Pros and Cons of Travel Nursing | To Travel or Not to Travel!?

To travel or not to travel? If that’s a question you keep asking yourself I’m here to help. Let’s compare the pros and cons of travel nursing so you can decide if this is the right choice for you. One of the pros: You get to travel. This is an obvious perk to being a travel nurse you’re not stuck in the same boring small town your whole life. A con: It’s a fast-paced lifestyle. Although traveling is a pro keep in mind that you’ll have to adjust to a fast-paced lifestyle. Constant change will be in your routine. Pro: You’ll earn good money. Travel nurses not only have a base salary but they also receive a lot of stipends for traveling. These stipends are tax-free money that travel nurses receive to cover travel expenses that they have like housing and food. Con: Pay structure is complicated. Although you’ll make good money your pay and stipends can fluctuate based on your location. You will have to pay attention to your salary and make sure you’re getting compensated fairly. Learn more about your pay in our video “How to Make Sure Your Travel Nurse Salary is Competitive” Pro: There are plenty of jobs out there. There are thousands of jobs for travel nurses out there. So, you’ll of medical settings to choose from. You can pick from rural or urban areas. Con: There are lots of competition. You’ll want to create a resume that makes you stand out as a travel nurse because there’s lots of people that are competing for these jobs. For example, it’s important to have at least two years of nursing experience before you apply to travel. Pro: You’ll get to make a lot of new friends. As a traveler, you’ll get to make new friends everywhere you go. Not only will you get to know the people you are working with but hopefully you’ll have some time to go out and meet people. Con: You might start to miss your friends and family at home. Although you’ll be having a blast on the assignment it can get lonely being away from your friends and your family. Make sure you ask yourself if it’s something you can handle before going down this path. Pro: Spend 13 weeks in dream destinations all over the country. A typical assignment lasts about 13 weeks. This is a perfect amount of time to really immerse yourself in the tradition and the culture of the area and see all the things on your bucket list that made you pick that location. Con: If you don’t like the place you’re stuck there for 13 weeks. Although 13 weeks is a sweet spot if you’re having fun it can be a long time if your assignment isn’t what you expected it to be. If you’re not happy with the work environment, your housing or just simply not vibing with the town you still have to stay there for 13 weeks. Pro: It’s easy to get started. It’s really easy to get started as a travel nurse. For example, TravelNurseSource has a list of agencies and recruiters that you can connect with. You can also apply online filling in what you’re interested in and they’ll call you. Con: There’s a lot of paperwork. There’s a lot of paperwork to get started as a travel nurse. If you have a good recruiter this will be a breeze. Don’t let the paperwork intimidate you. We have plenty of videos in this channel to guide you through the travel nurse process. So, be sure to check out our playlist on tips for travel nurses.

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