Riding the Wall of Death

(engine revving) (carnival music) – The first ride is
the straight-wall ride. The second act is our go-kart. So it’s four wheels this time. Third act, it’s riding one
of these lovely ladies. And we do hands-off,
standing up hands-off, sitting on the side, standing on the side, a whole array of acts. It’s an experience you can’t compare anything in the world to. I’m Kerri Cameron and
I’m a Wall of Death rider and I ride for Luke Fox’s
original Wall of Death. – See the Hell Riders race this afternoon. We’ll take you way back in time. Back to the late 1920’s … – I started riding the Wall
of Death by pure accident. (somber music) I used to work with horses … And unfortunately, where I was
working the place shut down. So naturally, we went to the job center and I just typed in horse
rider into the search engine and Wall of Death rider came up. And I went down to the yard
and they had the wall built up. I knew there and then that was it. (suspenseful music) You do get very dizzy when
you first learn to ride because you’ve got to
build your stamina up to the dizziness. (child screams in delight) You have to be going at least
30 mile an hour to stay on otherwise gravity will
just whip you straight off. It’s a mixture of three things, so balance, speed and
obviously a bit of stamina. Just lifting your arm up to wave goodbye to the audience is quite a feat. – Ladies and gentlemen … Kerri Cameron. (cheers) (carnival music) – It is a good feeling
being a female rider in this masculine environment. It gives me a great buzz
because a lot of people, when they see you walk into the wall, they just think you’re a
bit of flash, you know. But as soon as they see
you get on the bike, you can hear like murmurs saying “Oh, there’s a girl on a motorbike.” See all their faces light up. And then after the show, all
the girls they’re all like wow, you’ve got bigger balls
than most of the men. (laughs) But it’s great to know that
they’re looking at you thinking well if you can do it, then so can I.


  1. I knew there would be a part of the video where she would mention females for no reason but to be annoying

  2. Lucky enough to see her a few times now you can't take your eyes off her incredible lady and absolutely gorgeous, what a show !

  3. i have a buddy who does this in lahore,pakistan . not professionally but for fun . they have these walla at a place in lahore where people can do this and super busy,crazy and fun . ill try to get a video next time and share it on youtube .

  4. How come the coppers don't fancy her a ticket?! She's not wearing a melon bucket! Nor, are any of the other fuzzy class acts. It's got me in stitches!

  5. Come to India ,, you'll see ,, 2 cars and 4 bikes.. this video is just Like a motion poster… You can see movie here.

  6. "I started riding the wall of death purely by accident."

    How did you do that? Make a wrong turn somewhere and end up on it? 😆

  7. This is basically called, 'Maut ka Kua' or Well of Death in Hindi. It is a regular feature in all village fairs in India.

  8. I’m not sure women are thinking hhhm if she can ride a motor bike on a wall then so can I…I’m not sure women think like that..

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