No Sleep Road Trip

– Good morning, almost afternoon. Oh man, so let’s see. I’m trying to put my
brain in processing here. What is it 11? Its 11 o’clock. Isaiah went to school, Abbie went to sleep at 6:30 in the morning. And now I’m kinda spazzing
out and freaking out here ’cause I got a lot to do. Isaiah gets home at three-ish and we’re supposed to
leave when he gets home, and we have a lot to do before then. We gotta pack everything, I buy stuff I don’t, lets be honest Priscilla packs everything,
I only pack my things but I gotta put together
a luggage rack thing that slides into the
trailer hitch in the car. I gotta put that together and, so we have room for everybody in the car. What else do I have to do?
Well the good news is since I was up till 6:30 in the
morning I got a lot of work done. I got two vlogs edited and
uploaded so that’s good. Are you feeling better as well? – Yes, I am. – [Asa] Yes! Trip is on, doing it. We were gonna leave you guys behind. (laughing) – [Priscilla] Quarantine! (laughs) – We’ve had fun right? [Asa] Priscilla I need one of
those hoodies, or a T-shirt. – [Priscilla] I think Abbie– – [Asa] Love needs no words, I think that’s my favorite design. – [Priscilla] Abbie
kinda needs one (laughs) – [Asa] True. – [Priscilla] Its for her, like its her– – Get it for Christmas.
– [Asa] Holy cow it this thing took me an hour to put
together, it was terrible. There’s like 200 pieces of
nuts and bolts in this thing. Yeah, every little tab all the way around has it’s own hardware. It was in complete
pieces, do not recommend. Unless you had this thing for putting together Ikea
furniture type stuff. The car is a seven-seater, but with the rear seat up
there’s no room for luggage. And we have five people
so we’d have to put one of the rear seats up,
leave the other one down to put like the snack back
and stuff like that in there. I wanna make sure that
everybody’s comfortable. We got a couple trips coming up so, its a worth-while investment. And this one is worth the assembly because I found the same one
already assembled here local but it was like 50 dollars
more so, saved a little money. (electro music) (electro music) That will be terrible going down the road. Fortunately we have a solution. (electro music) (electro music) Rock solid. Sweet! And the tailgate will
clear that no problem, so that’s perfect, that
thing holds 500 pounds. This is just the content
you signed up for isn’t it? Its gripping stuff, exactly
what this channel’s about. Oh, and I got this bag
thing, in case it rains. All the luggage goes inside
of that and it straps down. Okay, all I have to do
now is pack my clothes and that’s it, I’m done. I already packed all my
gear, we’re good to go. Okay we’re ready. Are we ready?
– We just have no children. – [Asa] There’s no kids in here. Isaiah’s inside getting his stuff. Summer is doing something with her car. Abbie is in the wrong car. – She’s refusing to get out. She wants her (mumbles) – [Asa] Well that car’s not going. Hey come on, that car’s not going come on. Lets go. Get in your seat, go ahead. – Where are your shoes and your backpack? – [Asa] Her backpack’s in there. Does she have her shoes in there? They must be in the back of his car. They’re so excited to go on a trip. – [Summer] No I just…
– Just get in the car. – [Isaiah] Get in the car, its okay. – I’m just asking! – [Isaiah] You’ve talked about it like– – Finally ready to go, holy crap. – [Summer] No complaining
that your legs are (laughs) – I’m fine – Hi! – I like this seat. – [Asa] Road trip! [Whole Family] (cheering) – I’m confident that Isaiah will pass his IB exams at the end of this year and be a successful
recipient of the IB diploma. Isaiah is a dynamic and engaging student and I’m confident in giving
him my highest recommendation. – Y’all this is gonna
be a rough, rough time. – Are you crying? – Yeah
(Priscilla laughing) mom is crying because
– I’m so proud of you! Isaiah is reading a letter of
recommendation from a teacher and Priscilla’s crying, thinking
about him going to college. Its gonna be rough. – That was so sweet, can
we send that to everybody? – [Isaiah] She said I was
a rambunctious freshman and when I asked her
about it she was like, ‘I didn’t know I how to put it nicely.’ (Asa laughs) She’s like, ‘I wanna be honest,
you weren’t my favorite.’ (Asa laughs) – [Asa] It was a good letter though, bud. – It was, it was really good. – Oh my gosh, they’re so loud in there. What are they doing? Oh, the Airbnb, just do a
full tour of the Airbnb? Oh wow this is gorgeous. – [Priscilla] Isn’t it so pretty? – [Asa] Holy cow. – [Summer] You wanna hear something weird? – [Priscilla] What? – She won’t walk in here. She’ll walk around and all through there– – [Priscilla] Because of the ceiling. – But the ceiling’s the same over there, she won’t sit on the couch its so odd. – [Aba] Come here Abbie.
