My fitness journey | Overcoming Eating Disorders + Finding Happiness

My fitness journey My fitness journey


  1. Hey my beautiful friends! Honestly, this all feels like a totally different lifetime so I don’t reflect on it or talk about it much, but I always will if it can help in any way ❤ If you’re going through the same, keep fighting. You can and will get through 💪 Happiness is coming ❤

  2. This is the video that most relates to me, like your story could be mine, and it means a lot that you shared. Right now Im trying to get better Im not there yet Im still struggling to loose weight, but eating Healthy and trying to fathom that I dont have to restrict my calories and let go of my obsession and videos like this remind me to be kinder to myself which is The hardest thing for me to do.

  3. Miss…. The human is born perfect. Your figure is perfect. No need for anything more or less.
    Glad you stayed strong n fought on. Be yourself, be happy with yourself.

  4. Hi Natacha! You are such an inspiration. This video is actually the one that made me realize a have a real problem. I lost my period more than a year ago, and I am actively trying to get it back for 4 months. I think I am over the "bingeing" period since I can stop eating at any time. Still, I am extremely hungry and I end up eating a lot during the day just to barely feel satisfied. I gained 9 kg in this process, and I am scared this will continue indefinitely. Did you gain a lot of weight before getting your period back? How long did I take? Thank you so much!

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