ONE LAST RIDE – Hamilton Animatic 「Reupload from Galactibun//Spibbles//TeeVee」

Here comes the predsident! Oh my God.. Here comes the president! Ev’rybody put your guns down! Here comes the president! -Can it really be? -It is! Look! George Washington! You are outgunned! W H A T! Outmanned! W H A T! ..O-Outnumbered, outpl- P A Y Y O U R F U C K I N G T A X E S!! Put your guns down on my command! H A N D ‘E M O V E R! This is Hamilton, my right hand man.. BUCKBUCKBUCKBUCKBUCK BUCK Y O U H E A R I T?! NOW THAT’S THE STEEL SPIRIT! PLEASE RISE FOR YOUR preSIdENt GORj waShinG machiNe


  1. For those of you who cannot read the description (it's not that hard?? but i don't judge), here is the short version of everything:
    I do NOT own the video's art or audio! Galactibun originally made this but they deleted their channel (with all their videos) because they were tired of being harassed by the Hamilton community. You can read more about why they left here:

    (Scribs is nonbinary so PLEASE use they/them pronouns when referring to them.)
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  2. So I assume this song is based in how Washington went mad in congress sometime before he died? If so that'd make sense to me

  3. I love how Washington’s actor is trying so hard not to lose it. Honestly, it sounds like Hamilton had one too many Red Bulls. 🤣



    “this is Hamilton my right hand man-“


  5. JAJAJAJAJAJAJA I LOVE IT!!!!! 😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. Washington: We are –
    Hamilton: WHAT!?!
    Washington: We a –
    Hamilton: WHAT!?!
    Washington: SON STOP

  7. 0:15 – 0:17

    me: I can’t afford to ;-;

    Hamilton: PAY YOUR F U C K I N G TAXES

    Mom: I got this little jimmy

  8. still watching it today :0 did you guys know the reason why george sounds so hesitant and hamilton is so loud it's because they actually did not want to fight they were just trying to intimidate them so they would disperse. (I think)

  9. This is, and will for ever be, my favorite song from Hamilton. There should be no questions on why it is, it should be obvious.

  10. So Alex is like a screeching cat.
    Lemme post this:

    "Cuz if the tomcat can get married(If Alexander can get married)"

    Earlier in the musical: "Martha Washington named her feril Tomcat after him"
    "thAt's tRuE"
    sO I AM cOnfuSIOn.

  11. I don't remember ever hearing this but I managed to find it just with the phrase "PAY YOUR FUCKING TAXES" playing in my head

  12. This is my therapy. And this gave my life a purpose.
    1) Be famous
    2) Meet Lin
    3) Scream at him PAY YOUR FUCKING TAXES
    4) Get him and Christopher to do this
    5) Record them doing it
    6) Post it on YouTube

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