Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to BMX streets pipe. This is a new game that showed up on Steam That’s all about BMX racing and everything and I played the game descenders recently to try and get in back into these types of games and I love these it’s been awhile since we had a proper BMX game and Session was that in game that I played recently as well all about skateboards And it’s been a while since we had a decent skateboard game as well So hopefully we’re getting the rise back in these types of games because I loved them III really appreciate this But I don’t really know how good this one is oh my god look at me Would I say Oh my I’m going apparently what a sexy lady. I am. Oh and she’s dead My god they call her broad back Damn, she thick though. What do we what are we doing? Are we just in this? Is this just the way it is? That was awesome I’m already incredible at this Okay, I can do that. I can do a wheelie I can’t I probably should have done a tutorial, huh? I probably should Wow probably should have figured out how this game works before I decided to get back into it? Don’t need a tutorial you see that backwards half thing Excellent all right so training grounds it is start challenge pedal to the finish line. Okay, so you just pedal this way got it Simple challenge complete Is that it Just challenge complete. Do I have to go back to the other side to do the other challenges Jesus Alright God the camera doesn’t turn either because the right stick is all my jumping and everything ah can you start it? How do we stop!? Ohhh Like that got it okay. I’m getting there tap “a” to pedal faster. It’s Grand Theft Auto rules See that you see that you see these skills Pedaling forward peddling faster, you’ve never seen anything like this before Right stick down and then right stick up the jump Okay, so that’s how it works. Hup! Hell yeah, oh Now I’m going backwards I’m better than all of you basically don’t even come at me tuck up to get over the bike rack What *Im better than all of you basically* Left trigger right trigger and right stick up. Oh my god. Are you really not try again? Yes? Okay, there. We go oh Ohhhhhhhh So you mean right stick up after you jump you should have told me that OHH YEAH That was cool Oh, I like this. This is like playing the old Matt Hoffman games. Oh I miss those. Start challenge. Yes, I’m trying I’m pressing “Y”! There we go We just had to get off here the quarter psuh the left stick forward on transitions to pump hop at the end Oh my god. Oh my god, and she is absolutely dead poor broad back K, I still don’t really know what you meant Did I do it oh god your face oh fuck Challenge complete what I? I did a sick back flip that was good. I can’t move ok ok No get up What are you doing broad back? There we go she’s up again my god She’s a beast alright. Well. I’m basically a master at this by now, so I’m going to ride the pipe. Watch this shit! Oh? Yeah I thought you landed it. What’s wrong with you? My god the controls Normally are garbage, and why sometimes can I not get back on my bike? There we go Okay, got it. How do I get back up there though? Can I have make a reset thing like the way skate does or I can just press down and then I’m back here? Oh? That is exactly what it is Okay, you didn’t tell me that Oh God ah fuck. k, backflip Yes, land it. Fuck! I can’t even land easy things man There we go that was an easy thing I landed That was-that, that was the same thing again, and I didn’t even land it a second time right. I just want a backflip Huh Yes, yes go all the way back fuck yeah, oh gosh, she’s dead again. I think the bike is trying to kill you not me That was cool. I like that if we can keep those flowing We’ll get her going. Oh, I like this one(wheep bonk!) ha ha My, Jesus ride bike yes, please I’ve been trying for the last 10 minutes Okay Can I grind? I, I, we may never know What the fuck I defied the laws of physics to grind on that one It was incredible. Oh, Jesus. I’m so sorry. I’m not even trying to kill you. It is hilarious. Though. Oh Yes!! I mean whatever about falling over now, but yes That was incredible, okay, go broad back spider back spider back doing flips Spider back alright we start down here now so I can do some grinds Amazing another thing that’s grinding out are my bones into dust oh Damn it. I need to get it right. I need to get it. I need to get the angle right oh Yes That’s cool Sometimes these games are a bit ahh god sometimes these games are a bit too unforgiving when it comes to things like this like trying to grind Like that I’m like Make me magnetize a small bit maybe Cuz otherwise im just gonna break all my shit all the time I mean if that’s what your plan is if that’s what your goal is that’s what you’re inta then don’t let me stop ya But I I just feel like I want to do cool shit That was not one of them yes, bitch yo, bitch I just love that you fall into a lump Big one, big one Big one what’s this trick watch? I call this one the flippy dippy Whoop! That was actually cool. That’s exactly what I meant to do I Know it didn’t look awesome. It wasn’t supposed to right. I don’t want to be too good. If i’m too good No one will take me seriously, okay How do we actually get up onto these things if I want to go down them or like? How do we get the speed to go up this? Are those tire tracks actually mine That’s kind of neat. I did it again the flippy dippy. I also want to see what this pole is all about That’s about to be expected. I’d say look ma look. I know how to skateboard maaaaaham I hurt my arm Can you climb this Come on broad back come on broad back. Nope ah I can just go through the top again. That’s nice appreciate that Uh, Oh Ohhh God Well if you wanted to have kids before that dream is fucking dead now You just gave birth to a bike ah Yes, oh Owwww That would have been incredible if you didn’t break everything Baby, are you okay? Shake your hand if you’re alright She’s fine oh I Did not mean to end up out there Well at least we know now has science gone too far merging merging human with bike The answer is yes it kills both none of them are happy Jesus cried Ohhhh the fucking double backflip Ohhhh broadback you’re the best! Putting fucking Betty to shame Tee hee hahahaha I even tried to get out over it, and I couldn’t. What happens if I tuck under *Music* Starfish death okay well I’m gonna leave this video of pipe here really cool game. I like it a lot. I know there There’s not a whole lot to it right now. This is basically all it is I think I don’t know if there’s actually any other levels that I can go into, but I like the idea I Really, hope that they continue this and I really hope that they progressed it and get it to a point where it’s like a full fleshed out game because this could be something really special if they keep some of that goofiness and Well, I don’t know how serious they want to get with it cuz I said the same about the session game How I wanted some of the goofiness of skate to be in it But then they said they were going for a more realistic approach to the game which is fine by me It’s just weird that they prefaced it by saying like everyone wants a new skate game Which is like everyone likes skate because it was goofy or at least that’s why it became popular again, so It’ll be cool to see this just turn into a game I would love a fully open world basically this skate 3, but this skate 3 with bikes. That would be fun I would really like that a lot but I’m gonna follow the development of this and Hopefully people show support to them and we can get this into a fully fleshed out game because right now. It’s up on Steam So I assumed they are gonna commit to it It’s gonna be awesome But for now, thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it PUNCH that like button IN THE FACE like a boss! AND! High fives all around Wapoosh! Wapoosh! But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes… IN THE NEXT VIDEOO! *Outro* Man all that falling down and breaking your face has made me hungry

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