Post Scriptum – The Road to Oosterbeek [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

This bush will be ours!
No, there’s a bigger one here, look! Yes, huuge bush – awesome!
It’s better! Rally down boys! Follow me!
Yes, great! Out west, we’ll clean this forest! So the rally doesn’t get bombed straight away! They’re in this forest already! As you can clearly tell by the banging!
Yes, I hear it! It’s going to be… Got one! Same! There are five or… Oh! Left left left!
I see him! Hang on! Can you please shoot him? He got me! Shit! Me too!
Let’s quickly spawn on the rally before he notices! But real nice, I took two out!
Yes, me too, three or something – All on one spot! Being overrun! From south-west! How dare the enemy! Point is being captured! Maybe we should get in! Yes, yes!
Absolutely! House 31 is secure! Very good!
Enemy is capping the point! Almost done! South-east!
Careful, enemy from south! Rally hot – MSP hot! No rally! Rally coming!
They’re in the house already! Ah, it’s in the objective – here! In the hotel already? Yes, you can hear it!
Yea, ok – get in there! That’s going to be hot! Enemy inside! I’m behind you! Go first, you have the STG!
OK then… Dead – All injured! There it goes – my killstreak… Medic is close!
Yes! Whoever is wounded lies! We’ve got guests in the garden! Throw out some cocktails and grenades! Thanks! Dead! Always the same!
They really want to know! It really is always the same! I need help! Medic!
On the way! We really need to clear this! Can’t let them just take every point! They come running in from north-west! North-west boys! Thanks! Get over here!
Stay in there! That got wild for a bit… I’ll stay outside but in the cap! Outside the house I mean! Watch out! Shit! Rally hot!
Enemies from south-east! Heads down – Artillery! More enemies from south-east! What the fuck dude, shit’s going down! Bomber! Bad sign! Missed! Is that you Lebano, outside? Yes! The rally is still up, we’re good!
Yes yes! Want me to get to you?
You’re bleeding! No no, all… actually yes, do it! From north north-west now boys! Face that way! Too hot outside – Nothing to be done!
Yea yea… Big attack from the west, one is in the house!
One inside, one inside! Inside downstairs! Inside downstairs in the house with STG… MP! It’s stuttering… I really need to get up to you – update the rally!
Yes, do it! Yes, I’ll try!
They keep up the pressure from north-west! The other squads are coming now! Idiotas! There are so many downstairs! Medic! Need a syringe all the way upstairs!
Coming to get you! Coming! Radio!
I’m there, I’m there! Come on! Done – refreshed! Good work! That was hot… That was good!
Healing you! Thanks! Get away from the window, that’s hot now, where I just was! Clearly! Judging from the holes in my chest… Tell squad 3: If they move north they can get one to two squads there! Many coming there! Thanks for healing! Stay down! Coming now! We’re being capped!
MSP north-east destroyed! I’m dead! Rally is hot! It’s bugged…
Now it works! Works, you can spawn! Yes, works – great! Everybody in! Everybody in! Clean it from the bottom up! Kill as much as possible! Just violence! Get in there! Get in a brawl! Capping back!
Enemy! Enemy! Enemy command vehicle spotted north of the hotel! Mechanized marker on it! Thanks! Keep clearing the house!
Shut up, I saved you! Good work! Keep moving, keep moving!
No way… At the window!
Here… Got him! Get up there! Look how many are laying in the stairwell – you’ll see! What the fuck?! Just sausage meat!
Pure slaughter – I got them all! You see them in the corner!
Hang on – clean the house first! Keep going! First floor clear! Up! And then secure the windows! Nobody expected me here – got them all! Awesome stuff!
I’m looking forward to the recording of that – must’ve been five there! Yes, big time! Need to place one close to my body, maybe there’s a bush there! Yea… I don’t think we’ll manage – nobody is even trying to move in! Why aren’t the other doing anything?
Yes, it’s really annoying… We’ve got other infantry squads! Two of them! Enemy rally destroyed! North! They got it – shit! That went quick! Main road blocked! The radio is on you, maybe you can place a rally!
Too late, the point fell! Oh yes… Revive, hello! Now imagine Vade: summer, short pants, everything hot, even late in the evening, roughly 20 °C… Pretty unimaginable right now!
The point is lost, retreat slowly! Yes, understood! We cover the retreat!
Vade, behind you! Got a syringe?
He came down the stairs! Welcome back!
Awesome! Squad 5, can you move the MSP? Well, point is secure again! All over unfortunately! Shame!
Well… All dead – All brits dealt with! Shit…
Coming to you down there! What do your elf eyes see? Boys – attack mark, enemy rally! New attack mark for the MG, enemy in the trench! Boys, keep the fire up – I’m crossing the field to go get them! My life depends on you! Nice one!
MG 50 m west of SL in the small house! The squads are talking very little, never witnessed that before… Some coming from the north now! SL, on my position, pretty close! Rally hot! Nice one MG, we took out that nest! Ok, from north-west now! So everyone turn around! And shoot the same way in the other direction! I found another nest south! AT, just north on me – three sitting there in a chair circle and tell stories! Don’t go too far south – the sniper can do his thing south – the others back on the point! At least on the south side, so the enemies don’t get between us! Ok, so much for that: The enemies are already between us! So follow me, clear the forest! Mortar and rifleman, head north! Ok, looks like the north and west are under attack! Please coordinate who defends which side! Just assign us something! Yes!
