Rainbow Six Siege: Road to Six Invitational 2020 Trailer | PS4

Welcome to the Road to S.I. 2020, the largest eports event in Rainbow Six history. The 2020 Six Invitational is approaching and for the next five weeks the entire Rainbow Six community
is invited to join us in celebration for a Road to S.I. full of surprises. First, during every weekend
leading up to the Six Invitational you can play the all-new
Road to S.I. in-game event featuring a new exclusive map… …The Stadium. This unranked playlist will have
the same rule set as a ranked playlist only this time every operator is playable. Even the ones you don’t own. Next, it’s time for the Road to S.I. Battle Pass. This Battle Pass will contain
exclusive Road to S.I. 2020 rewards distributed through 35 tiers which you will unlock by collecting Battle Points. This is the only place to earn items
such as the S.I. 2020 Finisher Charm or Signature Six ’20 weapon skins. Everyone will progress and
collect rewards on the free track. You can access the premium track for 1200 R6 credits, which will immediately grant you Sledges’ S.I. light set. Upgrade to the Premium Bundle for 2400 credits and skip ahead to immediately unlock
Hibbana and Caveira’s full uniforms. Moreover, Year 4 pass holders receive
a 30 % discount on all Battle Pass prices and a 30% boost on Battle Points earned. To cap it all off, 30% of the revenue generated by the Battle Pass
will go to the Six Invitational prize pool. Fight alongside all the operators in Rainbow Six, collect battle points, level up your Battle Pass, earn unique rewards, and join us as we
embark on the Road to S.I. 2020.


  1. Кто то может объяснить на русском я так понимаю это новый ивент.

  2. How about you send the money to Australia instead of increasing the prize pool Ubi not like the pros need the extra income generated from the battle pass purchases.

  3. The stadium doesn't seem to have any protective glass, imagine the casualties that would occur if the stadium was filled

  4. Do we miss anything if we purchase the premium pass(840 R6 credits for season pass owners) and not the pass bundle(1680 R6 credits for season pass owners)? Does pass bundle provide any items which we can never unlock with the premium pass?

  5. Saw a glimpse of the thumbnail whilst scrolling and honestly thought some company had finally shat out a tour de France game

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