My Go-To Compact Camera for Travel: RX100 VII | Mic-Anthony Hay | Sony Alpha Universe

My name is Mic-Anthony Hay and I tell
stories of photography and videography. Storytelling with the RX100 VII with Mic-Anthony Hay So I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with
the Sony RX100 VII compact camera and it has amazing features for such a tiny unit. So it’s really important to me as a hybrid shooter when
I’m out traveling and exploring that I have a camera that’s really portable and able to document my memories in the highest quality possible. This camera is great because it has features that is really for the professional filmmaker which is amazing because it’s so small. This camera has 315 autofocus points which is ridiculous for a camera of this size. It comes in handy when I’m on the
street and I’m capturing moving subjects. It was incredible; I shot it in low-light situations and situations where my subject is moving in between others and the addition of the Eye Autofocus is a real game-changer and is just incredible for tracking subjects or for focusing in low-light environments. So I’ve been using the Eye Autofocus in photo mode, so I’m really excited that it’s now included also in the video
functions. Both when I’m filming myself or other people,
it’s really useful. So one of my favorite features of the camera
is actually the focal range. It’s incredible to me that I have a 24-200mm in my pocket that I can use to capture almost any moment that my eye can see. For me as a videographer, I like to get
a variety of angles. It’s really great to move from sort of a wide establishing
shot to a closer shot with maybe a 50 or 200 mm range. So as a filmmaker and storyteller, it’s important to me that I can input my style into my videos, so having the picture profiles allows me to do that and also important in 4K, gives me options in post to crop in on video. I’m also really excited about the
interval shooting mode in the camera which gives me more options when
telling stories with video. As a videographer, it’s also cool that I can use a touchscreen to choose the subject that I’m going to focus on. For a technique such as rock focusing, it’s really awesome that I can just touch the camera and switch focus really quickly. Something that I’m really excited about
with this version is the fact that you can just quickly turn the camera on by
snapping the viewfinder button and the lens will come out, and with this version
you don’t have to physically open the viewfinder. It will click into motion and you’re ready to go. The camera has a 180 degree flip-up screen which I can use when I’m holding it above crowds, sort of like this and also flips all the way
over; all of the menu functions flip with it, so that when you’re filming yourself or phone filming in selfie mode, you can see yourself and compose your shot. So I think the RX100 VII is a great camera, not just for starters, but also for seasoned professionals it’s a great B camera. It’s a camera that I think covers a lot of professional qualities but isn’t too hard to understand for someone just getting into it. So I think it’s a great camera for taking
your storytelling to the next level.


  1. Now if you could add video eye autofocus to the a7RIII with a new firmware update (and maybe remove the 30 min time limit while you're at it) that would be great. Please and thank you.

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