You give the commands, we do it! Ok! Lots of enemy contacts from the south! There’s a vehicle coming from north-east! Tiger, watch out! Somehting moving in quick from the north! Could be a Daimler! What’s that noise?
Ok, nevermind – it’s a bloody tractor! How awesome! You can’t just drive the tractor into enemy lines!
Take out the tractor – top priority! He’s sitting there sideways, see that?
Maybe it’s a Daimler after all! How awesome is that? The Volks-Tractor, we have it! Down the main road! Come on, plough the field and look for mines! I’m driving the tractor! It handles great! We’ve got a tank west! Where?
No idea! Please put a tank marker! How many times! Cool, finally drove that thing! See, it was on this map after all! Yes… behind us, at the house! Hang on, I’ll shoot him real quick and get you up! No no, I was dead dead right away! Went black immediately! Arty on the […] marker!
I got him, got him! We made some ground with tickets! Squad 3 here, the south-east road, with markers, enemies coming up there! I’m coming towards you to refresh! Now I just need to harvest whatever comes down! You hit better… Look at all the stuff I hit already this round! Nobody can blame me for drunkenness at the computer! Great round so far!
The enemies are all coming from north-east! Huge assault! North-east boys! Huge assault! Saw their rally, trying to get there! Face north-east! Massive enemy contacts west as well! I’ll say it again: Full squad at least from north-east! Face 91! Tank as well! Artillery ready in 20 sec! They’re all in the forest at 91! Hitting the forest with artillery – Pretty close to the point!
Alright! What am I hearing? 90m radius, 8 rounds HE on point 91! They want to take that house!
Accurate on mark! Understood! Pull back your guys, easy! Squad 5! Pull your guys out of the forest! Squad 4, you’re running into it as well!
Yes, understood! Arty hits are good – Right in the face! Yes, two teamkills… And now in there – You’re running towards us!
It’s all quiet in here now! You can refresh then! Yes, perfect – all dead!
Oh, here they are… Attack was completely suppressed north-east! Ok boys – rally is refreshed! Attack north-east was handled! Bullshit! Rally ahead! Enemies, watch out! North-west! Take that back, enemies north-east again! There’s a rally!
Keep up the pressure! I’m going around, through the wheat field! Keep up the pressure! Syringe please! Grenade for that rally on the way – careful! Anyone got a syringe? Hold your fire please! Good thing I saw that rally! Destroyed it?
Yea yea… Well done!
Yes, reacted well there! All kinds of rats in the bushes here… Good! Everybody back on the point, they need us there! Awesome action! Really cleaned up! They destroyed the tractor…
What?! Fucking sons of bitches! Gentelmen: the tractor got hit! I’d surrender!
Oh no! It’s treason! Vehicle from south-west! South-west? Copy, can you see what it is? Sounds like a tank! South-west, tank moving in! Interesting for the Tiger – moving in quickly! Small recon tank!
Recon tank! Yes, a Daimler! Say again?
No, smaller tank, 220°! Move, need to mark! Lebano? Sorry, yes! You can see it from here!
Hang on… Ok, out of the house! The Daimler wants us! South-west, recon car or tank! Not quite clear, trying to get a mark! He’s firing already! Getting close to the point now! Mark is a rough approxiamtion! That direction! The range is all wrong!
Enemies marked north-east! Ok, attack from the west – that tank is supporting them! Enemy infantry again on point 97, north-east! Right, new mark is accurate! For that tank! Ok AT, show us what you can do! Yes, good start! Again!
Neat! Nice! Stuart is destroyed! Squad 5, please fall back! The Wurstening again!
And face north-east! Shit… OK, everyone back on point, Stuart crisis averted! We can go back to our two storey! They’re coming from the west again! Coming to you to refresh! Halftrack on the western main road! Dude, there’s a random arm rolling about! Or leg, whatever… Rally is clear, very nice! Coming across the northern fields now! Careful! But main attack still from north-west! They’re all running into the Tiger, those lunatics! Enemy infantry also coming from the north!
Holy shit… Yes!
From the small forest! Yes, north and north-west!
Tickets are looking really good now! They got massacred so badly! Smoke wall! Dude, those MGs here…
They’re all really good! Doing a great job! Seriously, what is there to complain about? Everything is going really well!
Infantry moving into the forest on the right! Yes, big time!
Just that one assault on the hotel… It was so chaotic, that’s excusable that everything broke down…
Absolutely! Once the other squads lost their rally, there was nothing to be done! They’re all getting torn apart – real bad! Crazy round! Cleaning up the forest! Keep up the pressure now! Go get them! No prisoners! The MG is tearing through here! Holy shit!
MG duel! Crazy, the amount of fire through that forest! Me being alive is a wonder! Yes, there it is! Incredibly good work boys! Excellent, really a great round!


