Road to the Games Ep. 18.01: Annie, Sara & Katrin—Nordic Goddesses

[Sara] It’s stuck in my head. [Interviewer] What is? [Sara] Solid as a rock. A song from
Arrested Development. [Interviewer] Oh. Sarah where are we? [Sara] We are at Seljalandsfoss. A very beautiful waterfall. [Interviewer] Does that translate to something? [Sara] No.
[Interviewer] Okay. [Sara] It doesn’t.
(Laughing) Unfortunately. I wasn’t sure if I podiumed or not, and I
was really hoping for it when they announced the podiums. But yeah, I mean I
was just hoping for the best. Welcome to my backyard. [Games announcer] Sara Sigmundsdottir takes Event number 13 for her first win of the weekend. She’ll be just shy of stepping on the podium. [Sara] Of course I wanted to do better. I feel like I’m in better shape than last year, and I feel like I couldn’t prove it this year. But… That’s just how it is…. I think everything happens for a reason. So, it’s just going to give me motivation for next year. I was disappointed at myself because I
thought that I would be better. When I was checking the leaderboard again, I saw that I did better than I had done the last two years and like overall, I was
top ten and almost all the time. But I was just bummed that I didn’t do better. I did a photoshoot here in 2015.
[Interviewer] Okay. [Sara] Like in November or something… Oh my gosh.
[Interviewer] Was it this cold? [Sara] Yes. It was very cold. And I had to run on the beach over there. Oh my gosh. [Annie] Oh, I’ve had the same breakfast for years. Three eggs, oatmeal, and nuts on top of the oatmeal. And then… We drink like green super-powder. I’m glad you didn’t record when I flipped this one. (Laughing) I am good at making breakfast though. I’m just a little out of practice because
Frederik has made it for the past two weeks. Oh yeah it’s so perfectly cooked.
That’s amazing how I do that. (Laughing) [Frederik] You’re not selling yourself short there are you? (Laughing) [Annie] I’m really happy with third place finish. I would have wanted first place. I always go in wanting first place at the Games. What makes me be happy is that I feel like I did everything that I could in every
single event, and I enjoyed being at the Games so much this year. [Games Announcer] Annie Thorisdottir, right behind! She will be on the podium! Annie Thorisdottir ties Rich Froning for the most amount of podium finishes
by an individual athlete in Games history. [Annie] I don’t know, because the previous two years, I haven’t been performing the way
that I wanted to perform, and I haven’t been performing the way that I could perform. Like, I haven’t been able to show how good I am. I felt like there were a lot of people that thought I was just done. Like burned out. That I was just there to compete. I’m not just there to be a part of it.
I’m there to compete for first place. And I feel like I proved a lot of people wrong there. [Katrin] So, I’ve spent so little time back in Iceland. So right now, I’ve been able to be in Iceland for I think like six weeks right now. And it’s been great being back home. Oh, got 1,500 meters of my own choice. So I always— if I get my own choice I’m like, “Do I want to do maybe like, 10 x 150 and then I gotta go fast? Or, 5 x 300 and kind of like cruise along a little more?” I think I might I do the 5 x 300. I get to be like a little bit more like
a butterfly, you know? Not a care in the world. I got so much water in my nose. [Interviewer] “Not a care in the world.” (Laughing) [Katrin] Oh my gosh. It’s like my brain’s bleeding. Ah! Alright, it’s time to go.
I’m not kidding. [Interviewer] One too many hair flips?
(Laughing) [Sara] Food prep is life. [Interviewer] Did you bring a bowl of cereal?
[Sara] Yeah! (Laughing) [Sara] So good.
[Interviewer] What is that? [Sara] It’s a buckwheat flakes and almond milk. [Interviewer] Oh okay. What is buckwheat? [Sara] Buckwheat? I’m not really sure what it is even. It’s just the healthiest thing in the— like, that doesn’t have grain or gluten in it. [Interviewer] You’re not eating grain or gluten, you’re Paleo right now? [Sara] Yeah but I can eat— it’s not “Paleo” I can eat sweet potatoes. [Interviewer] Yeah. [Sara] Oh my god. I don’t know what happened. It’s just like, I think when I was like starting— like when I was ten it was like getting
