PMSC 2019 Mini-Series | Road to Stardom: Episode 03

PMSC 2019 The first running-in period for all 16 teams. Four-hour squad Warm-up Match. The result is here! Top 3 gaming creators earned a trip to the amazing night market. While the rest ended up with meal boxes for dinner. We’ve seen them fight and cry. Are teams going to break apart or move on together? Here comes the show. Attention teams. Today, we will be entering a new stage where each pro team can invite one gaming creator to take on the Team Shuffle Match. Gaming creators then have the chance to select from the invitation or invitations they received to partner with a different team. At the end of the match, all creators who have switched teams have the opportunity to stay with their current team or their original team. Now pro teams please write down the name of your favorite gaming creator on the card. Please note that your current gaming creator is excluded. Who should we choose, K4i? One of the girls, please. How about we choose an English-speaking content creator? So that way we will be able to communicate and have fun with him. I did some research on him. He’s got a high level of skills. He’s good at this game. And he’s got a good sense of reading the game. I’m going with Ken Boo. Ken Boo If you did send the invitation to him, I think it’s highly likely that he would join us. Choose someone who won’t join us. Let’s go with the original plan. Attention gaming creators, please check your mailbox. Invitations from the teams have already been delievered. Oh my god! You are back already? Really? I didn’t know you were coming back. Road to Stardom. Road to Stardom? These are the teams that chose me for today. These are the teams that chose you for today? Yes! Wow. Who? Let us know! Let us know! To Rolex, from Team SouL. Team SouL! We got morTal. Hi! For real? ELG! To XinXuan, from ELG. O! Wa! Really? NOVA! NOVA Esports. And? NOVA Esports? From Team Secret, BRK, EVOS, TeamIND, Bigetron. Oh! No team chose me? Oh, no! I don’t care anymore.I’m quitting this game. Nothing What’s so funny? Nothing. Nothing. Who did you send the invitation to? K7. Why? Do not be like this! No! What was that? K7 or TsuLin? K7. For those gaming creators who have received invitations, please gather around to the stage area. Goodbye! Goodbye, my children.Goodbye! Bye bye! Goodbye! Please show us the invitations you’ve received. For those gaming creators who have received multiple invitations from the teams, which one would you choose? 2 teams chose me. I’m going with RRQ. For my team, I got a Team SouL. And I will be choosing them. So I’m really excited. Hello everyone! I’m XinXuan. ELG chose me and I happen to love this team. I’m giving it a shot. Hi! This is Dynamo. My invitation is from Spacestation Gaming. Hello, I’m K7. I received invitations from NOVA Esports, Team Unique, SCARZ Black, ARG and SNT. I’m going with NOVA Esports. Alice is going with NOVA Monster. I got from TeamIND, BRK, Team Secret, EVOS Esports and Bigetron Esports. I will choose Bigetron Esports. Please return to your designated training room. Bye bye. Hey! Rolex. It’s locked. Is it you? Yes! What are you doing here? I love you guys. No. Go away. Shoot.Bye! No! No. No. No. Open! No, No! Go away. No, no, no! Not you! Ask them. Oh! You play with me? Oh! We are playing together. Come on, come on. Have a seat. Let’s play together. I think it’s only Team SouL and a few others who speak English. So I wasn’t surprised. But, you know, I was happy. Hello, Nikitanga. Get out! Choose someone who won’t join us. Let’s go with the original plan. Hi! This is my team today. Really? Really! Yeah! OK! You can go and play with my team. Yes?Yes! I don’t get it. The fact that K7 and NOVA Esports chose each other. It’s hard to believe. Despite the fact that K7 received multiple invitations, How did she end up choosing NOVA Esports? I don’t get it. I’ve been communicating with others in English for the past several days. I mean, it will be easier for me to speak Chinese. Since communication is a huge part of the game and it’s been problematic for me. If I choose a Chinese-speaking team, Try playing with them and see what happens, It should be fine. That’s why I chose them. Oh! Oh! Dynamo! Dynamo Gaming! How are you? How is it going, buddy? I’ve never thought about getting a chance like this Since every gaming creator here has made the choice But then I received the invitation from SSG. It’s Rolex’s team. I’m fine with it. The first thing that comes to my mind is This is a great team