Max Stier: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


  1. nyt oops stier her it third hand the supposed victim does not remember it and the dem president cand call for impeachment sad never let facts get in your way the dem message

  2. Max Stier is a N*gg*r. Anyone who would intentionally lie to smear another person, to ruin their life, cause them death threats, knowing the "BS" they are spreading to be lies to push their agenda forward is a N*gg*r. Would you frame an innocent good family man to prison for something you did or they didn't do?? The N word to me is not about someones color or race rather it describes someone who conducts themselves with atrocious despicable evil demonic 😈 behavior like Stier 😠😠😠. Sorry to be so crass but I mean to make the point without any ambiguity or misunderstanding

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