Marugo Lake Tapaz Capiz and First Group Ride | Yamaha MT15 DJI Mavic Mini GoPro Hero 8

hey guys what’s up spats here and we
have a beautiful sunrise today we have doki v rmp 15 today is our first ever
group ride together with my friends who I made you slow I love so that’s what
we’re going to do if you’d like to go with me on that ride we’re gonna go to
copies I think sit back and relax enjoy and we’re gonna go to my first group
ride with Doc a B so let’s go okay guys so the plan today
is to rendezvous with Jay Do you remember my friend from V motor?
He is the one who invited me in this group ride so we’re gonna go
to V motors right now actually we’re near here now and then after that we’re gonna meet up with a group okay camisa I know the areas are never
forgive me for the rest of the group okay detaining propa yeah and I so they
don’t down by and then we’re gonna wait for the rest of the group that we’re
gonna go home we get inside the now Europe now me
yeah and complete tuna and group or to predict about that wouldn’t see in the
young Messiah okay so Celica delta o Kesava kuvira
daya problema lung not Omaha all italic let’s do it oh good I’m gonna start the
video along to go back outside the city now me but at least in this eye on you
and humid in a GoPro and the same time you memory my guys
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okay they have another potentially turning against intro and then if you
are already sub thank you so much please comment down below what you think this
episode okay our first group right and make sure that you file your in my
social media accounts okay so let’s go bam dilla videos with developed in Radium work first up nothing of isoka hobby medieval
guys I guess your applet
all slowed down as much as I can right Oh Billy still a gorilla from Iran
unstitch Naga marathon and a destination I mean okay so enjoyed a lot by you guys not the devil coming
Dooley’s flows still beginning
don’t keep doing this for centuries nobody’s gonna stop me he’s gonna stop me
yeah and I don’t own nada yeah about one Baliga about one you
cannot vaquita say no you were on landmark Oh okay we’re at another town is this is an
e ye na I break Minami you see anyone at some Caracas I’m 11 so hint Emunah yeah
and so they implanted I anyway first time condom and eaten an Avatara okay
we’re gonna wait or other mama nothing bye guys okay so we’re gonna go in a while let’s
go ahead and check what the road will give us Hey Natalia
not another very stealthily the Bandito lambunao lumber now lumber
now dito mr dinosaurs they were just passing
by oh boy nobody going out to be done any
other woman Oh hand up in the bedding okay so bring
iwanami guys yeah hi guys so snuggling on rest so we’re
gonna go the Holman thickener you don’t go put in
an archiver okay what’s up Andy tonight is a lunch point mountain or is a point
before I come a moment anomaly we’re gonna stop here for a bit take a
rest have lunch and then see guru after lunch
we’re gonna proceed to the lake I’m Sonia final destination I mean so
engineer Miami and park named Mohammed or exam okay so I’m gonna leave it here
and then we’re gonna switch over if the lot Nami okay guys so don’t move stay
and I’m gonna bring you more footages to our adventure okay bye alright guys so
if I was in my coma in the post like quick nap aha
and then right now we’re gonna go ahead to the viewpoint young varam river
scenery dito again we’re giving up okay so we’re gonna go to the viewpoint okay
stay and enjoy the ride okay let’s go go by desire yet yeah and welcome to the pound well top allow you I know and Muruga hey guys didn’t obey whoo
we’re all going under Berlin I know you know that and eat oh yeah it’s a donkey
tell you what I’ll go first I’m going with the DITA that my cottage but I said I know like
it now okay so see the terminal I’m gonna say empty mm-hmm then to chill
tidied oh hey guys and then maybe Pepperdine and Road
okay see you in a bit Pakistan you’re in my shot bro oh hey guys so this is my road oh resort
I guess so this is an hour drive or an hour and a half from Ely low if
you’re there okay so I hope you liked our model vlog today it’s our first time
of doggy be doing a group ride and if you are already subscribed and you’re
supporter with me thank you so much for that and always stay tuned hit that Bell
button to get notifications every time I upload a new video and see you soon on
the next video bye


  1. Ayus sir 👍 sulit ang panunuod ko . Nabisita ko na rin garahe mo sir ikaw na bahala 😁 Ride safe always sir 🏍️✌️

  2. nice editing sir.. saka ok naman po ung vid. quality.. ikaw na ang naka hero 😅

    ridesafe lagi idol.. mt15 is ❤

  3. Nice bangis mag edit enge nga konti kagalingan at kasipagan mag edit hehe more vlogs to come

  4. Carl thats the birthplace of your Lola Marion (Artuz family) – Tapaz, Capiz… memorable place for me & a lot of improvements spcly the road & town proper. Nice videos – have more videos spcly from your drone camera. Ingat & God bless always.

  5. Nice vlog! Ask lg ko sir, ano height mo? Planning on getting an MT-15, 5'6 height ko. Nd mn gamay tulukon ang bike sa akon? No chance to check out a unit sa Yamaha kay lockdown eh. RS sir! 👌

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