Owen Wilson & The Cast Of Cars 3 Take A Written Driver’s Test

– I went to the DMV with
Willy Nelson one time. We both had to take our
driving test together or like the written part. So maybe studying with Willy
helped me to pass this. [Fast Paced Music] – When driving in fog,
you should use your: – A. High beams B. Low beams. C. Fog lights only. – Fog lights only says fog in it, but what if you’re driving at night? You don’t want to drive with fog lights on or your high beams. You want to go low beams. – Low beams, boom, drop the pencil. – I’m gonna go with low beams. High beams are reflective in the fog. – [Man] You are right. [Ding] – Low beams? – [Man] Yeah. – Well, when do you use the fog lights? When driving in fog,
don’t use your fog lights whatever you do. – Which of the following
is the most effective in avoiding a collision? The answer is don’t drive. – A. Keeping your lights on at all times. B. Wearing a seat belt. C. Keeping a cushion
of space at all times. – By keeping a cushion of space. – Oh C, keeping a cushion
of space at all times. – [Man] Correct. – What’s a cushion of space? I sleep on a cushion of space. What, my bed is gonna keep me
from colliding with people? I don’t know, will it? – White-painted curb means Seriously. Means, A. Loading zone
for freight or passengers. B. Loading zone for
passengers or mail only. C. Loading zone for freight only. A. Loading zone for
freight and passengers. (buzz) Goddammit, oops. I live in New York! We don’t drive. Okay, first of all that’s not true, because the post office person in my neighborhood never
parks on the white curb. They always find my car and block it. – How many drinks does it take to impair your driving? Can I just get this right ’cause I don’t drink? – More than three drinks. It depends on the person’s
height and weight. One Drink. I’m sure it’s one drink can impair your driving. – What? One drink. You’re right. You should never drive if you’ve had a drink. – What is a “No Zone”? A. A no-parking zone? B. A no-stopping-or-unloading zone? C. None of the above. I’m saying none of the above unless it’s me trying to avoid eating cake. That’s a no zone. – Okay, I’m gonna go
with none of the above because there’s a none of the above. You always choose the none of the above if there is one, right? – How many feet must you
stop before a crosswalk? Oh man. – A. Five feet. B. Ten feet. C. Fifteen feet. Oh my God, these people are dead in my world. I don’t know. – I mean, as long as you stop by the crosswalk. Isn’t that normally pretty good? – I’m gonna say five feet. – Five feet. – [Man] Correct – Five feet? Five feet is nothing. Do you people want me to hurt some people? – Before changning lanes on a freeway, you should signal for at least: – A. Five seconds. B. Ten Seconds. C. Fifteen Seconds. – That I think depends on your age, ’cause if you’re a hundred and ten I think you just always drive with a signal on, right? – Five seconds. [Ding] – [Man] Yep, right, wow. [Celebratory Music And Applauds] – Emoji of a nail and emoji of a hammer. Nailed it. – So I just failed? – [Man] Yeah. – I’m scared to be on the road with me. – I will never get my driver’s license. – I’m gonna go get in my car now and drive anyway. So I don’t really care, so forget you guys. – The thing with the fog, the driving in fog or whatever. Alright what do you do
when you drive in fog? I dunno, pull over, listen to music until it’s gone. Like, who’s driving in fog? What am I Batman? I don’t know.

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