Rides with Strangers COMPLETE

*reads text* Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome to Rides with Strangers. Now, the full game isn’t out yet, Um, this is just the demo. So thank you to Wade and the developers for giving me access to this. So this is a new experience for me, Even though you guys may have seen this before, but this is new for me. So… Don’t spoil anything in the comments below, while I’m playing! Be respectful. *whispers* Shhh, it’s quiet time… Okay, so… When a car is coming you must stand by the road to be sure the driver can see you, Once the driver can see you, zoom in and place the…”eye” icon on the car. Once the “eye” icon turns fully white, it will enter hitch mode. Here you must press the space key once the “eye” icon turns green. Oooookaayyyy! Great! [Laughing] You must survive the ride in order to make it to your destination- Why is that the only option?! Why can’t I have a friendly ride with a friendly stranger? The happy stranger that gives me candy and tells me cool stories about the war! Oh boy… Rolling down the window will give you some fresh air- -oh wait- While in Ride Mode, you must keep an eye on the stranger. Do this by simply pressing the “A” key to look left. Looking left will prevent them from attacking you? Every time you look at the stranger it will fill the “Sketch Meter” a bit. Once the Sketch Meter is full, you can no longer look at the stranger so balance this well. Answering questions correctly will reduce the rate of the stranger attacking you! EUAAH Rolling down the window will give you some fresh air and help you calm down. At any time you can tuck and roll [Laughing] to bail out of the car [Normally] to re-enter hitch mode and keep your distance progress. Oh! If you tuck and roll more than twice you will be sent back to the first spawn. [Laughing] If you roll the window down answer times are cut in half. Ahhhhhhhhh. [Sharp inhale] Greaaaaaaat- Press enter to enter suici- NO THANK YOU I’M OKAY I’M GONNA PLAY THIS ON THE NORMAL MODE BEACAUSE I STILL DONT UNDERSTA- hi…. How ya doin’ buddy? How ya doin’ friend? Oh Boy,Look At This [Reading billboard] “Have you seen her?” [Strained] THATS NOT A GOOD SIGN FOR THE FIRST THING THAT I LOOK AT! [Reading bottom text] “Stand under the arrow.” Okay. I- Am gonna doodoofullillilly (dutifully) do this! Oh good! There’s already a car on the way. (how convenient) Something tells me [Laughing] there’s only one possible option for this! [Laughing] And that’s to tuck and roll as soon as possible! Oh man. I have no ide- I have no idea if there are actually different strangers in this, but considering that it’s only the demo I imagine that in the full game there are gonna be different- Oh I was s’posed to I was supposed to do something wasn’t I? Ahh! Well! That was probably the only kindhearted soul [Laughing] in this game and anyone else [Laughing] is gonna be a murdering psychopath! GREAAAT! Oooh, I’m uncomfortable already! BUT, aren’t we all?! Isn’t that the -uh- great experience of life, to be… as perpetually uncomfortable as you possibly could be. Oh, okay. [Reading bottom text] “…in on the car” Kay do I… There we go. AHHH, there we go! [Reading bottom text] “Much success!” Did that say “Much Success”?! Or was that “mission success”? I’m not 100% sure Hi! Hello friendly person! other… heh friendly human? (Mark Not Friendly!) Stranger: Good evening child. Mark: ugh Stranger: What are you doing out there? Mark: Well y’know… Stranger: Here… Take a seat and let me give you a ride… Mark: NOOAW! I’LL WALK! Alright… fine. Stranger: Please… come in.
