Road Trip | AltaMed Meets Napa 🍇 | Ceja Vineyards | Ep. 2

(upbeat music) – Ceja Vineyards is not
just about wine-making, grape-growing, this is a lifestyle. For us, we’re very passionate
about combining food, wine, familia with our lifestyle aspect. My mom and I are a
fantastic mother-daughter Latina duo from Ceja Vineyards. The heartbeat of Casa Ceja,
where it all started for us, where we planted our very first vineyard. To walk outside our backyard
to see what we have built from the ground up, to me,
as the next generation, speaks volumes and says everything. – I became the first
Mexican-American woman ever to elected president of
a winery in the United States, which is very unusual
because, first of all, there are not a lot of Latina
women in the wine industry and there are very few women otherwise. So, this is giving such a big boost so that a lot of young women
are actually looking at me and saying, “If she can do it, so can I.” That gives me so much gratification. – This is our 2016 Napa
Carnero Chardonnay, so balanced and food friendly. – Right away the smell
evokes citrus-y nodes but richness at the same time, which are ideal traits
to pair even with food that might have a spice component. Wine and food together
is a universal language and it’s such a great way to
share our love for each other. We just had it with enchiladas
suizas with tomatillo salsa. – Or something as simple as a snack as chardonnay and popcorn. – What compliments food are wines that are balanced, that
the alcohol is moderate and have really great
zingy, zippy, acidity. Just like this beautiful crisp,
but yet creamy chardonnay. – Cheers to that.
– Salud. We’re immigrants, started picking grapes, and now we have a world renowned winery. – I’ve watch you guys, my parents, overcome all barriers to
go from vineyard workers to vineyard owners to winery owners within less than 50 years. In so many ways, this is our definition of the American dream. Like AltaMed, we aim, our
wine country community aims to help people, to nurture people, to give back to the community. – [Amelia] And we’re very
excited to see you there to taste our sexy and
seductive Ceja Vineyards wines. – [Both Together] Sip,
savor, support AltaMed. (inspiring music)

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