to play with. I will be having fun here. That’s why I’m here. I’m fine with only one game. It feels good enough for me. Yeah! Rolex! Yeah! Yes! Bye bye! I want this team! Hello! Bye bye! See you later.Yes! Bye! Hello! Please take a seat. There won’t be any language barrier between us. That’s why I chose RRQ. Hello! Excuse me, DITA, can I have your team for today? Can I have a look at the letter of invitation? This is getting scary. Alright, bye bye. I chose to join BTR because I think all of them are fun to play with and the fact that we are all friends. Gaming creators and captains, for those of you who haven’t been paired, please come to the stage area. OK! No.1 BRK DITA Me? OK! Bye. Pretty girl! No. 2 SNT TheRawKnee You want me? Give me a hug. Give me a hug, bro. Come on! Let’s go! You, stay. Noob! Where is your room? That one. Hey man. Yo, yo, yo. No. 4 You don’t have a choice now. Let’s go. The team shuffle match starts now. So I’m going to go to the spawn island. You want to come with me? What? The spawn island. We all go and we have fun. Yeah! Beautiful place. Today’s just another team changing day, and this is the game to put the gaming creator and the new team to the test whether they can cooperate and adapt with each other. Just few seconds into the game, XinXuan is going straight into the box, Being sent by NVM | AA without any mercy shown or given. 2F! But fate take a turn not by favoring Baby Alice and the rest of NVM. She has been entirely finished of by ELG member. But NVM | AA is not so sad about it and just keep on looting. But they did not stay alive for long as the ELG team. Just wiped them off the map straight away. What? Another lootless victim we have here is no other than Dynamo, Well, he died, in the middle of the road. Running. And what do we have here. I have a feeling TheRawKnee is up to something very fishy again, like, always. But then oh well, he is TheRawKnee anyways. Let’s hover ourselves around Yasnaya area, SSG | Juicy is just stuck here, and nowhere to run while Sixless is just knocked by Naoto from SZB. He tried to heal himself and run, but things just not working out as it seems and thats a free kill for SZB! At the same time of what just happened, Spawning island visitors are real! SNT team is very supportive and sporting towards TheRawKnee, I go there everyday. It is my house. While the visitors on the spawn island is taking their sweet time on a honeymoon. Gareeboo’s team and DITA’s team confronted each other, starts another war of raining bullets. DITA is not showing any sign of weakness, and the rest of BRK team alongside with Dita is playing so aggressive. Pressuring Gareeboo’s team, sandwiching them in the open field, with only a stony hill to rely on. DITA and the rest of BRK having such a great synergy. which leaving Gareeboo’s team no chance of survival, and being destroyed entirely on that spot. That’s a huge win for DITA and the rest of the BRK team. Another encounter of a dramatic scene is BulShark, running into his first selection squad, team EVOS Esports but BulShark with no strings attached, straight out spraying, and BulShark ruthlessly killed Kronten and the rest of EVOS players. Rolex with Team SouL is just another great team with good chemistry going on. ARG team is on the hot seat of being ambushed by Rolex and Team SouL. Looking at this current state, ARG and Team SouL are just not giving up up their position, trying to get themselves more kills and survive at the same time. But then well, there you go, the whole team gets finished off. When the other teams are having a war out there, TheRawKnee and SNT do not have a care in the world, They are even dancing on the road near the shorelines! Who cares about the war? That’s amazing! Looking at Firing Range area, BulShark and RRQ were fine all the way through. At first, RRQ D2E was knocked and pinned so hard by DongJin from GCB. Without wasting anymore time, Bulshark and the rest of the RRQ came into the scene for a revenge. BulShark is just being the bull and the shark altogether, spraying straight into DongJin of GCB, forcing him to jump out of that exploding UAZ. This is a 2 vs 3 situation, but the two, BulShark and RRQ Earrny, is pressuring the rest of GCB so hard, that the rest of GCB have to go for a retreat. Not showing any disadvantage of the manpower, they are showing a massive firing wave, leaving GCB in a chaotic state. DongJin is trying to surving with what he has left, Drive into the bluezone, with that beautiful spray, making sure the whole team