Repairing a Gravel Driveway with the Ventrac Power Rake

My name’s Aaron Graber, and today we are power
raking a gravel driveway. This driveway leads back to an auto repair
shop and towing operation, so they get a lot of traffic in and out and a lot of heavy traffic
as well from tow trucks. It’s also coming out of winter time, and the
freeze-thaw effect does not go well for driveways like this. The Ventrac Power Rake will be able to go
through here and renovate these areas. To deconstruct and re-level to not be so hard
on cars going in and out. After about an hour with the Ventrac Power
Rake, you can see there are no potholes left, and we were able to fracture the surface,
get underneath and really break apart all the gravel and loose stone around those potholes. This leveled everything back off and put everything
on the same plane. Aside from the potholes this driveway had,
there were a couple very low spots out by the road. That’s to be expected because as cars drive
in, they move that gravel up the driveway. With the Ventrac Power Rake, we were able
to level the whole thing off and move some of that gravel back to get those areas filled
in so the water can go away and it can be a smoother transition from the road to the
driveway. Long term, this will keep the driveway in
better condition and from further deteriorating as people drive on it.


  1. Only way to fix potholes is to rough up the surface. Only filling them never works, but if you fluff up all of the area around the pothole and level out the gravel then you will fix them much better. They will come back but if you continue to do this eventually they will not come back as quickly.

  2. For anybody on here that is looking for an awesome tractor with everything you need this is the one this thing is badass y'all

  3. I bought a john deer and have nothing but issues with the hydro, deck, and countless other things. I should have bought this Machine!! Live and learn. Anybody wanna buy a John deere?

  4. I really want to try this but I've got red neck concrete gravel guys betting their lives that this doesn't work.

  5. waste of time and money if you don't wash the stones. Railway guys know what they're doing when they recycle ballast.

  6. Would it be worthwhile for Ventrac to create a compactor attachment for projects like this to solidify the gravel in place after resurfacing the area?

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