– Hey sweet girl. Abbie come here, come here. – What’s up, are you nervous? – [Asa] Come here. (everyone speaking) – But its so goofy because
she’ll walk over there but she won’t come sit on the couch. – [Asa] Abbie come here. – [Isaiah] It is weird though. – Its a lot of shadows right there. – [Summer] Well at first,
we had all these lights off. So this part of the ceiling
– That’s what I was thinking. Was a lot darker than
over there so I was like, maybe that’s why, we
turned all the lights– – [Asa] Abbie come here. – Yeah its like that, she’s still… – [Asa] Not having it. – But its not like she’s
freaking out about it– – [Asa] Right, she just
won’t do it, that’s crazy. – So, kitchen and dining
room, right? It looks– – Its so, and the water is literally– – Its right there. This is our room
– Yeah its very close. [Asa] Yo we fancy. (Priscilla laughs) Holy cow!
– Isn’t this nice? – You can have a dance party in your… You can sit and read
a book in your closet. – [Asa] Yeah ’cause
that’s what I’m gonna do. (Summer laughs) – [Isaiah] Sit and read a book. – [Priscilla] Wait for
your turn in the shower. (Summer and Priscilla laugh) – This does look like a waiting
room. (Priscilla laughs) – She likes it in here.
– Next! – [Isaiah] Like a truck stop? – [Asa] Yeah its a small room
with a low ceiling, I like it. (Summer laughs) Comfy and happy, huh? – Its like when you’re
at a truck stop and like, driver 42 your shower’s ready. (everyone laughs) Come on Abbie.
– They don’t sound like that though,
they’re like, shower number 42, like I’m not going back there. – [Isaiah] Shower 42. – [Priscilla] Who’s waiting
for me in shower 42? – Hey Steve, your shower’s ready. – [Priscilla] And then, for the kids they’re all the way over here. – [Isaiah] As far away. – [Summer] Its okay I got it. – [Isaiah] As far away from
Mom and Dad as possible. – [Priscilla] This is Isaiah’s room. – [Isaiah] That’s right. (laughs) – [Summer] Yeah Abbie’s been on it. – [Asa] Very nice. Wow were
you expecting more people? This place is huge. – [Summer] Yeah there’s
only three bedrooms and we’re taking them all up. – [Asa] And the girls will be in here. – We gotta invite somebody over dude. We’re gonna have like a party, right? – [Priscilla] The patio has door locks on the doors out there
and that’s a door lock. – [Summer] So like what,
the water is right there? – Its right here, come on. – [Summer] Abbie come here,
you haven’t done this yet. – [Priscilla] Do we have a light out here? – [Isaiah] I don’t know,
I can’t find the lights. – [Asa] Holy cow! – [Isaiah] Yeah its right there. – [Priscilla] There’s two steps
so we can go on the water. – [Isaiah] Go just like,
peep over into the water. – [Priscilla] Does she
have any clue we’re here? – She has no idea. Look! – [Isaiah] Oh that’s
freaking creepy there, there’s fish in there.
In the boat dock thing. – [Asa] Oh I’m sure
there’s a manatee in here. – Look how pretty, we’re on a dock. – I just didn’t know that there was fish. There was movement in the water. – [Asa] Nice house, babe.
– You wanna go back? Come on. – [Priscilla] Thanks. – [Asa] We gotta get like, should we eat breakfast outside or
something? Or dinner or something? We gotta eat a meal outside. – [Summer] Yeah that’s true. In this weather it
would be fine. Go ahead. – [Asa] Almost dropped it on her. (car beeping) Get in the car. – [Isaiah] It was like
(imitating car noises) – Yeah it does a whole lot of stuff.
– Gosh I get it. – [Asa] Are you ready? Abbie you look like you’re– (Abbie yelling) You look like you’re– (Abbie yelling) You look like you’re
wasting away back there. – Well, bet I think– (Abbie yelling) – [Asa] You wanna waste away
again in Margaritaville? – Oh boy. – [Asa] Get it? – Its Margarita Grill. – [Asa] Oh, oh wait, okay.
– Its a play on words. – [Asa] It still works with the joke. (Priscilla laughs) Wasting away again, everybody gets it I don need to sing it, they know the song. – Everybody gets it, yes. – [Asa] You did pretty good, even though they got this stupid ceiling
in here, huh? Ceilings, man. Where do they get off having a ceiling? – Right? – [Isaiah] What’s up with that, man? – After you, madam. – [Asa] That was the most American place I think I have ever been to. – Yeah, our friend Dustin
suggested it, great place. – [Summer] It was really good food. – [Asa] It was good.
– I was just looking at all the decor, I
didn’t look at it in there because I was super hungry. – [Priscilla] Yeah there you go. – [Asa] There’s a beer
can in that golf cart that somebody drove up here. (laughs) Y’all, America. Okay, dinner is done.
Abbie’s doing pretty good she’s had a few issues
with spacial awareness and sensory stuff, that kind of thing, but she’s doing pretty good. She’ll be comfortable in the house by tomorrow morning I’m sure of it. – Yeah, I’m sure you will, huh Abbie? – She is tired, we’re gonna
go home and put her to bed and we will so you guys in the
morning. Say bye everybody. – Bye! (beeping) – Wait I didn’t even get to get in. – Piece… Love… and happiness. – Why am I so blown out? Bye! – [Asa] Just say bye already! (everyone laughs)


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