  1. Oh mal ne schöne Runde, hat man aber kaum noch, gerade als Verteidiger. Mittlerweile hat es sich ja eingebürgert den ersten Punkt zu umgehen um die Verteidiger an den Spawns abzufarmen und nach dem Sturm des ersten Punkts einen Respawn am nächsten Punkt zu verhindern.

  2. 3:10 Was ist das da eigentlich rechts vom Lauf des StG, das da so locker befestigt ist? Ist das ein Teil der Zielvorrichtung?

  3. 21:38 is a lot of work – thanks for this, the action is fantastic. Makes COVID19 lockdown here more bearable.

  4. Alda es wäre so geil hätte das game zerstörbare häuser und so…oder wenigstens ein wenig mehr detaillierte häuser

  5. Extra long Vade vid, awesome! Seriously good team work, priceless. And thanks again for all the English subs you do mate, truly appreciated.

  6. Looking to pick up Post Scriptum instead of Hell Let Loose, but I hear the player base is dwindling down. Is it still worth buying?

  7. They get what they deserve for destroying the Sacred Tractor, with paint so blue. Jesus, 43 kills with you running around like a mad man the entire time! I used to feel good when I get 5 or 6 kills, but I won't anymore lol. Awesome vid as always.

  8. Ich stelle mir immer vor in der Trinkflasche ist ein Amphetamin-ISO-Mix drin. Da wird man richtig aufgeputscht und rennt mit weit geöffneten Pupillen in den Feind.

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