OBS Donut Ride

This ride is absolutely perfect for the rider who has been riding in their neighborhood, or maybe at Lake Hefner . . And they may be riding in cutoff shorts and they don’t even have cycling gear and
that’s OK as long as they have a helmet. You’ll see a mountain bikes, and hybrids, and that people with tag-alongs and their
kids on the back of them. You’ll actually see that the young little kids
riding their bikes. It’s a good place for families to start. The donut ride is one of the very first rides I ever went on. And I was very slow so I got to meet Mr. Fred Kamp because he leads the ride from the back. And he was wonderful he did not make me feel silly,or too slow or anything. Rule #1, always stay behind the fastest rider. Put your helmet on, come ride and get a donut. You will not get left behind and it is a wonderful experience.


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