Road To Glory: CFC Singles for Family and Life WSC 2017 Recap Video

We are all called to be one, to be united in Christ open your hearts and your minds allow God to speak to you powerfully and allow the Holy Spirit to empower you Most often we have neglected some things the things that argument significant give everything a chance and i believe that is little insignificant thing would be our road towards the kingdom the glory of our if you like that type of the laws of the road surprise and below to thank you Lord that they made up of white in al-qaeda Gotama because the source is the one true God is the cruise good father of fun with the merciful father’s use the great iam the Georgia plan we have a lot of demands towards becoming fully but these things are meaning for only because God has called us to be like him in the first place we have our heart and when we do that one of us is definitely be a working water that wrote the story lord I am all yours all of the faith that you want to do it all the things that are passionate about you have to seek plus the best thing that’s ever happened to you start your 50 life and your little party like a warrior that they’re too have a purpose and there to make Jesus Christ glorious water became an fight for you and bred to be in communion with you here inviting you well in it laughs I choose to embrace my cross everything I know the glory nothing about anything about normalizing department they are above he has been 48 how I sake a beautiful being 3dr no God such a glorious God actually that i right and God asked where you are here allowing indication that we see up Ronnie be there I’m hold radiant and we are silent for the love and we are also invited mousy the same and she was showing how to get away for glory so now she’s nice to reach the glorious engine hours largest entry even continues affinities between value 17-0 a lot of national judgment and people level last legal until out like always remembers who are being caused by a lot you are set apart go and make disciples of all nations the name of the mother of the box included

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