Mark: Let’s play the game. Stranger: Please… sit. Mark: Thanks for warming it up with-for-for-for-with-for me. Oh, I’m comfortable! What about you? Kay, so it said the A key to look at him.. so I don’t get murdered Eeugh What an UGLY guy- [Chuckling] I mean- What a HANDSOME DEVIL! Look at you! Literally a devil. Ohbo- Stranger: This is a dangerous place to be hitchhiking… Mark: [Distressed grunt] Stranger: What is a precious young thing such as yourself doing out there? Mark: I’unno! [Reading options] “…Can take care of myself…” “…dangerous…” “Why is that any of your business fucking creep…” “I’m a lost sheep who is going through the burden of life.” YEAH! I’M A LOST SHEEP! Stranger: The Lord has brought you to me for a reason then… And we shall discover it. Mark: [Apprehensive grunt] Mark: It’s busted. Okay. [Talking about the radio] [Weird Thumping Noise] Mark: Whawazat? Was that your foot? Locked. Okay, that’s always good. [Talking about the door] Oh man, that meter goes up quick! heh That meter- -uh- compared to the travel meter which- I imagine that that’s how close we get to the destination BOY, that goes up quick! HUH Stranger: Well we have quite a ways ahead of us… Mark: [Scooby Doo-like voice] Ah, yeah, y’know Stranger: May I ask… where is it you are travelling to? Mark: OH YA KNOW! STUFF ‘N’ THINGS! EUHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHHHHHHH IMPORTANT MEEETING! Stranger: Then I shall get you there before you are missed. Mark: UAHEH, WHY WOULD I BE MISSED? EUGH! Oh shit. HOW OFTEN AM I SUPPOSED TO LOOK AT THIS GUY? DON’T KILL! What are you doin’ there?! Scratching your nose? Or reaching for a… GUN! Stranger: I can tell by the way you are dressed… and present yourself… …you have ones that love you. Mark: Uh huh.
Stranger: I was forsaken at birth by my mother… Stranger: and was raised by fathers… Stranger [Softly]: …who are no longer with us. Mark: WHY DO I CARE ABOUT THIS?! Stranger [Muttering]: ..What would your parents say if they knew you were hitchiking…? Mark: Uhhhhmmm. SS-AIIIEUUUGHH DIAEEHHH They probably would’ve been happy I got picked up by YOOOU Mark: Friend!
Stranger: Mmmm… yes… Stranger: To think someone else could’ve found you before I did… Mark: Uh huh. Can I- can I tuck and roll already? CAN I TUCK AND ROLL? How do I get- I can’t reach over there… Why can’t I tuck and roll? Oh jeez. Oh jeez. (x2) Aw jeez. (x3) Aw jeez. (x4) Oh, there we go. Oh, okay. Ah… Ok So I gotta press D to look over to the right.. [Audibly winces] Stranger: Funny, how this world is… Mark: AH YESH SO FUNNY
Stranger: And God has set this path in front of me. Mark: SO FUNNY BUT-
Stranger: You see I have this…. itch… This… itch… I can’t control. Stranger: I tried to run away from it but it just
Mark: wah Stranger: brings me to you. Mark: I’M NOT GUNNA SCRATCH YOUR ITCH!
Stranger: It reminds me of the story Stranger: of the scorpion and the frog. Are you familiar with that? Mark: NO-AO! [Reading options] “Du-du-river-doesn’t the scorpion kill the frog at the end?” [Selecting option] “I don’t think I know that one.” [Sniffle] Stranger: It’s a beautiful parable about how it is difficult to act against one’s nature. [THUMP] Mark: Oh… Okay… EUUUUUGHHHHH Imma tuck ‘n roll soon… Stranger: I have made a vow with God to purge the heretics of this world. In exchange… he suppresses the itch… Mark: Oh. Stranger: so it has come time to ask… are you a God-fearing woman? Mark: UUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH [Selecting option] “I PREYETH TO THE MAN JESUS!” Stranger: Blasphemy… …how DARE YOU?! Mark: WHAT DID I DO? I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!! I told ya. I PRAY! REAL HARD. EVERY DAY! ALL DAY! Ooh boy… Oh boy What is– whoa whoa… What is that? What is– why is this the– Stranger: Now… What is the worst thing you have ever done? Mark: UH. GET IN A CAR WITH A TOTAL STRANGER? Let’s see… what’s UHHHhh [Reading options] “Co- six grams of coke up my ass and fucked your mother.” [Selecting option] “What ab- what about you?” Oh shit uh– shit Mark: Shit
Stranger: If you must know… I have killed… Mark: Roll down the window-
Stranger: If you must know… I have killed… Mark: Roll dow-….
Stranger: If you must know… I have killed… Stranger: If you must know… I have killed… Mark: Oh god!
Stranger: …raped… Stranger: …raped… Mark: OH GOD!
Stranger: …raped… Mark: [Gasps]
Stranger: …and tortured many. Mark: Oh god!
Stranger: Little boys are my passion… Stranger: Little boys are my passion… but I pray to God Mark: EUGH!
