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Sophie is just about to take her driving test at the Uxbridge driving test center. The driving examiner has checked her photo card provisional driving licence and conducted an eye sight test. As the driving test centre has marked bays the examiner may request the bay park exercise. either at the very start or the very end of the driving test. In Sophies case the driving examiner as not requested the bay park exercise Therefore there is a possibility that she will be asked to do one of the maneuvers on a public road. At the roundabout the driving examiner will ask Sophie to turn right. This is the only way as the left is a no through road. Many learner drivers fail at theses traffic lights coming out of the driving test centre. This is because there is quite a large box junction. You must keep the box junction clear at all times. If the lights change red while you are on the box junction you must keep on proceeding as normal. If the driving examiner asks you to turn left at the traffic lights, make sure you take at cautiously. This is due to the width restriction, just on the corner. Approach this corner too fast and you could end up hitting you mirror on the posts. The driving examiner normally ask the pupil to stop on the left somewhere conventionally safe. Avoid stopping on the bend. This is the start of the independent driving section of the driving test. The driving examiner has asked Sophie to follow the signs marked, ” SLOUGH” It is very easy to miss direction signs. The best thing is, as soon as you see a direction sign check mirrors and ease slightly of the gas. This will give you time to read the board. Notice that the speed limit has change to Nation speed limit. that is 60 mph on this road. Many learner drivers fail on this road for driving too slow. They assume it is 30. The driving examiner will expect you to drive at least 40 mph on this road. if during the independent driving section of the test you forget where you are going, you can ask the examiner for confirmation. Very shortly we will be approaching a double roundabout. Many learner drivers fail their driving test on these double roundabouts. This is because they do not give way at the second roundabout. Make sure the second roundabout is clear before proceeding. The driving examiner has now asked Sophie to follow the signs marked “IVER” Iver is on the left at the roundabout, That is the first exit. Bear in mind that thus is still part of the Independent drive. We are still following the signs marked Iver. The last road sign on the previous road was marked 40 mph. So this road is a continuous of the 40 mph. The speed limit has now changed to 30 mph. We are now approaching Iver High Street. This is still part of the Independent Driving section of the test. The driving examiner has just informed Sophie that the Independent driving Section of the test is now finished. From this point on wards the driving examiner will give directions as normal. At certain times of the day Iver High Street can get extremely busy. Be prepared to give way to large vehicle and pedestrians. Large vehicles can easily hide pedestrians. Be careful especially at pedestrian crossings. The driving examiner has just asked Sophie to turn left. This is Iver Lane. Shortly the speed will be changing to 40 mph. But bear in mind that it is still 30 until you pass the point Sophie is doing extremely well. So far, she has made no mistakes. not even a single minor error. The speed limit will shortly be changing to 30mph. So keep an eye for those signs. During the driving test the examiner will ask you to stop on the left several times. Remember to check over your right shoulder to make sure its safe before moving off. Spohie will now be turning right into Cowley High Street. We are now turning left into Clammas Way. On these types of roads it is very important to continuously check the mirrors. The driving examiner has asked Sophie to stop close to the vehicle in front. This is to see wheather she can move off at an angle. Avoid getting too close to the driver in front as you will only make it harder for your self to get out. Remember you should always be able to see the tires and the tarmac. The road now follows to the left and becomes Clayton Way. We have just turned into Field Way. At the end of this road we will be turning left into Orchard Drive. We are now in Station Road. We have just turned left into Cleaveland Road. This is the road where Brunel University is. Sophie has just turned left into Villers Street. The roads along here are quite narrow. Be prepared to give way to on coming vehicles. At the end of this road we will be turning right into Elthorne Road. We have just turned onto the Greenway. Very shortly Sophie will be turning left onto White Hall Road. This is where Sophie makes her first driving fault. You will notice that as she turns she goes over the white center line. The driving examiner has chosen not to mark this as a serious fault as there where no on coming vehicles. He has given Sophie a minor fault. We are now in Watford Road. At the end of this road we will be turning left into Cowley Road. If you make a mistake during your driving test you must continue and let the examiner do his job. Do not assume that the examiner will fail you for the mistake and you must not give up. At the traffic lights we will be turning right onto Cowley Mill Road. Many learner drivers fail on this box junction. Why not watch our video on box junctions? You should not enter a box junction unless your exit is clear. Once you are in the box you can wait as long as you want, as long as your exit is clear and you are prevented from turning by on coming vehicles. At the traffic lights we will be turning left back into the driving test centre. The driving test is not over. As Sophie has not carried out her reverse exercise. The driving examiner will ask Sophie to reverse into a bay of her choice. You need to be very careful with the observations during this exercise. You will notice there are motorcyclist about Uxbridge driving test centre also conducts motorcycle tests.


  1. Just passed my practical driving test, at Uxbridge driving test center, I personally would like to thank Mr Shak for his help and support simply his an exceptional and would highly recommended. Thank you Shak.

  2. Failed my 6th driving test, 3 faults all together with 1 serious, I went over a curb in a small junction as a van was pulling out and the safest option to me was stay in my lane. So gutted right now, I donโ€™t know what to do.

  3. I've passed my driving test yesterday first time at uxbridge, thanks a lot for this video which helped me to be familiar with the place as I hadn't driven there before my test

  4. Thank you very much for this video. I please I wish to find out apart these Uxbridge Driving Route, do they have my more routes? If yes please do you have videos on them.
    Thank you.

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