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Hello, I’m Czardus and you may recognize me from my many Let’s Plays on my channel: both modded and unmodded. Today, I’m excited to be collaborating with Paradox Interactive to bring you a tutorial about the urban planning concept of Road hierarchy. The city we’ll be taking a look at is Haven Brewery which was built without using any mods. The concept of road hierarchy can be very useful when designing your cities in a way that will effectively manage traffic without using mods. Generally, the idea is to have a road network organized in a way such that as the traffic increases, the amount of intersections decreases. To accomplish this, there are four different types of road designs to utilize: The Highway, the Arterial Road, the Collector Road and the Local Road. Let’s take a quick look at each of those. The Highway is the fastest road type and stands at the top of the Road Hierarchy. This type of Road should have uninterrupted travel with little to no intersections in order to ensure high speeds. Some highways go one step further and can be divided into Express and Local lanes. Here, the local lanes on the outside have the on and off-ramps while the Express lanes on the inside Travel directly through the city with minimal disruptions. Arterial roads are one step down on the hierarchy from highways. These are large roads that can handle a high amount of traffic and should be designed in a way that they have few intersections that lead to traffic lights Arterials are often the roads that connect it directly to a highway and it is best not to put much zoning on them in order To keep the traffic flow. Collector roads are the next step and serve as the intermediate step between local roads and arterials. These roads are larger avenues that will frequently have some zoning directly on them in particular. I like to put commercial zoning on my collector roads. Traffic using a collector road usually will be travelling from one part of the city to another nearby. One technique to make collector roads flow more smoothly is to toggle off the traffic lights anytime a Local Road joins a Collector. You can do this by going to the Info Panel, clicking on the Traffic Routes Overlay and going to the Junctions tab. With this overlay, you can then click on a specific intersection’s traffic light to toggle it off and click on the stop signs to toggle which roads need to give way to others. My general rule is that traffic lights should only be located when a Collector meets another Collector or an Arterial. Local Roads are the lowest roads in the hierarchy list and typically have a low speed limit while carrying low volumes of traffic. Think of these roads as the small street on which you may live or work. They serve as the direct link between a resident or a business and the larger community. They can have several intersections, typically served by stop or yield signs. Now you should have a basic understanding of the concept of Road Hierarchy and how you can implement the planning technique into your city. Thanks for watching. If you liked the video, please hit the Like button and be sure to subscribe to this channel for more tutorial videos.


  1. Think this Tutorial will help untangle your road spaghetti? Czardus will be back next week with another tutorial on beating the traffic AI!

  2. I'd love to see an advanced tutorial on the same topic. May be show us your thought process while constructing the different kinds of roads. Great video!

  3. Tutorial appreciated, but we need to get beyond names & categories and spend more time on examples. If you have a choice between an arterial and a collector, which do you pick in what situation?

  4. just a tip, when putting text overlays on screen, use a darker background too display the text better. some of the text overlays during this clip were hard too see, as the main part of the video was the same colouring as the text.

  5. I done this at my newest city. Some arterials with bus lanes with few intersections with local roads. Too much better

  6. I think I'lln't be good at recognizing arterial and collectors, and maybe between expressway and local highway.

  7. I'm so excited you got this opportunity, Czardus. You have grown so much. I one day aspire to be half as good as you!

  8. That interchange at the end though… Of course it's easy to deal with traffic, if you have that much space and money to spare.

  9. Love ur videos.
    I have an issue with my roads, and was wondering if u came across same issue.

    When building my roads, I start to notice the name on the roads become unrecognizable, meaning they are distorted and look like weird symbols. I have the popular mods installed. But was wondering if if you have come across the same issue? If so do you know?

  10. What about the challenge of bridges NOT crossing all areas of the highway, such as fly-over ramps need constant re-building, and rebuilding in order to be effective, elegance is often NOT this game's criterion… ..I spent hours trying to make an elegent looking fly-over interchange while my city burned.

  11. Wow, it is amazing to see how far you have come! As a father I have enjoyed watching your range of videos and hearing the baby noises in the background occasionally. I look forward to more content in the future 🙂

  12. The city I live in have one important bridge, but the traffic is insane at work hour. And they made a new bridge, but the road is right in the middle of residential area with barely 2 lanes roads, and once people park their car outside just for a min or so, traffic is even crazier there. Wish it's as easy as cities skyline to make roads.

  13. Ужас, это называется когда человек не в курсе что такое дорожная инфраструктура и метода управления трафиком.

  14. This game allowed me to know my favourite field of study. Bu i hace one question. If somone is successful in this game, can he/she be successful in urban engineering?

  15. Hi this video was so necessary and for this I think an French version was perfect for a best understanding to the game please paradox make one with an French cities skyline creator (like Bill silverlight) pleeeeeease thanks

  16. In Houston we got hov lanes which are the same as those middle lanes. They take you directly to downtown with only a one stops to get on and off (incase you need to make a stop before reaching downtown)

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