is being wiped off the map! This is just going insane. BulShark just keeps on getting the kills over and over again. We should be hiding in the bathroom. I will drive. I will drive. Step outside. Oh there you go, BulShark just finished off the rest of the team. GCB not having any chance of surviving here But then, So you drive without thinking? You could say that before we get on the car. I think I already told you This causing BulShark to be a little bit distracted, and ambushed by ELG team’s The General, This leading to BulShark’s death. Well, there you go. As for TheRawKnee’s team, after they are done with their happy moment here, on their way from the spawn island, TheRawKnee’s team bumped into his first and original selection of squad, Team SouL. And Team SouL ruthlessly finished him off. SNT team forTheRawKnee’s revenge, motivated, keep on fighting against Team SouL and Rolex making sure that TheRawknee’s death will not be in vain, for this team of TheRawKnee’s. They destroyed the whole SouL team straight away. Ken Boo and BTR have a very good synergy and chemistry. DITA and BRK team cannot stand a chance when they fight head on. The control of the barrel and recoil is so brilliant for BTR and Ken Boo, making sure they get the whole team BRK and DITA wiped out. When the whole team enters the circle, there are still so many teams still going on at the war, one of them is ARXY who is pressuring Tsulin and ensures himself to get the kill. Ryzen straight getting the revenge knock once Ken Boo is down. BTR and Ken Boo teamwork is very solid. And they revived Ken Boo back on his feet.
Back up a little bit. ARXY who was sandwiched between Ken Boo’s team and also ELG, Enemy spotted. Short range. He’s extremely low. He’s running into my face. Spray at me. On the other side, which just happened now. And this is kind of giving them a big advantage to finish off ELG team. And looking at this state, we are back to Ken Boo who is still in his best performance, keep on getting great snipes from a far distance with such precision. While Unique is taking a fight against TeamSecret, Ken Boo and BTR, taking the advantage of the opportunity to charge in from the flanks, getting the kills and its down to Unique vs Ken Boo as well as BTR, There are only 2 teams left here. both teams are fighting their best for the Chicken Dinner. But during the golden moment of the critical final round, One down. Up on the hill. Ken Boo shot just now with the team backing him up spraying the enemies in front. And this is just a great gameplay by Ken Boo and the rest of BTR team, winning them the Chicken Dinner. Everyone here is good. We figured out how to beat them somehow. Attention, gaming creators, please come to the stage area. Thank you. Bye bye! If it wasn’t for the mistake, we could’ve got into top 3. Indeed. We enjoyed the game. Gaming creators, you’ve got 30 seconds to decide whether to switch or not. If you would like to switch, please remain on the stage after the timer stops. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Let’s hear your final decision. Why is everyone going back? How are you doing, my brother? You want to eat? Good! Good! Hi, guys. Hi, brother. It is our decision. We won’t change our minds. We knew Nikitanga was better than K7. K7 is good but not enough for competitions. Nikitanga is better. K7! K7! Wow! Good to see you. The reason I chose Team Secret is that I think all of them are easy to get along and they have Biubiu. Can we come in? Both. Both. Oh? No? So what do we do now? Dynamo. Let’s rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. I won! Hello! Ken Boo. Since you won the Team Shuffle Match, you can choose first. A kind reminder, this is your last chance to swtich to a new team before the PMSC 2019 rosters finalize. Be a cautious decision maker. RRQ, No.1! Bye bye! Excuse me, DITA, can I have your team for today?


  1. Maafkan abang, tgl 4 nnti abang temenin biar gak sama kenbo, abang tw abang salah gk mw nemenin alice, tpi abang ini ada kerja syg

  2. bohot hard nikitanga ki gand me sariya ghusa diya chori tune dyno ka badla le liya pehli fursat me nikal nikiganda

  3. Ghanta india ko represent krenge ye log abe mobile player ko kyu vote ni krte bc. Ye emulator khelne vale chutiye hote hai.

  4. mau nnton btr alice kesana kemari cari chanel orag buat nnton alice doang please alice create conten d youtube nya lbih seringg

  5. Other teams: πŸ’£β˜ οΈπŸ’₯πŸ’£πŸ’¨πŸ’₯πŸ’₯⚑πŸ’₯βš°οΈβš οΈβ€ΌοΈ

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