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I tell you right now I could quite
happily spend all day every day in one of these sun lounges with this
beautiful pool some guac and some cocktails hey you guys Phoebe here from
Little Grey Box with Matt behind the camera today we are in Mexico on
the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula because we are exploring Los
Cabos If you missed our first episode make sure you go back and watch that
right now so you are all caught up Now to help you and travel well we’re going to be
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subscribe right now so you don’t miss a single episode we are starting things
off today in Los Tamaroindos a beautiful a farm-to-table experience
we’re gonna be joining in a cooking class and tasting and trying and
preparing some amazing local food let’s get in and get started so we are making
our lunch the guys over here are making a beautiful ceviche it looks absolutely
amazing and me, of course, I’m making a cauliflower ceviche
you know I love my veggies (music) All my dreams have come true! Look at this monster bowl of guacamole!
This is all mine, what are you guys having? (non-staged laughter πŸ™‚ The ones that we have here are lighter and these ones are more oily everything that we’ve used today has been growing here onsite and what
hasn’t has been locally sourced so the food has this incredible flavour I mean we
hear the terms farm-to-table a lot, right? it’s kind of like a buzzword over the
last couple of years… but here it is true and you can tell the difference when we
are trying and tasting all the food Now if this is something that you think you
would be interested in doing they run cooking classes daily here at Los
Tamarindos from 10 a.m. and then you get to eat lunch afterwards so there’s
definitely a reward after all that work (music) We are as a little place called Amigos
now this spot was about an hour or so drive from our hotel the Viceroy which
we’re gonna be checking into properly and showing you guys a little bit later
but for now, we are here because we’re gonna do a really fun activity this
afternoon we are going horseback riding (music) So we have ridden up to this beautiful
point we rode down along the beach and up here overlooking the Mexican Pacific
the sunset is starting to happen out here and these horses are just beautiful
you guys they’re so lovely and quiet I’ve been getting some galloping practice and I’m
still getting there I really want to get up to it, but just keep practising
and this is such a fun fun experience these horses
are lovely the scenery is beautiful our guide is amazing I don’t know
what more I could possibly ask for (music) After an absolutely huge day of
activities, Matt and I are both exhausted but lucky for us our
incredible hotel, Viceroy has an amazing rooftop bar and restaurants Cielomar
so we are starting with some cocktails you guys Gracias, that looks so good oh my gosh! Do you guys remember in the
last video I told you that I had made a commitment to myself to eat guacamole at
every lunch and every dinner and I have been sticking to it and this looks like
a mighty fine guac to me (music) Good morning you guys, we are waking up here
at our beautiful resort, Viceroy now when we got to our room last night
it was very dark. We want you to see it in its full glory so we’re gonna be
showing you the room, doing that tour and a tour of the resort a little bit
later today but for now we’re gonna do a breakfast tour because this breakfast is
insane oh my goodness I have got this beautiful plant-based
breakfast burrito it is incredibly beautiful looking and so vibrant on
the plate it smells amazing matt has got these beautiful eggs over here so let’s
just dig in and give this a go mmmmm! that is all things smoky and
spiced and like… Middle Eastern Oh my gosh it’s so good (music) All right you guys it’s time for a little adventure P
look at me with all of my gear on So we are doing a kayak and snorkel adventure with guys at
High Tide Sea Expeditions we are going to be getting into our kayak and
paddling all the way out to The Arch and Lovers Beach when we jump off there we are
going to be doing a bit of snorkelling and looking around and I’m so, so excited
for Matt to be doing all the paddling today (music) We made it to The Arch! The kayak ride
out here was a little challenging on the old shoulders but you can get much
closer in a kayak than we could in a boat this is the most famous spot in all of
Los Cabos and it’s so cool to be here now there’s a whole colony of sea lions
over there let’s go check those out Look at them! Hey sea lions! (music) Oh my gosh, the snorkelling here
is absolutely unreal! I mean I have snorkelled in a lot of
places but this has been spectacular There are so many different species of fish
down there all bright and vibrant colours and so many schools of fish as well
it’s absolutely gorgeous you guys Guys, if you get the chance to come and do this
you really should and look behind me Cliffs and beach… this place is perfect (music) We have been teasing you guys with our hotel
room reveal but it’s finally time to show you our incredible modern room
here at Viceroy, let’s start with the bathroom which is towards the back
now this huge big mirror it has this great backlighting so you can do your
makeup really well you can see really easily two rainforest showerheads so you
can both be in there at the same time and also if you don’t want to get your
hair wet they have that handheld showerhead option as well Alexa, what time is it? Alexa: The time is 4:38 pm Alexa is there a YouTube channel
called Little Grey Box? Alexa: Sorry, I don’t know that This is really embarrassing Alexa doesn’t know who we are That’s alright, most people don’t Now we’ve got this really big
comfortable bed three really big cushy pillows look at those those are
real comfy pillows we had the best sleep in here last night that bed you just kind
of melt into it across from the bed is the biggest hotel television I think I
have ever seen now come out here to the main event and what I love about this is
that this is huge this big balcony and then out further you can see the pools
and the hot tub down further there’s more beachfront pools it is just the perfect
place to relax and unwind and we are absolutely loving it here (music) So in addition to that amazing room the
real drawcard here is of course the pools the water in this one is so warm it
looks like there’s a hot tub over there so we’re gonna go check that out they
have fireplaces going later on in the night it’s just so relaxing and peaceful
I tell you right now I could quite happily spend all day every day in one
of these sun lounges with this beautiful pool some guacamole and some cocktails (music) For dinner, we are back at Cielomar
the beautiful rooftop bar and restaurant area here on the top of Viceroy they
do like lots of BBQ flame fire inspired food here and you know I had to have it
I’m not even going to make any apologies let me spin the light around…
pan on down to this Matthew We’ve got guacamole! Oh! what a great way to start (music) mmmmm! It’s juicy…
super tender… amazing Now you guys, that is it from us that brings this video to a close I hope
you’ve enjoyed it now if you don’t already be sure to subscribe right now
and drop us a comment so we can write back and say hello to you too I hope you have a great weekend
and we will see you next week with a brand new
super fresh episode until then love ya! (music – thanks for watching!)


  1. You live in luxury hotels, wear fashionable clothes, eat yummy food, and visit beautiful places every day. How can I lead such a life?

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