boobs for the first time. And everything— like I lost all my self-esteem and then…
[Interviewer] Because of boobs? [Sara] Yeah, because like I felt so— so I was always like the tallest girl in my class. Like even taller than some of the guys and everything. [Interviewer] So you developed earlier?
[Sara] Yeah, then I developed earlier and I was like— I was so embarrassed, so I like lost a lot of
self-esteem then— and then I think like, when I was in ninth grade or when I was
13, 14 I met a new group of girls that I started hanging out with and then
I got my self-esteem back. And then the best friend that I was always
hanging out with there, she met a guy and I had nothing else to do.
So, why not try to lose weight? Yeah, I had a goal to get a boyfriend
because I was so bored. (Indistinct talking) [Annie] Welcome to CrossFit Reykjavík guys. [Spanish tourist] Hi, nice to meet you.
[Annie] Hi. You guys are from Spain? [Spanish tourist] Yes. [Annie] Was there like a bus that just
dropped you off, or what? (Laughing) [Annie] Hi. (Indistinct talking) [Interviewer] How many people are in your group? [Spanish tourist] Sorry?
[Interviewer] How many people are with you? [Spanish tourist] We have 25 the rest is coming as well.
[Interviewer] The rest are coming? [Spanish tourist] Yeah but in an hour— in a half an hour or something like that. (Indistinct talking) [Spanish tourist] I’m the future CrossFit Games winner. [Annie] Oh, you’re a future CrossFit Games athlete?
[Spanish tourist] Yeah. [Annie] I like it! [Spanish tourist] I will beat Froning. Remember it. [Annie] You’re going to beat Froning? We’ve got a new Froning here. I love it. Good luck! [Interviewer] How often does that happen? [Annie] It usually doesn’t come in this big of
a group. (Laughing) But that was starting to be weird just having them up there looking. So, it was nice just to get this done. [Interviewer] Let’s get this over with.
[Annie] Yes. [Annie] It’s funny when people ask me what my background is and yes, it’s gymnastics, but now I’ve actually done CrossFit for the same amount of time as gymnastics. So, this is legitimately like, my sport. I don’t know, I— it’s really weird
that I feel so passionate about training. Going to the gym, I still get excited driving
to the gym thinking about what I’m gonna do. I think what I like about it is
that I still feel that I can get better, and really still have that, it’s easy to stay motivated. And I’m really curious on how good I can become. And the group of people that I do it with. I have so amazing training partners. Me and Frederik share this. And then there’s so many fun people at the gym that you meet up with, that you train with, that you’ll get to experience these things with. I feel super happy, I love CrossFit.
Still enjoy it. It’s just so much fun. [Frederik] That was a good warm-up. [Interviewer] Oh! [Katrin] It’s like hands-free of the day— wait and then I got to plan like, where I should shoot from. (Laughing) [Interviewer] Are you just going to do it until you make it? [Katrin] Heck yeah. Oh! [Interviewer] Nailed it! [Katrin] Oh! (Laughing) [Interviewer] Is it still on hands-free though? [Katrin] I don’t know, lets see. Please. Come on make it! Make it! Make it!
Oh! We’re gonna do three handstand push-up movements. So we’re going to do max strict deficit at 11 inches. And then we’re gonna do max kipping at the same deficit. And then we’re gonna do 50 strict handstand push-ups for time. I can rest like 5 minutes between the
movements so like, get full recovery, and I really want to make sub two
minutes on the 50 strict. I’ve done it so many times and I’m always— every time so close. And every time I’m like, “Feel so good! I feel so good!” And I’m moving. And then bam, it hits me. I think like, right after the Games I
