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Hello there, my name is Shaq. In today’s
video I’m gonna be talking about the maneuvers in the new driving test. The
new driving test will start from Monday the 4th of December 2017. It will
consist of four maneuvers out of which the examiner will choose only 1. The
first maneuver, which is the parallel park exercise will remain exactly the
same as the old test. So there are no changes to that at all.
The second maneuver will be the reverse into a marked bay. Now this is the same
as the old test however it will have an add-on. Once you reverse parked into a
bay the examiner will ask you to drive forward out of the bay. The next two
maneuvers are completely new. The first of the new maneuvers is to drive forward
into a marked bay and once you’ve driven forward into the marked bay,
the examiner will then ask you to reverse out of it. The final maneuver
seems relatively straight forward but in fact can be very challenging. In this
maneuver the driving examiner will ask you to pull up on the right hand side of
a road behind a parked car, to reverse back for a short distance and then to
drive off again. So those are the maneuvers in the new driving test. Many
learner drivers worry unnecessarily about the maneuvers. The thing to
remember is that the driving examiner is only marking you on two things and two
things alone. The first of those things is control of
the vehicle. Now let me give you a little example, if you’re doing the parallel
park exercise control of the vehicle only means to park relatively close the
curb, parallel to the curb without hitting it and within the distance
within the two car lengths of distance. If you felt that you were going to hit
the kerb, you can use the first gear and simply go forward and correct the
mistake. That is allowed in the driving test. Even even if you touch the kerb, and
I mean touch and not hit the kerb, you would still pass the driving test for that.
Now many learner drivers ask me what is the difference between touching
and hitting the curb? The answer is the speed, if you were to do the maneuver at
crawling speed that would be a touch. Any faster and it could easily become a hit.
Now earlier on I said the examiner was marking on two things.
So control is first of them, observation is the second. Observation is just as
important, if not more important than the maneuver itself. If you go wrong with the
maneuver that can be corrected however if you go wrong with the observations
it’s usually too late to correct the mistake. Regardless of which maneuver
that you’re doing it is advisable that you have your window fully open during
the exercise. There are many reasons for this, one of them is that you may hear
the traffic approaching before it even comes to sight. Also
with the window open you can pop your head out and have a look, especially on
the on this pulling up on the right exercise where you’re expected to
reverse back, by having the window open you can actually see the curb on your
right. Now we’re all aware or we should be aware that you must make all round
observations, 360-degree observations before starting a maneuver. Where many
learners drivers go wrong is that they forget to make the observation at the
end of the manoeuvre prior to moving off again. This is particularly important in
the bay park exercise. So you’ve done all the observations and you reversed into a
bay. Then from the fourth of December the examiner will expect you to drive out of
the bay. Make sure you make all the observations again, 360-degree
observations, before driving out of the bay. Now as I mentioned earlier in the
video the new maneuver where the examiner will ask you to pull up on the
right seems relatively easy but can be quite challenging. The reason, the reason
for this is that it’s hard to see what’s coming in the distance. Especially
because you’re on the right-hand side of the road there’s a parked car in front
of you and it is difficult. For this reason having the window open is more
important, you may hear the traffic coming well before you see it. I hope you
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  1. Im 7 lessons in and not sure if i have done myself by doing it now or way before. Hopefully the satnav thing is a good thing.

  2. Thank you so much. You have been a great help with my driving test. I just passed my driving test hours ago. I have taken all your tips on board. Again thank you.

  3. Very useful.thanks! During revresing 2 car lengths, are we supposed to look directly to rear window or can we use mirrors instead?

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