RSA – Driveway Safety

Welcome to the Road Safety Authority’s series
of videos focusing on driveway safety. This is the first in a series of 6 videos
which will look at child safety in and around parked and moving vehicles, both in driveways
and out on housing estate road areas areas where traditionally children play. As parents and guardians, it is our responsibility
to protect our children, both in and outside the home. Driveways and roads in housing estates can be particularly dangerous and children should be taught that certain areas around their homes are not safe for playing. We can’t expect children to be responsible for their own safety – but we can teach them the fundamental rules of staying safe
when playing in these areas. By teaching children that driveways are no-play areas, many of the risks can be reduced or eliminated altogether. Every child under the age of 8 should be supervised
when on or near a driveway. Parents, guardians or older siblings should
hold their hand when walking on or through a driveway area but remember, some older children may also require close supervision depending on their own needs. Parents and guardians should show their children
where it is safe to play. The best time to do this is when they are
getting their first pair of shoes, typically under 2 years of age but it is never too late
to teach them these important rules. Explain where the dangers are and why it is
important that they avoid them. For example, when your child is a little older,
show them what a ‘blind spot’ is and what this means for both children and drivers. Children learn from examples and routine,
so develop a short series of steps for checking that the area and the vehicle are both safe. Explain each step to them clearly and demonstrate the safe way to behave on the driveway or near the car. Let them know that their safety is the most important thing to you. Once you have developed this routine, make sure you share it with other adults and relatives such as grandparents and Friends. Setting these ground-rules early will help
your child to develop a lifelong understanding of safe road use. As drivers, we need to be aware that pulling
into a driveway carries much higher risks than pulling into other type parking bays. Where possible, reverse into the driveway
or parking space, rather than driving straight in. This makes it much safer for driving out again. Before you do this, take the time to check
that the area is safe and clear of children before you cross the footpath or enter the
driveway area. If there is another adult with you, ask them
to get out of the car and guide you. Many newer vehicles now have proximity sensors that emit a warning signal to the front and rear. Some vehicles also have reversing cameras. These technological developments are welcome
but they should not be relied on. Always check for yourself that the area is
safe for the vehicle to be moved either forwards or backwards Do not assume it is. Put warning stickers on your garage door and
at the driveway exit points to remind yourself and other drivers to check that the area is
safe before moving the car. When you are parking the vehicle in the driveway make sure it is secure by putting the handbrake on. Put the car into gear to prevent accidental
rolling. Once you are inside the house, make sure the
car keys are kept out of the reach of children. If you have a garage, keep the doors locked
– they are natural places of great interest for curious young children who might play
on, around or under the vehicle. It can take as little as 30 seconds to check
that an area is safe so make sure you take the time to do this every time you pull in
or out of your driveway. Not doing these simple checks could have tragic
CHILD’S LIFE. For more road safety tips and advice visit


  1. Suggest you also do a video featuring the typical country style driveway where people pull their cars in around the back of the house……

  2. no    as a  law   type   r s a    I have  an  objection  now   and this  video  isn't  good  enough  for your  talks    goodbye

  3. OMG. A driveway is a "no play area" – that's pathetic. In my estate I like seeing children on the road because it forces drivers of motor vehicles (those killing machines) to slow down.

  4. Jesus Christ, how about drivers look what the heck they're doing and maybe if they can't hand the keys in and scrap it.

    Better to teach driver to not turn around a blind bend at speed. particularly as it's A FUCKING DRIVEWAY.

    If their safety really was most important, you'd attack the negligent party, not the victim of negligence. Beyond dopey. Seriously daft.

  5. Not fit for purpose, ridiculous level of stupidity and absence of any targeting of the actual cause of the problem

  6. It's official, the RSA is just a shill for the automotive industry. With the non-stop push for non-driver actions (helmets for cyclists, hi-vis for walkers), the RSA continues to take the wrong side on their actual effing remit. Shameful and embarrassing.

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