somebody once said that “Everybody should go on an adventure” It doesn’t matter if it is big or small goes to plan or does not at all As long as it takes you out of your comfort zone and you experience something new. So this is the story of my greatest adventure so far Let’s start at the beginning I hope you enjoy it as much as me Ingredients for an adventure! Freedom I passed my driving test so I’ve got at lot of freedom Friends Now I’ve got to find a friend to come with me! hello why have you got the camera out? so I want to go on a road trip, will you come? when? on the 24th of June (My Birthday) that is the weekend and I might be working but I will sort things out! ok sounds good, it is going to be so much fun! Bye bro! and the last ingredient is a challenge this is Ben Nevis It is the tallest mountain in the UK and we’re gonna climb it! the mountain at the other side of the country it is a long drive so we will stop at different places along on the way but that means we will have to leave really early bye mum drive safely love you and happy birthday thank you! morning ready to go? right so I thought it would be fun to stop here It is a place called ‘Colemere’ I use to run around the lake here Tommy was sleeping in the car so this will wake him up do you want to go for a run? I do we have to get changed he is stripping in public! We did film our run but you will find out later why I don’t have the footage anymore. So instead just try and imagine
us running around this beautiful lake. We are done now so back to Curtis after the run. Just having a quick break and then we are going to meet my old school friends. Tommy has never met them before It is going to be an experience for me let’s see if they actually like me So with that we set off to my old boarding school and my friends were there to meet us. what do you think of the school? it looks like an orange Hogwarts Being here brought back a lot of good
memories and also a strange sense of nostalgia it felt like no time had passed which is really good we had a great time with my friends before we knew it it was time to say goodbye! bye! bye Curtis! And then just as we were leaving I realised We had lost my GoPro Hero 4 I am worried about the footage we had on there and it is an expensive camera and we don’t know where it could be because we have checked everywhere I don’t understand how we lost it he is right we did check everywhere, I went into all the shops and gave them my phone number I said if you find a GoPro give me a call I’ve had no calls so someone must have stolen it Quick update: we carried on searching but we couldn’t find the GoPro so we went to the supermarket and bought some meat and we are going to have a BBQ! because we spent so long searching for the GoPro we were very late so we had to get to the campsite as soon as possible that is a nice view, look at that! yay! so this torch is very special because it’s not just a torch well it is a torch as well But you can hit people with the other side, so if someone attacks us yeah exactly you wouldn’t want Tommy to hit you, unless he did that get away from me! And then I knock myself out… One day into the trip we’re relaxing by a beautiful lake halfway up the country not everything has gone right so far but I think that’s all part of the adventure! we have got to get up early tomorrow as it is time to climb Ben Nevis! so it is another early start this morning it is 4:30am thank you I didn’t sleep very well last night because we pitched the tent on a hill which I think was a bad idea because no one else has put their tent near us the nearest tent to us is over there but they put it so they are sleeping down the hill we’re sleeping sideways down the hill we had a five-hour journey ahead of us so we packed up the tent and jumped in the car and left. so we have stopped at a services I found a McDonald’s yes we found our first McDonald’s! the first Mcdonald’s I have found all this trip I want a mc muffin meal! yeah! Are you enjoying your Mc Muffin? yes it is great so when I was in there I really needed some batteries for my microphone they are really weird batteries, hardly anywhere has them so I asked if they did and the only batteries they had were the ones I wanted! they were really cheap as well because they couldn’t sell them! that is so good! So I have got some batteries for the microphone now we are going to drive the rest of the 140 miles. We will see you there! so we’ve made it haven’t we Curtis finally! we are just getting ready and changed into warm stuff he is just doing up his new boots Dewalt Brown Boots that doesn’t look too good it’s about 12am now we were meant to get here at 10am It takes about eight hours to climb at the mountain which means we are either get down here at 8pm or do the steeper path I think we should do the steeper path. we are doing the steeper one let’s do it right so that is where we were meant to be ‘The Visitor Centre’ you follow the path all the way up there but we’ve ended up here at the the youth hostel This is slightly steeper we’re going to go all the way up and then obviously up the mountain do you know what song I want playing now? what? the song from Ice Age when they start travelling! guys I would like you to meet my new friend Stephen Stephen Stephen say hello Stephen doesn’t want to say hi this scenery is unreal guys it looks awesome! that specific section right there is going to be my mating ground the girls would have to travel a long way to mate with you won’t they? we just got told to put our hoods up because it is -5 degrees at the top so our ears would get really cold I am very zoomed in nearly at the top one of the guys said it is about another 20 minutes we are seeing snow and it is really cold my hands are red it is actually quite comfy Rock he is crazy and dehydrated he is going a little bit insane we have been seeing all these at the top We are not going to balance some rocks! what was that Curtis? it is nearly as big as that one really? it is all about perspective, because that is further away yeah I need to go like this don’t I see it is really big now so big! we could go skiing Tommy! we just couldn’t! we are at the top?! together? 3 2 1 we made it to the top! we are the tallest standing people in England unless you are on a plane no tallest standing people but you can stand on a plane you mean on land we are the tallest standing people on land in the UK at the moment is that ok? and also thank you for 15,000 subscribers on my youtube channel so this is like a bit of a celebration so thank you guys for all the support now we have to go back down as we were walking down the mountain I remember feeling a great sense of pride that we had achieved the challenge that we set out to do and we’d done it together. I’m definitely going to remember this
adventure for a lifetime you


  1. Enjoyed a lot the nice landscapes (apreciei muito as belas paisagens). Congratulações pelos 15 mil inscritos.

  2. I loved this video, such wonderful landscapes, your friend looks so fun, make more videos with him ❤

  3. Curtis! I have the same plan once I got my driving license! But Brunei only took a couple of hours to cross 😋 my plan is to go to a few beaches in Brunei since I have a fear for the ocean! Anyway, I miss seeing Ellesmere in your videos. I keep watching your old vlogs for it 😁 Glad your brought Tommy along 🌸

  4. i loved the video ♥ england why you are so beautiful? one of my biggest dreams it's do something like that with my 4 best friends!

  5. this was such a good video! you should go on more adventures – every day can be an adventure like that one 🏔

  6. brave, brave, Sir Curtis… 😀

    congrats, man, for this amazing journey and sharing it with us… that felt like I was really with you guys… by the way, I wish I had such a cool friend like Tommy… what a nice guy!

    and a late happy birthday… 😀👍✌👊

  7. Nice video Curtis! Time well spent with your mate. It just feels like it was yesterday you made videos with your nan and how you developed to have 15k subs now. Cool

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