wouldn’t have a business here if it wasn’t for Mid-State (Technical College) A majority of our employees here have either gone to Mid-State Technical College or Northcentral Technical College. Marten Machining is a CNC machining “job shop”, we create tools, fixtures, component parts, pretty much whatever our customers want us or need us to build for them. We are located in Stevens Point Wisconsin. Marten Machining was started by my father in 1984. So my father and my mother were the first two employees After a few years the business started to expand. So it was the second and third employee that my dad hired Were students that were currently going to Mid-State Technical College back then. We’ve been involved with the Machine Tool Program Advisory Board for many years now and I think what I’m seeing as we’ve gotten more involved in that is they ask us a lot of questions about where do we see industry is going, what new technologies are coming, what are our customers asking for us, what kind of methods, skills are we getting asked to provide for our customers They’ve responded by making changes to the program that address the requirements and the needs and the skills that we’re seeing We’re really happy about that and think that’s going to help us continue to find employees that have some exposure, have some knowledge about how the things we do work, and how they happen. The other way that they’ve helped us out a lot is they put a lot of effort into taking time to take students out of the classroom and bring them out to our facility, so we’ll see at least two time a year, Both from Northcentral Technical College and Mid-State Technical College in (WI) Rapids The teachers will bring students on-site here and we get a chance to show students what we do. One thing the technical college has also been a big supporter of is the Heavy Metal Bus Tour. and that takes eighth-graders in multiple counties in central Wisconsin puts them on buses takes them out to our facility and several other facilities in our area so we help sponsor that and so does Mid-State Technical College and Northcentral Technical College. We see some tremendous benefits from that I think it’s important to get young people interested in and aware what’s going on in manufacturing locally. Our industry, manufacturing, as a whole has the same issue that a lot of industries do right now, The average age is rapidly approaching that 55-60 year old range, and there’s going to be a lot of people retiring In the next 10-20 years and we’re going to need to find ways to find ways to replace the people that are retiring. Not just the people, but the skill sets and the knowledge and experience that they’re taking with them 17 of the 22 full-time employees we have are technical school graduates All of them work and live in central Wisconsin. We work with people here, we employ people here as our business has grown, our employees are starting to grow their families here. They’ve helped us see ways that we can connect with and give back to our community They’ve helped us start creating a vision for what the future of our company is going to be. They’ve really provided us a way to see “Hey if we want to do ‘X’ with our company, we want to grow to a certain size, or we wan’t to take on new customers, or new projects”. They’re helping us see that okay, it’s possible.

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