think I thought I was so hungry. And maybe I was, but then when I started getting back at it for real, I think I realized that I wasn’t quite ready to be so hungry yet. I know I will be, but right now, I’m still like, I’m working hard, but I’m also just trying to have more fun with it. But, it’s taken longer than I thought to get into the mode of feeling like, “Okay, I’m going at it.” You know, like okay, I’m gonna go really hard in this workout and put in the volume that I’m used to doing. Like, it took me longer than I expected. But I feel like I’m getting there. [Sara] So, I took an off-season for the first time in my CrossFit career. Okay, so I’m starting today with some movement work and then getting ready for the reverse lunges, deadlifts, seated dumbbell shoulder press, powers snatch, and then some movement work to finish the session off with. I’ve competed at the Games three times now and I’ve never peaked at the right time. Never had a plan before for the whole year. Now I have a coach, we already planned the whole year. How each phase should be so I can get the right time. So hopefully it will go well this year. [Annie] I’m doing blood flow restriction training. So, I’m putting the voodoo floss on the top of both legs. Then I going 30 tempo-ish air squats, rest for 30 seconds, then I do three sets of 15 with a 30 second break in between. It’s supposed to increase—
it’s kind of like doing tempo squats with weight, except for you don’t have to load your body or your system up with weight. Because they want more oxygen, the legs, it’s supposed to increase their muscle
fibers and the quads without me having to load up very heavy. The first time I did this, I did start crying. The only reason I was able to
keep on going, was because my coach was like, “You cannot physically ruin anything
in such a short time without having brought oxygen to the legs.”
So… (Laughter) [Interviewer] How was that? [Annie] So uncomfortable! (Laughing) [Interviewer] Do you just feel all of the blood rushing back into your legs right now? [Annie] They feel really big right now. Oh my god! My right leg. From the first set of 30 I felt like it was starting to get numb. As well as my calf. I was like, “It’s a little too tight.” It’s funny, it’s like— it’s painful in a way I want to start crying, but it’s also funny because it’s not like you have any weight on. And always the first squat after the 30-second break the legs feel so pumped that I feel like I can’t get down. I have to like, pull myself down. [Katrin] Like, I knocked on their window. You were not here. [Annie] Was I here before you were here? [Katrin] No. [Heber] I don’t know who came in last, that’s all I’m saying. [Katrin] And it’s just always who’s late and who’s later.
[Annie] She is always late! [Katrin] Miss Later! [Annie] Not today! [Frederik] Nine out of ten times she’s very, very late. [Katrin] No I’m not! That’s a lie. [Frederik] Well you’re exactly on time. Katrin time. K.T. [Katrin] See? He’s biased. [Interviewer] “K.T.”
(Laughing) [Annie] No, I think I have the push out of the door. [Frederik] It doesn’t matter who’s late, it always hurts me. [Annie] I don’t know how she can ever leave. (Speaking in native language) [Katrin] Okay, at lease we are matching. I go, “Annie are you wearing this one?” And she goes, “No, Frederik won’t let me.”
(Laughing) [Annie] He doesn’t like when it’s a full body suit. [Interviewer] Are you having fun with it? [Katrin] Team series?
[Interviewer] Yeah. [Katrin] Way more fun than we thought we’d have.
[Interviewer] Yeah. [Katrin] It’s hard to get back into training
after the Games and you’re not like starting to push yourself so hard. But it’s so fun that we get to do it together. It’s also like, if I would ever slow down a little bit, Annie would get more rest and go even faster. So like, both of us are just like,
“We’re not slowing down.” [Interviewer] Yeah. [Katrin] We’re doing chest-to-bar Jackie and the burpee box over deadlift one. [Interviewer] Okay. [Katrin] Shit got real this week.
[Interviewer] Yeah. You already did two yesterday? [Katrin] Yeah, we did the— like the two minute window ones. Where it was like handstand push-ups, double under, one-arm-max squat. And then we did— oh what was the other one? Dumbbell snatch and bar muscle-up.
That was way harder than we thought. [Interviewer] Really?
[Katrin] Yeah, I thought it was gonna be like a 21, 15, 9. You know, like, cycle time and stuff, but it wasn’t really. [Annie] Like three years ago we started training together a lot and we work really well as training partners. She has fun, easygoing in the right ways. So we both take our training really seriously once we’re lifting, once we’re doing the workout, we’re both competitive, which means we push each other. But, we can laugh at ourselves and we can learn from each other
