Message to U.S. Citizens in Turkey about COVID-19 Travel Options

Hi, my name is Amber Baskette and I am the head of the consular team here in the U.S. Mission Turkey I am here to talk to Americans in Turkey about making choices People will know that there is a global travel advisory urging American citizens to return home as quickly as they can or to be prepared to be outside of the U.S. for the foreseeable future. We are incredibly lucky here in Turkey that there are commercial flight options Today there are airlines going to nine different places in the U.S. By Friday though that will be two places and after that we don’t know So, if there is any reason that you think you might need to be in the U.S., for a business issue, to care for a family member, for a medical issue, for piece of mind, I am here to urge you to please make that decision for yourself now And regardless of what you decide, I also want to encourage you to register with us so you can make sure you get our messages That’s at Thank you.


  1. To the american friends… Guys, try to escape in a greek island… 🙂

    Turkey is a joke… Read the National Interest…
    ""When faced with both local and international disbelief about why coronavirus would bypass Turkey, Turkish authorities took a dual approach. As in China, they arrested whistleblowers. They went beyond simple repression as panelists on the state-controlled Turkish press insisted that Turkish genes rendered most Turkic peoples immune. Many Turks, Erdoğan included, may embrace the notion of both Islamic and Turkish supremacy, but his basic ignorance of science may have condemned Turks to once again prove Darwin correct…"

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