Stranger: to forgive… Mark: OH GOD!
Stranger: …and cleanse me Mark: SHOULD I TUCK AND ROLL? THAT SEEMS BAAAAAAD Mark: EUUUUUGHHHHHH I CAN’T CALM DOWN FAST ENOUGH [Muffled moaning from game] Uhhhhhhhhhhhh… Da fuck was that? Oh shit Awh shit Stranger: YOU HERETIC!
Mark: AH FUCK! Mark: Augh! Fuck off dude! What the fuck was that? I was looking at him- awh god! I’M IN THE CAR AGAIN AH SHIT! IT’S A PERPETUAL NIGHTMARE! Who’da THUNK? Maybe I should’ve bailed ou- I’m pretty sure I should’ve bailed out when I started hearing the moans of his last victim in the TRUNK
Stranger: This is a dangerous place to- Mark: I’m gettin’ to maximum [sketch meter] Okay I’m tuck and roll! Tu-tuck roll! Let’s get outta here! Tuck roll! HRBRBRBRBRBRHBRHBRHBRHRBHRBHRBRHR Well shit. I think it said that I could keep my progress… …which is nice. Apparently… maybe? uh oh. AWGHHHHH God dammit. How was I supposed to be able to make it all the way down!? Oh hello. What is that? What is that? Is there another car on the way? Wait I’m in the same place I was… …maybe I did save my progress.. OOH! If I did save my progress… UBUDUBUHUHE BEBDJEBDEBED Please! Please! This better not be the same guy… This better not be the same guy. Is it the same guy? It’s the same guy… Hi. Same Guy: Good evening child…
Mark: Hi same guy. HI! Priest: What are you doing out there? Mark: EUAHWHH! Mark: I just broke all of my ribs- trying to run away from this crazy pries- OH SHIIIIIIT! Stranger: Please… take a-
Mark: ok. Stranger: YOU HERETIC!
Mark: WHOA FUCK, WHAT?! Mark: WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT? OHHH! COME ON MANNNN! Aww! It all reset. God dammit! Oh boy… gettin’ close… Gettin’ close to maximum creepage… Wo-hey hey friend hey- wooh- fuck I shouldn’t look at him when he’s doing that I don’t think there’s any reason to do it I just want to make sure he doesn’t stab me in the throat. That’d be nice. Okay. MAXIMUM CREEP ACHIEVED! MAXIMUM CREEP TUCK N ROLL BABY! TUCK N’ ROLL! WOOAAAAAAAHUEHEUHEHHOOOOOO Isn’t this guy gonna learn one day to not let me tuck and roll? Good thing it’s in old car with no electronic locks. Oh no… Oh…. I thought it was- you couldn’t you couldn’t tuck more than two times… oh shit well… I’m-I’m definitely fucked aren’t I? Well, I sure am! Okay, so. SOMEHOW I gotta get through this on just- Stranger: This is a dangerous place to be hitchhiking… Mark: I gotta get to fifty percent- Stranger: What is a precious young thing such as yourself doing out there? Mark: I have to get to- oh boy… let’s see. Stranger: Yes… I presume you can…
Mark: I have to get to fifty percent… Mark [Whispering]: Holy shit Mark: That’s not gonna be good… I’m not gonna make it to 50% Woh boy, I’m not Not gonna make it He’s gonna kill me. He’s gonna stab me. He’s gonna murder me. He’s gonna die me He’s gonna kill me. Priest: YOU HERETIC!
Mark: WHOA Mark: See, I- How are you supposed to make that? I guess…. don’t ask him… what’s the worst thing he’s ever done…. for one… Goddammit… Eughhhh Okay, so the game crashed, unfortunately. Which is bad because I was just about to beat it But I did – when I restarted, I was reading the instructions again and I saw something that I did not see before and that’s that I can click on the speed limit signs To make him go faster. You distracted the driver. GO FASTER PLEASE! Oh shit, I gotta… do the window thing. I don’t think he can- I don’t think he’ll kill you- Stranger: [Inaudible muttering] when he’s talking, or when there’s a question being asked. I don’t think that happens ok I’m pretty sure Stranger: …that somebody else could’ve found you before I did. Mark [muttering]: sure ya are. Mark: Okay, Yeah, I’m 100% sure now that he doesn’t kill you when you’re asking a que- or he’s asking a question, or you’re being asked a question. Stranger: …It’s a beautiful parable about how… Mark: Or he’s talking or you’re answering. Stranger: …impossible to act against one’s nature… I don’t think – I don’t think it happens so… …That might be a way… …to get through the whole thing… in one go. Okay, I’m definitely farther than where I was …and I’m definitely doing better. Whoa – hey – oh shit. Ahh fuck A little better anyway. Hey- HIII! How ya’ doin’ smiley?! WOOOOOHHHKay alright!
