Road trip moto en solo en Amérique du sud: parc naturel du Cocuy en Colombie Episode 3 épisode 3

Very happy to be with you with this new video. Finally, everything went right until now. But bad luck again with the issue of insecurity. I just found out about it by the hotel owner that the natural park is closed because of the FARC or ELN or any of these irregular armed groups One of the park rangers has just been murdered. So I’m a little confused about the subject And I don’t even know what I’m gonna be able to do. Let’s see how we get out of this situation. Ready to start a beautiful sunny day on a dirt road through the Cocuy Natural Park. As I told you minutes ago, the park is close BUT there is an access road that makes a loop inside the park on condition that I do not leave the main road and do not approach the summits. And that’s what we’re gonna do today, with perfect weather conditions, and beautiful paths to make the most of. What do you think about resting for a while to study a map of the region? Since there have been several requests from some people what is Colombia and where is it…here is the map. Colombia is a country, located in South America, in the northern part of South America, next to Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador. If we look at this closer, we’ll see the city of Cúcuta of which I began the trip, and we see that it is just to the border with Venezuela. So, in the first episode, we made a very short journey that took us to the city of Pamplona and its surroundings. In the second episode, we reached the Cocuy sector that sits around here. Today, we are inside the Cocuy Park with episode number three. Okay, enough talking, let’s go! From here, we can observe the completely snowy peaks, is wonderful. Well, on the video it doesn’t look so good, but from here it looks great. Careful not to fall down this ravine observe this landscape, it’s so nice! What you see at the end is a house typical of this area we can observe a creole who is cutting wood, his cow, his mule, his dog… This is really the Colombian peasant area. Just let us hope that none of these stone blocks will fall on us when crossing the area, Let’s cross our fingers and toes. We ran into a lot of old Renault, it’s impressive… Ahhh, what a cute cow. he’s sure to have a nice ass if he starts running. Sure if I get on the left side… and look if I’m going right… it’s going to move…you know. Another traditional house, this time totally renovated, we can observe the peasants to the extreme right of the video with his dog, his mule… Everything IS! And of course the beautiful view was invited too, with these perfect weather conditions, it’s all great. No more talking, we ride to the Cocuy. I don’t know if it looks good on the video, but the peaks are snowy and it’s really beautiful The Cocuy Natural Park is more than anything else for hiking and trekking. When it is open… and when there are no paramilitaries or guerrillas killing park ranger… Even if I can enjoy the park.

We’re back at Cocuy. You can see the church from behind, it’s really a beautiful village. What can be seen at the end of this road is a barricade. We found this at every police station, to avoid watering of bombings and car bombs. They put barriers crossed to the road and block the traffic. Well, this was a simple journey, nice roads with good weather. Look at the windows and balconies all with their respective flowers, no waste on the street, it is really an example to follow. Well, it all worked out in the end. Now I’m going to try to reach Bogota traveling exclusively by road. I reckon I’ll take about 4 or 5 days to get there and well, see how this trip goes…. Bye!

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