momondo – The DNA Journey feat. Jay

It’s the Tottenham boys making all the noise we are the ******* Tottenham boys! I’m proud to be English, my family have served
and we’ve defended this country and we’ve been to war for this country,
so, I know I’m English My parents and grandparents have
told me I’m English, so I don’t see there being any other option for
me to be anything else other than English So what makes you, do you think, English? The fact that I was born in England The fact that my parents were born in England The fact that my nan and granddad were born in England That’s me nan and granddad Both served in the army, like I said, navy,
Royal Navy they were both in Me in the middle, with my older brother to the
left, and my younger brother to the right Think about other countries and
other nationalities in the world, are there any that you don’t feel you get on
with well, or you won’t like, particularly? Germany, yeah, I’m not a fan of the Germans Why is that? Well probably, if you ask me, through
my parents and my grandparents probably date back to the war How would you feel about going
on a journey based on your DNA? What could you possibly tell me that I don’t know? I need you to spit in this tube for me,
up to the little squiggly line Right, the story of you, is in that tube What’s it going to tell me? It’s going to tell me that I’m English like I’ve told you Jay Excuse me Good afternoon Hello again Hello Are you ready? Not really but, I’m here now, so … Read those out to us then, Jay Ireland, 55% Great Britain, 30% … 5% … German And did you just put Turkey in there to wind me up? No! Germany … Germany I told you I wouldn’t want to be German or Turkish,
and I’m both of them, so yeah… It’s just a bit of a shock really to find out
how many different places I come from You’re more than just Jay from England, aren’t you? I’m Jay from everywhere by the reads of this So would you like to travel to all of these places? Turkey and German? Yeah Have a great journey, man Well … [in fun German accent], ‘it’s the German!’

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