which I think is really important. (Inaudible) chest-to-bar Jackie is on? Right?
[Katrin] Yeah. [Annie] It’s so funny how you get nervous get everytime. [Interviewer] You get nervous? [Annie] Oh yeah. Really nervous.
[Interviewer] Surprising… [Annie] Every single time there’s a workout like this. Even in training I get butterflies before you start a workout. Like, whoa, alright. [Katrin] Not me. I’m kidding.
(Laughing) [Annie] And I do think honestly, that we want each other to do as good as possible at the Games as well at Regionals. Like, if it’s not me that’s winning the Games, I would want her to win the Games and I kind of hope it’s vice-versa. I think that’s what matters. We want each other to succeed, but of course we still want to beat each other. Which makes it a good relationship
because that means that we push each other to become better. (Laughing) (Speaking in native language) [Interviewer] Does that take three?
[Annie] It does take three. [Katrin] I was just doing a boomerang. Wanna see it? [Interviewer] There is it. [Katrin] That was the third or fourth time. [Interviewer] Nice. [Annie] Then it better be really good. [Katrin] It’s still not that good actually. It’s like, “Nah, I’ll post.”
[Annie] It’s good enough. [Frederik] This is a Freyja one of the classic CrossFit Reykjavik smoothies. Solid 900 calories so, if you got it, yeah— well a little bit less, I cut it short on the peanut butter but these are delicious. So Annie’s also got a smoothie up there,
so you guys should try that out, it’s legit. [Annie] Oh my smoothie is like a berry Froosh, chocolate protein, and ice. It’s very simple. [Interviewer] Is that like a staple? Is that something you do every morning? [Sara] Yeah, or just started after I took grain out. So I’m not allowed oats anymore. So I just made everything in a bowl except for oats. So it is: blueberries, dried mango, strawberries, banana, pumpkin seeds, and almond milk and then I put a little bit almond flakes over it, which was supposed to be almond butter but it didn’t have patience when I was making my own almond butter. But at least I tried. You know? Next time. [Interviewer] What are you doing first here?
[Sara] Ginger. [Interviewer] Is this a once-a-day type of thing?
[Sara] Yeah. [Sara] One shot a day makes pain go away. Gingers really good for your gut. So it helps like the metabolism and like helps with bloating and stuff like that it’s just magic. You know? Then we put some turmeric also which is really good for your joints. Turmeric. So like if you would have arthritis or something like that, it’s really helpful to drink or eat turmeric. I don’t think I could eat this shit though. If you breath with your nose you can feel it like tickling your throat. [Interviewer] Do you shoot it or do you sip on it because it’s so enjoyable? [Sara] Oh no, I shoot it. Ugh, it’s so strong. And now I can start my day. “Solid as a rock.” I gotta put some shades on. And it’s Iceland. And it’s October. That’s pretty cool. So we’re going to the gym and doing strength work. Yeah, it’s a very long drive from my house to the gym. It’s bad that I drive, it’s only 1k.
(Laughing) (Speaking in native language) So, we’re all getting one just so you know. It’s a Saturday, and in Iceland, Saturdays
are candy days. And I’m like not even kidding. Like every Saturday. And so when you’re a kid, like you know it’s like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, candy day, Sunday. Yeah, I always get one fruit. Always get one chocolate. Or… I get an anxiety attack picking stuff. (Speaking native language) I got white chocolate, peanuts and raspberries.
[Interviewer] Okay. [Katrin] It’s probably missing the chunky in it.
But it’s okay. [Interviewer] Have you ever used a dating app? [Katrin] No, I have not. A dating app? [Interviewer] Yeah, you haven’t like, swiped right? [Katrin] No. I can’t do that. [Interviewer] What you cooking up here? [Frederik] Well, the same thing that we do
