Repairing a Gravel Driveway with a Box Blade

Hey Everybody. Take a look what I finally
got behind me here. And now we’ve got a whole lot of work to do. Now the first thing I actually
did with this was drive around and bush hog on the yard. Now I know your not supposed
to use a bush hog on the yard but, our yard was severely overgrown, because the lawn mower
is broken. So to kinda get used to the simple start, stop, forward, backward, left, right
kind of procedure, I mowed the yard a little bit with it yesterday. So now that I’ve got
a little bit of a better understanding on the operation and the safety of the tractor,
now I need to get to work. Now the biggest project that we have waiting for us in terms
of necessity is our driveway. Let me show you the problems we’re having. As you can
tell, we’ve got a rock driveway and the ground is slightly sloped higher on that side than
it is toward our driveway end. So when you see this little rut is because before this
grass grew in we had a bit of runoff that covered up the driveway and now has turned
that into a pothole. But that is by far probably the least of our worries. You can see that
there are a series of potholes right here at the apex of the driveway. This is right
where you, either coming up or down, from the round about that is right in front of
the house. And this is just… You know the only vehicle we have is a mini van. I have
a vehicle from my work as well that handles this driveway a bit better but the poor minivan
is just about tired of this. Now the sad thing is here is that you don’t even know what is
wrong with this. The sad thing is that probably about half inch or an inch below all this
red dirt is blacktop asphalt. We had some asphalt delivered to us once because this
had just gotten so bad and had it spread out. This is the bottom of it. What I mean is there’s
a bit of an up-slope up toward the road and if I spin you 180, there’s the up-slope going
up toward the house. And just a rough guessing from how tall I am and how well I cannot see
over that hill, I’m guessing its a good 10 foot rise. So you can understand why we dont
just have this filled in with dirt. So anyway, this is runoff primarily from where the dog
is up there. And come down and has completely enveloped this. Now probably despite all the
bumps and bruises, probably the worst actual part of the driveway, to actually try to navigate
is right here. because hidden in that lump of grass in center screen right between the
dirt path on the far right and the gravel on the left, that patch of grass right in
the middle of the screen, thats actually a little bit of a rut, a ditch. And then on
the other side on this grass, I think its a little more obvious to see the big rut that’s
there. And we’ve pretty much taken to straddling this rut in order to get through. So this
is probably the worst part of the driveway that needs to be repaired right away. But
this is what’s actually going to be my biggest challenge. My water meter. Because my water
line comes in from the road, and then down this way, to the driveway, and then almost
right down the middle up to the top of the hill and down the driveway just a little bit
more before it takes almost a 90 degree turn to the back side of the house. I can understand
why it was installed that way, as difficult as it is going to be for me to work with now,
because where else would they put it. I mean this entire area over here is a mess there
would have been a whole lot of clearing that had to be done to make that work. and it was
the only other way to get in. So what I am going to do is practice a little bit on the
upside of the driveway here and get used to the implement and when I am familiar enough
with it that I think I can reasonably feel safe around the water pipe, the I will shut
off the water in case a mistake is made,and proceed to work around the water pipe. And
there’s actually another section of water pipe as well that services that hose bib over
there. But the good news about it is, I know exactly where it is. Because there’s a rut
from where it was actually put in after we had the driveway installed. And there’s a
bit of a rut still from where everything settled afterward. Alright so that is my long explanation
of what we’re gonna do first with the brand new tractor. Everybody, well thats going to
be it for today on this project, but theres still a lot that needs to be done. You know
when I got the box blade, I was told by a couple different people that I might eventually want
to end up getting just a leveling blade because a box blade was going to be good to break
everything up right now, but in the future it was going to be easier to maintain this
just using a blade. and I can see why. I think the next time I come out here I am going to
remove the tines off the box blade and just use the box itself and try to get this a little
more level. I did put the bucket on float and drive backwards over all this to try to
level it out, but I think I can do a little better of a job with the box blade if I just
take the tines off. So, if you can tell, this is a lot more level. Now to get it level,
I basically had to make the driveway about twice as high as it was before. but I really
dont have too much of a problem with that. And its certainly not perfectly level but
its certainly also doesn’t have big ditches in it anymore where we’re gonna bottom out
our minivan like we were doing before. Going toward the house you can kinda see where some
of this blacktop that I had told you that we placed down before has come back up. Not
all of it. Again I’m still kinda nervous about going down too far and snagging the water
line, so really Im just more worried about trying to get it flat on top that go all the
way down and losen everything back up. And as we get toward the top of the hill you kinda
see the rivets on the right and left. you can tell where the new material is that was
scraped off the top and pushed off to the side. This was another one of the big rivines
caused by the runoff and everything filled in pretty well, I mean there certainly is a
lot to learn as far as you know, being able to finesse with the box blade. But overall,
I am pretty happy with the way things have turned out for this time. I think probably
the only way to make it look better other than having a whole lot more hours of skill
under my belt with the machine, would be if I had like a rake that I could put at the
end of this. You can see all the grass clods from where the grass has started growing over,
that have now been torn out and if I had a rake, I think I could better distribute some
of the top rock and get rid of all the extra grass, but unless it takes root again, which
we’re not scheduled to have rain again for like the next week, hopefully it will just
decompose where it is and get back into the soil. One thing I also wanted to mention,
I am going to come back through here later and the intention is to add a bit of a ditch
right here. You can still see that the entire ground level is higher on the left than it
is on the right to still include the driveway. So what I would like to do , is right down
on the edge of the driveway, put a channel and you can also see probably that the ground
further from me is higher that the ground closer to me so if I can dig a deeper channel
from that side coming this way hopefully I can run the water off and follow the natural
slope of the land the rest of the way, just stop it from getting onto the driveway and
then I’ll take it off and ill go behind everything here and then theres a natural rivine that
goes down that way. And just try to direct the water around the driveway and then down.
So, thats another day. So there you are, that is the first real use of the brand new farm
tractor. Happy Jared.

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