Stranger: A person’s faith Stranger: can determine the outcome of their lives. As in the scripture of James 1:3 You know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Mark: Uh-huh. Stranger: Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
Game: [Muffled moaning] Mark: Ummm.
Stranger: Or is it just
Game: [Muffled moaning] …chaos? Mark: Eugh… My faith ith UNBWEAKABLE! Stranger: Then you are truly blessed. Stranger: YOU HERETIC!
Mark: WhatTHEFUCK?! AWHH?! BUT I WAS SO CLOSE! AWHHH! I WAS GONNA DO IT! AUGH! SO CLOSE ON ONE TRY! Son of a biscuit-eating bumper nucker Son of a bample flamp! I must’ve missed some like- road signs or something Whoa-hey Hi (x1) Hi (x2) Hi friend (x3) Hi (x4) Okay, that’s weird. That’s really weird. Ohhh that’s weird Oh! AGAIN? With the double? Oh okay! Double looks! Alright, cool! I know I’m VERY attractive… and all that…. but… you need to stop that. Stop that very much. Almost there. [softly] almost there. Ask a question please… Stranger: YOU HERETIC!
Mark: WHOA! WHAT THE FU-FUCK YOU! COME ON! Mark: OOHHHHHH FUCK THAT! Why didn’t he ask a godda- awhhhh! Fuck that. Anana-now- It’s not gonna work cause I gotta restart it cause it’s gonna do the double- fine, just kill me again. Fine. [Softly] Fuck it. [Softly] Creepy. No!>:( Whadda yo- whadda ya doin’? Whadda ya doin?! Stranger: Funny how this world is. How God has set this path in front of me. You see, I have this itch… Mark: Yeah, keep talkin’ buddy Stranger: This itch I can’t control. Mark: Keep talkin’ Stranger: I tried to run away from it but it just brings me to you. Mark: Keep talkin! Stranger: It reminds me of the story of the Scorpion and the Frog. Are you familiar with it? [Straining voice] Mmm… Stranger: Oh dear, Mark: Oh! Stranger: It appears we are nearing the end of our journey together child. Mark: Yay! Stranger: I do wish we had more time together.
Mark: Ohhh… Mark: Yay! I DID IT! WOAAAAAA- I MADE IT! I DIDN’T DIE! I DIDN’T GET MURDERED! I DIDN’T GET STABBED IN THE NECK! OHHH JOYOUS DAY! Man that was… …difficult to do, I don’t know how you could do that in one go… Uhmmmm It seemed to me… that… The only time really to look at him was when he was looking at you because that seemed to be the testy and he would do two different things He would look at you straight on for a long time and then… He would also do this lingering… like just, side glance and if he’s- that counts as him looking at you. so if he… if you glance over and he’s doing the little sidey you gotta look at him until he turns away or looks at you. So you gotta- Those are the two things to watch out for The other times… HE’S NOT GONNA KILL YA so… You only gotta watch out for those so- you gotta like somehow spend only your time on those things instead of lingering on him when he’s not looking at you ’cause that’s a waste. Okay! BUT ANYWAY! That is ‘Rides with Strangers’ Um, I don’t know if there’s a way to publicly access the demo… But you can still support the game, it’s still in development so Check out the link in the description below AND THANK YOU EVERYBODY, SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! AND AS ALWAYS, I WILL SEE YOU… IN THE NEXT VIDEO! BYE BYE! *Haunted outro* [Top left, course scream] HEEEEYY WHAAAT? NOT COOL BRUH [Bottom left] AH! Okay! We’re running! WE’RE RUNNING AWAY NOW! WE’RE RUNNING AWAY AS FAST AS WE CAN! OH GOD!

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