every second day around here. Fajitas. If I gotta get Annie to eat I got to wrap it in something. So… (Laughing) [Katrin] My grandpa showed up at the gym and was like, “I have a surprise for you!” And I was like, “Oh I haven’t finished training. Are we going somewhere? Like, do you want to show me something?” And he was like, “No just finish training.” And then when I finished training he was like, “I saw these really cute shoes so, do you
just want to like— I want to go get you a pair of shoes I think you’d really like.” I was like, “Yes.”
[Annie] Oh my god that’s so cute! [Katrin] So he took me to the shop and got me a pair of shoes. He’s a man with good taste. [Interviewer] Yeah, those are sparkly and they’re cool. (Speaking in native language) [Interviewer] Who’s the better chef? [Frederik] Well, Annie’s getting along. Like it’s… It’s a work in progress. (Laughing) [Annie] I pointed at you.
[Frederik] Yeah, I know. [Annie] Who’s the one that’s won a cooking show? [Frederik] Who’s only one that’s been on a cooking show? [Annie] I would say that me and Frederik are training partners, and I would say Frederik is my hands-on coach as well. Boyfriend.
(Laughing) We’ve been together since yeah, five, six years. Something like that. I don’t know how it works. Because we’re together like 24/7. Which is pretty crazy. Like, we don’t always agree with everything. But we work really well together [Interviewer] What’s going on here? [Annie] I’m heating the wraps. Making them delicious. Put a bit of oil, cheese and then it’s all
good. We were watching a lot of cooking shows.
So I feel like I’m a pro when I do this. [Frederik] Annie is the person she is on
camera, too. Like always smiling and happy. Like, obviously there are some lows when
the blood sugar drops. There’s a little bit of crying. But I have never in my entire life met anybody who’s as easy to turn around as she is. [Annie] Alright, you guys can start, this is the last one. So, the peanut butter ones… You put peanut butter first on, otherwise you can’t spread it. [Interviewer] Okay. [Annie] So you need to be able to spread it on the wrap. And then, you pretty much put everything else, like the apples is a necessity. And then everything else is an option. We had like a sandwich in Denmark that gave you the option of apples, peanut butter and chicken. And I was like, “Damn the sounds good.” Obviously, the magnitude is optional. “Magnitude is optional”. Do you say that?
[Frederik] I don’t think you say that. I think you need to clarify exactly what you’re trying to say. (Laughing) [Katrin] No. I think she means the way she wants to spread it. Right? [Annie] Yeah.
[Katrin] See? I get it. I understand. [Annie] Katrin understood it. So you fold. So it won’t fall out of the bottom. And then you close. And then you close. And we’re good to go. But now, it will not go down again until it’s done. [Katrin] Right now, I think I needed to be home for a little bit. I just think I needed a reset button. This is where—You know, when I’m in Boston my training is 100 percent. Like, everything revolves around it. It’s just
been very good reset for me to just like decompress. Just get to be a little bit more of a butterfly. Aye!
(Laughing) Aye! I think that will get me ready to go back at it hard. I think I need this time to want it so much again. [Annie] I’ve had— throughout the years, I think my “why” has changed every single year. And I think largely this year, my “why” was also just showing people that stopped believing in me. I wanted to prove them wrong. I still feel like I can keep on improving. Like, I’m still getting better. Every year I feel like I’m fitter than ever going into Games. So I wanted to— I wanted to show it this year. [Sara] People are strong here in Iceland
mentally. And we’re like four that are really good in our sport from the country that’s 318,000. It’s unreal. Every year is harder and harder, because
everybody’s getting better and better. What I need to do is focus on myself and
stop comparing myself to everybody else. It’s gonna— it’s gonna make me so much
stronger. [Katrin] One of the things that I think that was
a little bit missing this year, we always talk about this sled dog. And this sled dog loves working. This sled dog wants to always be working. He’s the happiest when he’s working. I’m going to be the sled dog. I’m going to be the sled dog in 2018. We’re gonna work harder than ever.


