No Pants Subway Ride 2012

-Welcome, everybody, to the 11th annual
No Pants Subway Ride! [crowd cheering loudly] There are six total
meeting points today here in New York City. Two teams in Brooklyn,
Two teams in Queens, and a team up in Central Park. In total today,
we’re gonna be using ten trains. Also worth noting
that it’s happening in 59 cities in 28
countries around the world. [crowd cheering rambunctiously] [funky music playing] [band performing La Bamba] [funky music resumes] [indistinct conversations] Captioned by


  1. Am I the only one who saw the guy with the hello kitty underwear at 1:48

    (Sorry if I copied anyone, I didn't wanna scroll down too far)

  2. Whenever I see one of these I always have to take a few minutes to understand what they actually mean by "No pants," because in England this would mean walking around on the tube without underwear on.

  3. Right so im british and pants means underwear so it took me a whil to figure out why people where wearing pants in the no pant xhallenge

  4. Liberals "everyone is racist and sexist to everyone and all men are pervs"
    Example of people of all races and 2 genders join together to go on trains without pants

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  6. Normally, people record funny abnormal moments like these
    But let's see if they even have steels of balls doing that obviously

  7. What should we be doing trying to make flying cars make the worlds most tasty cake no this stupid stuff and it for some reason helps the world

  8. lol…Americans are crazy…fun crazy! Donald Trump can I get a green card? lol. Is this what you call a flash mob?

  9. That's right guys ubu let them mean people laugh at you you keep doing you good job for everybody it reads my comment and you were laughing you should be ashamed of yourself

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