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Hello there, my name is Shak. In today’s
video, I’m gonna be talking about one-way roads. Many learner drivers fail their
driving test because, they think that they’re on a one-way road. When in fact
they’re on a two-way road. Some fail because they have not identified that
they’re on a one-way road. So the question is how would you identify, how
would you know that you run a one-way road. Well firstly all roads in the UK,
every single road is a two-way Road unless road signs or road markings
indicate otherwise. It doesn’t matter how narrow a road is, you should treat it as
if though it was a two-way road, unless you have seen a sign stating otherwise. On the entrance to a one-way road you will always see this sign. The one-way
road sign is shape of a 1. Please do not confuse it with the ahead only sign, which
is shape of a head. If you were to miss the sign at the entrance of a road. You
will usually get a repeated signs, so it is important that you scan, not just
the road but the pavements as well. Don’t forget the road signs will be on the
pavement not the road itself. Also once you on the one-way road, you will notice
that all the cars will be parked facing that one direction. Now when you come to the end of the road as you approach at the end of the road, you will notice
several road signs and road markings indicating it’s a one-way road. You may come across this sign which means, a two-way road crossing the path
of a one-way road. The double dashed give way lines will run across the whole
width of the road. If it was a two-way road, the double giveaway lines will only
run across half of the road. Also you may get arrows on the floor indicating the position to turn left and the position to turn right. Watching road signs and road markings is the key to passing your driving test. You
can start practising this right now, by watching road signs as a passenger in a
bus, a passenger in a car you can even practice it as a pedestrian. So when
you’re out and about try to watch road signs, try to watch road markings. I hope
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  1. Hi,I have a question,one way road and one way street is it this same and can I overtake left and right? Thank you:)

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