  1. I beleive Sara was robbed of the 2015 title by bad scoring. Heres what happened – the last day sara was leading, kristen was 3rd i believe. The first event was the peg board event – an event that seemed to defeat EVERY competitor it seems. While sara kept trying & failing, kristen simply gave up quickly & moved on to the next 3 events – stationary cycling, rowing & carrying a weight some distance. I can still hear the announcer in the video shouting, "kristen is killing the weight-carrying event" & i go, "of course she is, she did not expend any energy on the peg board event!"
    By the time sara got to the next event cycling she was so spent she had little energy & kristen was announced the winner!
    Now is that fair?
    I dont think so
    Crossfit is different – there is a diff between simply not doing an event vs trying repeatedly & failing. Both would get zero marks, but the latter would have lost a lot more energy, which is what happened to sara
    Any thoughts?

  2. This girls are awesome. Seems like Katrin and Annie are struggling a bit with motivation. Yes, I know Annie mentioned the Why for her, but I feel that's not a very strong motivation.

  3. im the only one who see all the mistakes in technics? still 2018? i love them i'm not hating it's just objective

  4. Que lindo en verdad!!! Cuando algo te apasiona lo haces con mucha dedicacion y este es el caso de ellad 3. Las 3 son muy buenas, muy fuertes y muy preciosas!!!!

  5. If you aren't aware the bloated stomachs are gh, and insulin abuse. Its palumboism and a widely understood ŕesult of these PEDs. I realize these women are insanely hard working and gifted, I realize its not a shortcut to winning but its definitely a bad example for the next gen to follow.

  6. Oh poor Sara. I see how she eats a lot of good stuff, but on that attention level to detail in her nutrition i do not see her noticing the big picture with total energy intake for example. In autumn after the games it is time to put in the base work and focus on optimal recovery and minimal stress levels – that does not look like that what she does with her paleo since its very hard to eat enough energy to that situation. The only effect might be just that others can recover faster from training than you or a little addition to your overall stress load. It´s not much, but so are not the margins at the games. Nutrition is not magic..

  7. Fantastic athletes but that blood flow restriction tape is utter nonsense. Most of the pain will be due to impaired venous return and a raised compartment pressures. I hope to god people don’t copy this.

  8. Wondering how they supported themselves in the lead up to their lucrative sponsorship deals? I’ve heard that this is an expensive sport and I can only imagine what even their food bills must have tallied up to each week, especially in Iceland!,

  9. Lol. I’m retarded. When they were saying “Sara sigmunsdottir” they were saying “ Sara Sigmon’s daughter”. I was thinking…. damn, home girl is strong AF. She’s earned her spot and they can’t even address her by her name?! She’s gotta live in her mom’s shadow?!? 😹😹

  10. Thor, Sigmund, and David must still be proud when they look down on earth from Valhalla, these women are immaculate

  11. If I said it once I said it a million times they have the coolest last names. How can you not be bad ass with last name's like that? I find it hard to pic which one to route for after seeing some of the hard work they go through you end up wanting them all to win.

  12. these chicks are pretty much descendants of the Vikings right? They have strong genes because all the weak vikings died in battle or by illness.

  13. I love the Crossfit games and the idea of being an all-rounder, rather than just packing on muscle or running marathons. I also think the women's Crossfit is far better than the men's for me!! I have an issue with the lack of integrity of it all though. If you join Crossfit, they run classes. Many have complained about how this style of training causes lots of injuries, because you cannot go at your own pace. However, the people that compete have their own personal coaches and train their own programs. If the games are there to promote the gym system then all athletes should only train in classes doing the WODs and so on. If the elites are able to train completely independently of cl;asses then so should everyone. Unless I'm missing something! I love the games but wouldn't want to join a gym. Actually the Games reminds me of the old Britvic 55 challenge.

  14. The world has almost 8 Billion people. Iceland barely 350k. And we see 3 Icelandic ladys in the top5. Noone will ever doubt the strength of Iceland again!
    Saras voice is so cute and I love the way she talks about food❤ These 3 young ladys are what the early people would call a Valkyrie!

  15. Everything they do 24/7/365 is directed to training. This does not make any sense at all with that "fittest man/woman in the world" concept you promote. You promote this "sport" as preparing you for any real life event using athletes who are just doing what they are told by their trainers/handlers/sponsors protected from the real world by sponsorship contracts.

    First fitness requirement of living among humans is to have a regular job and have financial independence from parents/sponsors. Some income that is not directly dependent on sponsors contract, and none of "Goddesses" or any other top athlete in CrossFit games fulfill that requirement. Simply they cannot be good enough with partial commitment to game.
    How can you promote one dimensional persons who only eat/sleep/train and repeat every day as fittest ones? What about army of others they depend upon to program their time and provide exsotic training equipment?

    Fittest man/woman are unfit to provide basic food and training equipment without multiple sponsors, give me a break… 🙂

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