MLB The Show 20 – Road to the Show with Coach | PS4

It’s Coach’s Couch. [SCHOOL BELL RINGING] Ramone, Ramone! I’m so nervous for
the first day of school. It’s all good, man. You just gotta go out there
and build some relationahips. Yeah, yeah. Just like in the new
Road to the Show. Now in Road to the Show relationahips matter. Bring out the best in your teammates and yourself. New challenges identify and
surface the highest leverage moments for you to impact
your team’s win ecpectancy. Choose a challenge based
on what attribute, cap or personality you want to advance. New multireward
challenges include on-field personality
gain opportunitues, speeding up your
perk progression. There are also rewards now earned for completing Boss Battle Challenges. You’re awesome, Coach! No, no. You guys are awesome. Ramone, high school is great. You see. I told you so. There’s only one
thing I don’t get. I’m much older than you, Ramone. How are we at the
same high school?


  1. Are they trying to show us something Being in high school WOW lets hope so. us RTTS players been asking for years for high school and college

  2. Who is better??😍

    Like – PlayStation
    Com – Minecraft

    👇🏻Gifting next 389 subs💕🎁🎊






  3. week 1 release 70 % of game for 59.99
    week 2 release 10 % of game for 39.99
    week 3 release 10 % of game for 29.99
    week 4 release 10 % of game for 19.99

    no thanks

  4. Ich bin sehr enttäuscht ich habe ein Spiel gelöscht und wollte es wieder herunterladen da hat es aber Geld gekostet ein anderes Spiel hat beim erneuten herunterladen kein Geld gekostet

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