Pune Ring Road Key points , पुणे रिंग रोड, Explained in Hindi

Hello Friends Today we will understand about Pune Ring Road Lets first understand what is Ring road If a there is a congested city And you want to cross it by road You face problem while crossing city through Internal roads and is reason of time loss to solve this problem a external loop road will be constructed Which is called as Ring Road you can cross city externally through ring road and bypass the city Such ring road is being constructed in Pune this video is abount PUNE RING ROAD Please subscribe for such videos Main Topics of Pune Ring Road These were main topics of Pune ring road Thank You!


  1. अब आयी हुई स्थगिती सरकार काम चालू रखेगी या फिरसे स्टे देंगी..?😢😢

  2. Our country government should have shame while comparing with world countries, especially with China. Suggestion was given on 2007 and 2019 still no progress.Uptill now China could have constructed hundreds of ring roads..

  3. All this work which is in progress in Pune should have been done 20 years before.. it is to late.. Actually we need more development as per present time..

  4. Ye project time main pura karenge nahi. 100%.

    Aur han…..Key points main ek point bacha hain.

    Is road par pot holes bhi honge.

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