New Ross Bypass, County Wexford, Ireland – ULMA Construction [en]

The new Ross Bypass is being constructed by the (NRJV) which is a joint venture between BAM Contractors Ireland and Dragados Spain. It is a 15 km long dual carriageway, bypassing the town of New Ross, County Wexford and the crossing of the River Barrow is being spanned by 887 m long extradose bridge. The bridge itself is nine-span bridge, with the main span being 230 m long. It’s the longest span of this type in the world. When we were looking for a falsework solution for this bridge, when ULMA came to the table, we recognized that they had experience in this type of bridges before, and their MK System was really versatile and could be used to solve many of the applications on this bridge. What differentiates this project from others of this type is the sheer volume of material required. We had 130 m of formwork placed with trusses, MK Towers, and T-60 Towers. We had a pier segment on the other side of the river, approximately 83 containers of material, and everything managed without the support of a local office and we completed everything on schedule and up to standard. As the Construction Manager, it was immediately clear to me that we needed to rely on ULMA’s opinion and technical capabilities, which they shared with us even before the contract was signed. During the bidding phase they offered us guidance of better quality, and supported by more resources, than anyone else. The quality of their design was superior to the competitors’, which proved a decisive factor when awarding the contract. ULMA and DRAGADOS have maintained a very close relationship for many years now, and during this time ULMA have demonstrated their logistical and technical capacity to meet a challenge like this. The ULMA falsework system has given us a lot of flexibility and economies for spanning large distances from 35 m, 45 m, 70 and 95 m in length and very quickly because of the modular nature of the trusses and the towers. ULMA are able to provide us with the full package, from design to supply of materials. A key decision in selecting ULMA was the range of the material they can provide us, but also the volume of material, which is very extensive. ULMA were over time able to seek and get that material from stockpiles that they have across the globe. So the service has been excellent. The coordination with the our site team has been extremely helpful and productive. We would always be of the view that a productive site is generally a safe site, and using the ULMA falsework systems here, allow us to operate safely here onsite, and to get more productivity out of the reuse of materials. We are having a very good experience, given that they are always available to develop customised solutions when the need arises. ULMA provided all of the collective protective equipment exactly as needed, and we gave them the solutions necessary to install it. Another important aspect in execution is the flexibility that ULMA offers, which sets them apart from other suppliers. ULMA always provides us with solutions when we have a problem in execution or design; they are always there to give us the flexibility that we need to prevent delays that could affect the final project deadline.

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