RMV Drivers Test – Maneuvers

the maneuvers portion of your driving exam is designed to test you on some basic functions you’ll need as a licensed driver you may be asked to perform maneuvers in any order you’ll be asked to back up in a straight line along the side of a road or occur it’s important not to rely on backup cameras too much you can use it but you also need to physically demonstrate the ability to check your surroundings when backing up you do not need to keep two hands on the wheel in fact you should have your right arm around the passenger seat to see through the back window you will be asked to complete a three-point turn it’s important to use your signals and check your mirrors and blind spot river traffic remember you’ll be testing on active roads so be careful look out for cars if another car approaches you during any section of the test so don’t panic and use your best judgment we’ll also ask you to parallel park again use your signal and check your mirrors and blind spots for traffic watch out for the sidewalk and don’t park too far away from the curb finally you’ll be asked to park on a hill the hill isn’t available you may be asked to simulate the hill stop be sure to engage your emergency brake and turn your wheel in the right direction great once your maneuvering is complete you’ll be directed back to the service center for the results [Music]

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